"Rob Likes Hearing About The Behind The Scenes Detail & All The Craziness Of X-Factor" ~ Lizzy Pattinson

"Rob Likes Hearing About The Behind The Scenes Detail & All The Craziness Of X-Factor" ~ Lizzy Pattinson

For those of you following Lizzy Pattinson's X-Factor journey you'll know that she's through to the judges houses round of the show. She made it through boot camp over the weekend singing Chris Issac's "Wicked Game.
As one of Simon's top 6 we'll see her performing at his house in LA on next weeks show.
The judges houses round has actually been recorded already  (I wonder if she got to see her little brother while she was in town?). If she gets through this round it's onto the live shows for her.

She spoke a little about Rob and how he's so excited for her and loves hearing what's goes on behind the scenes.

Here's her performance from the other night for those that didn't see it.

And here she is defending her seat (They didn't show this on the main show)

On her brother’s support of her entering the show
“He is really excited about it all and he likes hearing about the behind the scenes detail, all the craziness of it all. I sent him a link of the song I am performing for Judges’ Houses and he said ‘that sounds really cool’. It was quite an obscure choice and he thought it was a really good song.

On whether she is prepared for the level of fame her brother enjoys?:
“I have seen the great side of things through my brother but also the other stuff that comes with it. There are so few people who have that level of fame, I know my life wouldn’t be the same as his. I don’t think any girls are going to be throwing their knickers at me.

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Unknown said...

I know I am gonna get a lot of negative feedback on my comment but here goes...Lizzy has a good voice no doubt about that but the only reason she was picked over Rain was because she is Rob's sister, Simon said Rain had the better recording voice so why would you pick Lizzy? Rain to me has the overall package when it comes to being a star. Someone with on camera presence. Sorry but Lizzy has went as far as she has because of Rob.

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