*NEW* Robert Pattinson Interview in "Pilot" Magazine (Slovenia)

Big thanks to Darja for the scans and for translating the interview for us. She is amazing :)

Stubborn as a bull in more than one way

Robert Pattinson on his role, suffering and human side of Edward Cullen
by Robert Wise

Robert Pattinson, handsome 23 year old British actor probably doesn't need a special introduction. Only a short one will do: he's the vampire from Twilight who conquered so many hearts. He is also the man who knows what he is talking about. It's a pleasure talking to him and one can see he is not an airhead, what we can occasionally say for some other celebrities. In New Moon he once again gives us an excellent performance of the mysterious Edward Cullen. It was easier this time, he says.

Do you like interviews?
I don' mind them. But it's true: foreign journalists are better than American. They follow questions and answers, while American tend to make you say whatever their editor wants to hear. It would be better to have a list of things they want me to say and I would just say them. So they could always be content.

What was the most frequent question asked in the last few days?
They kept asking me if we were doing practical jokes during making the movie. They want to know that concerning every movie. Do you make practical jokes while sitting in your office? (Gozde: You mean like poking your coworkers with a sharp stick? Sure...All the time :))

What do they have in common

Once you said that you and Edward, your character in the movie, share stubbornness.
I am stubborn as a bull in more than one way. Sometimes it looks like I nag people to do this or that. But this is not something to talk about, I've been like that forever. I wouldn't say I pick people, I'm like that with everyone. But I don't like it. I am too much hair-splitting!

Edward is a mysterious, mystic boy. Can you think of yourself as such?
I try to. There are people in real life we can describe as mysterious, but I wouldn't describe myself like that. I'm telling you this to show you that it's actually hard to play a mysterious man. Where do I take it from? Maybe from a feeling, that you don't know exactly who you really are. I think this is as close as possible to being mysterious.

In New Moon, Edward suffers a lot. How did you prepare yourself for such suffering?
After I read the sequel of Twilight I saw myself in the story instantly - I saw a human Edward. After first reading I knew how to play him. In first movie we got to know Edward's character, in second we explain more about him. In a way, I didn't bother to think about it very much. I spent so much more time preparing for the role for the first movie.

It came by itself?
Yes, I knew exactly what I was doing.

Do you think Edward is a freak?
I wouldn't say so. Well, if you act like him in a real world, people might think of you as a freak but he is not a freak in his head, especially not in this movie. We can easily find ourselves in his story.

You are a big music fan. Do you listen to specific music before you turn into Edward?
No. I did in the first movie. I listened to composer Georgy Ligeti and it helped.
Partly it was because of director Chris Weitz, he created the environment in which we were liberated and free to express and experiment. Even if I acted in a scene completely different, he didn't complain. He was accepting for everything and I didn't feel like I needed something else. The good side of the music is that it puts you into the moment even before the shoot, but that's when someone expects everything from the actor in the first shoot. Chris wasn't like that. He let the scenes evolve naturally. It wasn't like that the first time.

Twilight is getting bigger and bigger

In a recent press junket you said no one could imagine how big Twilight would be. Are you still surprised? It looks like you handle it well.
Haha, it's a good mask. In reality I'm still surprised. About five months after the first movie the popularity stepped up and it was unusual, since there was no real reason. Now Twilight is even bigger. I read interviews where celebrities are being asked about it and they are left numb and surprised. Even the journalists don't know why they ask those types of questions . Probably they know that every mention of Twilight increases the number of clicks on the internet. Isn't that strange?

Are there days when you regret accepting the role?
No. In a way, it's nice. There are good and bad sides. I think there wasn't a moment I said to myself that I'm sorry. It's unhealthy, meaningless thinking. On the other way I don't say to myself that I'm happy because of it, that I live in paradise. You think about before, being an unemployed actor , going to auditions and being angry for being turned down on a base of not being famous enough, not being bankable enough.
Then you are a little famous and you get a job and they expect the audience to go see the movie and they expect a certain performance from you. They expect you to be an actor, a movie star, a moneymaker. Everything becomes crazy. You can't do little things, because there has to be 25 bodyguards around you at all times.

What about make-up? Do you like having a mask?
I made a movie Remember Me, it was between New Moon and Eclipse, and I was a regular guy with regular requests. It was when I said to myself I'm not going to wear make-up. I don't want them. They really didn't put make-up on me and it was a relief. Trust me, it's a terrible feeling when you touch a face and you don't feel a thing because of make-up. Even if it's just a cream, the feeling is different. Your hands feel different, they feel numb. Then you have to add contact lenses and other stuff. Actually, you are no more.

Do you practice combat sports before the shoot?
I did a lot of boxing, but that's it, and only because of condition and figure maintenance. There is some spirituality in boxing: if you walk the street after the practice, you feel different, less vulnerable. It was the main reason for doing it.(Gozde: Uhoh :) Stalkers beware!)

