Harry Potter Co-Stars talk about Robert Pattinson To Xpose (Ireland)

They talk about Rob around 2:52


Maryann said...

Fun clip but seriously?? they ask the HP stars about Robsten now? Was THAT really necessary? *shakes head* Still a fun interview!! And I just love the Irish accent! :-).

Reminds me..I need to get the HBP on blue-ray!

Anonymous said...

awwwww well at least you know your meal is well cooked, LOL

cute vid! Love Luna or whatever her name is, she's my fav HP character! "He's rather Pretty" LOL

Marna said...

I can't believe they were asked about Robsten, nobody is safe from having their interview highjacked for talk about Rob. It's ridiculous.

I just got back from seeing NM for the 3rd time, I can't wait for the DVD, I want all the deleted scenes & the commentary, and then Eclipse will be out, & then the DVD for that, & then......who knows when BD will be out, I bet it will be at least 2 years from now.

VeilsofLight said...
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rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

My love for twilight will always be there, but new moon is just a gift to me.

I love every moment, and have seen it 7 times.. I'm a little embarrassed by that, but making up for not seeing twilight when it came out.

Think I will go again this weekend!!

Anyone else reading cn&fl? Epi is up... Uh, warning...I was shocked & not sure how I feel about it.

Angie said...

RPG, I read it. Shocked is a understatement. In the end it fit her version of the characters, but damn that was not what I expected.

Lisa said...

Does the commentator call him "Robert PattERson"?

...like my Governor? At least I think that's his name....??

RPG...what's CN&FL?

...new fanfic? I'm gonna say it...you guys got me hooked with Wide Awake. Now I've even written one myself LOLOL

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

I know! Omg!! I was seriously surprised, and that doesn't happen very often!

it's carpe noctem & fiat lux.... Holy god is all I can say... It's soooo good, but shocking...

I'm very hooked on university of Edward masen.. You should check that one out as well!

Lisa said...

I thank you, RPG. Both have been added to my list of favorites :D

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...


have you read master of the universe, emancipation proclamation or clipped wings inked armour?

They are among some of the best out there...
Also blood & lust, and the red line ( but that one is brutal and may not be suitable for all)

Lisa said...

Gah...RPG...I'm addicted as it is...and all titles have been duly noted! I trust ya, since you were the one who directed me to WA!

I was completely addicted to WA, and got two of my friends addicted as well. I was literally, sitting at a slot machine in Atlantic City, reading WA on my iPod, that's how addicted to it I became!

I've read a few, have some favored (Vampire in the Basement, Ink Street, The Fallout, Between the Madness and the Fire) but those haven't been updated in a bit, so I've moved on to some new titles...and I have a week off coming, so I need some good reading material LOL

Barbara said...

@rpattzgirl - just finished cn & fl's epilogue. How absolutely depressing. Now I have to drink a cold one, two, three, four... just to sleep tonight.

This ending defies the intent of the Edward and Bella intent, methinks. Not as wondrous as the epilogue for The Office.


MMc said...

I hope I don't sound too stupid but ......where do I go to read these??? what site, what URL?

PhinPhan said...

I would love to have your lists of ff that you would recommend. I've read Dark Side of the Moon and most of everything else she's written. Thanks for any suggestions.

Angie said...

RPG, when I read cn&fl epi I am sure my mouth was hanging wide open the entire time. SHOCKED!

Ladies if you like vampire Edward ff you have to read this:

La canzone della Bella Cigna by Philadelphic

I love it. Bella goes away to music school after high school and guess who is studing music as well. It is seriously like a more adult version of Twilight.

Angie said...

femroc, it is fanfiction.net

I have a profile there. I do not write but I have all my favorite fanfiction listed. Go to:


Barbara said...

@ADM - Here are a few of the really great ffs. Enjoy.







Angie said...

LOL Barbara, I am reading all but one of those and that one is on my list to be read.

Lisa said...

Ok, I'm reading The University of Edward Masen now...*sigh*...another one that has me hooked LOL

MMc said...

gals - check out over at thinkingofrob.com
and see the vid of "he doesn't want this and neither do we" - it's a great fan effort to keep papz from hounding Rob......would be nice if it would help but..............I don't see how it would do a bit of good.

As long as we keep buying the trashy magazines they will keep buggin' the hell out of celebrities.

SOOOOOOOO........don't buy them.

spellbound said...

Speaking of fanfics, if you like one-shots, try this one, it's different in a very good way!

La Petite Mort has a definitely non-vegetarian vamp Edward! Here's the link:


I love most of the ones listed here but for some reason, I've tried twice to get into Wide Awake & can't. I'm gonna try one more time! I'm a little scared of cn&fl if it's that depressing...I'm reading Emancipation Proclamation right now. The Red Line was one of the best I've ever read but not for everyone...I even had to skip one section myself! Here are a couple more I love that haven't been listed. All these are on fanfiction.net.

The Day the Earth Stood Still is Twilight with some very important twists:

Dark Side of the Moon, Edward's New Moon POV

Alphabet Weekends

paisleywicker said...

I love that they use the adjective "pretty"... It was the first one I thought of.

The Robsten bit was awkward...

marina mia said...

Hi all,

had to leave my list of fave ff...all concerning Edward & Bella and generous doses of shagging!

1. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4300894/1/cullens_island - Cullen's Island

2. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4833917/1/Cocktails_Dreams
- Cocktails & Dreams

My absolute musts are The Office, Let Your Light Shine and A Life Extraordinary, all of which have been whipped off FF due to some narrow mindedness. Let's hope they get them back up soon.

Enjoy these, I love ff esp when the Edward they describe is very much like our lovely Rob.

Marna said...

I didn't realize that Let Your Light Shine and A Life Extraordinary, were gone also, I'm glad I have her on alerts & not just the stories because I really liked them.

@Spellbound, LOL, talk about different tastes! I LOVE WA, & hated The Red Line so much, I was angry that I finished it. I mean REALLY angry, I kept reading it because I thought it would get better, but for me, it never did.

Marna said...

Oh, I forgot. These are stories I really enjoyed.

Ithaca is Georges (complete)

Red Strings of Fate (complete)

In The Blink of an Eye (complete)

PhinPhan said...

Thanks for the lists...I will check out all of them.

Lisa said...

*scribbling down names*

I'm going to be reading a lot!!

Btw, anyone else here read Fourteen?

Cried my eyes out because she was spot on for a certain aspect of the story that I totally related to.

Untamed said...

FF? Gawd, where do I start? I only started reading them a few months ago and I'm totally hooked.
My Favs:
Boycotts & Barflies (AH)
University of Edward Masen(AH)
Master of the Universe (AH)
Fractured Hearts (AU)
Tangled Web (AU)
I Don't Exist (AU)
Elysium (AU)
Near You Always (AH)
Dirty Dancing With the Devil Herself (AU)

Arrrgh! So many.
*Keeping up with my Edwards

These are all on Twilighted.net

AP said...

Yeah, I really like Evanna too. She is a sweetie, and a Rob fan. :)

marina mia said...


Yes am reading Fourteen now, i really feel for her and at the same time want Edward with her so bad.

Stephanie Meyer has really created an Edward no one can resist. I think we were all lost as soon as she put pen to paper.

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