Definition Of Erotic: Robert Pattinson Advertising Dior

Definition Of Erotic: Robert Pattinson Advertising Dior 

Actress Jane Alexander was interviewed by Italy's Vanity Fair and was asked about eroticism and what she considered erotic.

Any guess what her answer might have been??? Here's a hint.......

 photo Hotness.gif

(Translated using Google Translate)
"Depends on your taste . In general , however, I find that women are able to be much more erotic than men. Aside from Robert Pattinson in advertising Dior, yes he is really erotic."
You won't hear any of us here disagreeing with that Jane. But just because this is Robsessed and we never tire of looking at HHH here's a little peek at the Erotic Rob at work.


Oh Lordy.....

 photo Orgasm.gif
 photo fansself3.gif

Not that this place needs anymore heating up but I thought you might like a little throwback to these fabulous fanmade DiorRob videos. I have the air con on in the DR. See you there later!

Thanks Sallyvg


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