Robert Pattinson & David Croneberg Hug It Out At The MTTS AfterParty

UPDATE: Added HQs of the pics 
Robert Pattinson & David Croneberg Hug It Out At The MTTS AfterParty

Robenberg is alive and well (not that we didn't know that already).
Now what we want to know is, can WE have a hug like that from Rob........please.

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The Star had some fun info about the Maps To The Stars Afterparty. Looks like Dean needed a bit of help because Rob had THREE bodyguards!
"Pattinson was spotted later at C Lounge for the after-party of Maps to the Stars, David Cronenberg’s new film that puts Pattinson alongside Julianne Moore, John Cusack and Sarah Gadon. The film came to TIFF with much buzz; Moore won best actress at Cannes for playing an aging performer who is past her prime.

The megawatt cast was divided among three booths at the club, with security guards blocking each from fans. Twilight-mania must still be going strong; Pattinson had three guards on duty while Cusack and Moore only required one each.
Aside from the celebrity sightings, the party was more of the same. Gawking guests made human traffic jams near the celebrities, with motherly security intervening now and again to remind people that it’s impolite to stare."
Come on, impolite or not did they really think people wouldn't stare at Robert Pattinson? They're lucky all they did was stare.

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Did you see the earlier pics from the afterparty? Check them out HERE


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