NEW CLIP From 'Life' With Robert Pattinson & Jack Fulton

With Life being released in the US on Friday The Huffington Post shared this exclusive new clip from the movie featuring Robert Pattinson and Jack Fulton.

"In a clip exclusive to The Huffington Post, Stock takes his son, Rodney (Jack Fulton), to the park. Though he was able to connect with Dean on such a personal level, this scene shows Stock's lack of experience as a father and his inability to connect with his child.

"A lot of what I was interested in was nothing to do with James Dean, or fame, or anything like that," Pattinson told the Brisbane Times of playing Stock. "[My character] is a really bad dad. And you don’t really see that in young guy parts. He just doesn’t love his kid, or is incapable of it, and it kind of pains him.’’"

Thanks Nancy!


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