NEW PICS: Robert Pattinson having a good time in Toronto the night before his 1st TIFF premiere! (Sept. 8)

NEW PICS: Robert Pattinson having a good time in Toronto the night before his 1st TIFF premiere! (Sept. 8)

UPDATE2: Another report about Rob's night out! Hello Canada has the scoop about Rob and Andrew:
It’s the kind of career rehab that might, indeed, be reassuring for the two hunks who I saw hang out at the Trump. Mr. Garfield and Mr. Pattinson: both British, both ambitious, both still trying to figure out how to navigate the trenches of fame after carrying two huge film franchises on their shoulders. The Twilight hunk and Spider Man spent a good chunk of time catching up at the back of the restaurant, the two of them standing directly behind the banquette I was perched at. It was the post-premiere party for Garfield’s new one – a serious drama called 99 Homes – and Robert had just zipped into town for his own premiere, Map to the Stars. And though there’d been some unkind rumours a few years ago that these two lads kinda loathed each other, I saw zero signs of a rivalry. “Where’s Emma?” I heard Robert ask Andrew about his famous girlfriend. Normal party chatter. The two also appeared to exchange information via their phones – two guys at a party looking at screens! – and even ribbed each other about their beards. On that latter count, Andrew certainly has Robert beat: his is a full-on grizzly-man beard, while Robert’s fuzz was his usual several-days-grown-in.
UPDATE: More pics HERE plus Toronto Life has a little more info about Rob's night out!
There was a moment, near midnight, when we thought the only celebrity coming to the after-party for 99 Homes (sponsored by Grey Goose and Fiji Water) was Lil Jon, and we were totally okay with that. After arriving at America, the new Trump Tower restaurant, the rapper and producer surveyed the scene before splaying out on a set of banquettes near the back. Soon, the actual cast of the film showed up, including Laura Dern, Man of Steel’s Michael Shannon and Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield. Shannon and Garfield both looked scruffy—the former with a longish mop of hair and the latter sporting a full beard. Dern, for her part, was elegant in a black sleeveless number as she chatted with Brit actor Eddie Redmayne, whose film The Theory Of Everything debuted Sunday night. Then the surprise guest showed up: Robert Pattinson, clad in a black baseball cap, in town for Maps To The Stars. For the rest of the night, Pattinson, Garfield and Shannon held court towards the back of the room. (As for Lil Jon, he may have opted to turn down for bed, as we lost sight of him sometime after Pattinson’s cavalcade arrived.) When the trio finally left, it was like witnessing a low-key conga line: half the crowd snaked out silently in their wake.
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Rob was here there and everywhere tonight but finally someone got a pic with him!

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Photo caption: Me and Rpatz finally met

Earlier tweets from Monday night in Toronto:
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