Special scene

Is there a special scene for you in a movie?
I'd say it's a scene before the break up, in front of Bella's house. It was a great experience. Kristen Stewart and I remade the scene the night before the shoot. I went to the director's and suggested the changes. He changed the lighting and we made the scene according to our wishes and the scene is in the movie now. It's a really great feeling to create something and then see it in a final product.

It looks like you draw the short end in this movie?
I'm great at this. I can act it very realistically, haha.

What do you mean?
It's easier being beaten than acting like a brute.

Your costar Kristen says she is sometimes mistaken for her character. Does this happen to you? Do people know you aren't a vampire or do they call "Hey, Edward" ?
Many people don't know my real name and they call me Edward. Before the premiere of the first movie, some people treated me as if I was a character from the movie. Strange feeling. But it hasn't happened in a long time.

Is there an actor you consider you role model?
No, there isn't. But I always liked Joaquin Phoenix and Ryan Gossling.

ROBsessed note: From our inquiries we learned that Robert Wise is a journalist who works for Wenn agency and the magazine got the interview through the agency and translated it. The interview wasn't made exclusively for the magazine so it is possible it was published by some other agency's client


MMc said...

Every time I see the pix with the 3 of them together and Taylor with his back I keep picturing the box he's standing on to look as tall as Rob. Each of them have their challenges - Rob doesn't have a 6 pack and Taylor's not tall enough.........you just can't have everything!! Gah!

MMc said...

Most of that translation doesn't really sound like Rob talking. Doesn't sound like what he would say.

Anonymous said...

The difference is if he works out enough he can get something close to a 6 pack, whether one can't get inches in height just like this.
Anyway Rob's body is perfect as it is, not steroid enhanced.

AP said...

A sharp stick? lol Slightly more complete - this version of the interview. Rob, you never say what they want you say, and I don't think you ever will.... ;)

AP said...

Ok, need something. Oh, like "to" - "want you to say" More caffeine, more like.

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

alert! MoTU udated!

Morning all...

crazy vamp said...

It looks like it is 'neck to neck' in the contest vid thread.
Did you guys already vote? Looks like there is still time...

ana said...

hello everyone!
chapter 56 of MoTU is amazing! :)

did anyone see the twitter message of tom sturridge?
"If I can get 1000 Followers by the end of January 2010, I will make a video of myself doing the Cha Cha slide w/ Rob ha.. can we do it ;)
6:03 PM Dec 25th from web "


Gee said...

do we know if that is TomStu's real twitter and not a fake fan made one? im sure he vowed never to use Robz name for popularity type things........

Gee said...
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Gee said...

im 99.9% usre that is not the real tomstu...if you look at previous tweetes he mentions being on way to meet rob and how he was at the Ellen show taping...sounds dodgy.

ana said...

@Gee: that's true, and i don't know if is the real twitter or not... but the pictures and the friends look like real.

but i don't know for sure... sorry

Gee said...

@Ana don't apologise...lol.

he's not giving locations and the pic looks real so it could be him but i doubt it with him having followers such a K.Stewy or something along them lines....

have to say it really annoys me that there are people out there who are willing to fake it to mess with other peoples heads, not to mention potentially dangerous for younger fans...here's hoping im wrong coz otherwise this is a sad situation.

(Apologies for the text speak-been a long day!?)

GiGi said...

It probably is fake. But Tom and Rob are very close. I am sure he was with Rob in L.A. and may have been backstage at the Ellen Show. I'm sure he has to keep a low profile because people have thought they are "together" (as in gay). Even though I think that is totally not true!

I'm still waiting to see pics of Rob and KS surface!

ana said...

@Gee: i don't have a twitter account, so i don't know how it works, at first i thought it was real, but after all the signs that point, i was in doubt.

and yes, today was a long and complicated day...

MMc said...

That TomStu request is probably fake but it would sure be cute to see them do the Cha cha slide together.

ana said...

@femroc: lolol yes it would ;)

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

I tend to think his Twitter is real.. Marcus, Sam & Bobby all have one as well. There is a tomstu fan Twitter account and it clearly says it's a fan site...

But, who knows!

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Nope, take it back, it's a fan site and she makes it clear in her previous tweets!

phosphorus said...

The composer's name is György Ligeti (1923 - 2006), he was born in a Hungarian Jewish family in Transylvania, Rumania. Kubrick used Ligeti's music in his films "2001: A Space Odyssey", "The Shining", and "Eyes Wide Shut".

I once had a lover, who was a pianist, his favourite composer was Ligeti. The first time I heard one of Ligeti's works images of concentration camps came to my mind. Later I learned that Ligeti's father and brother were both killed in concentration camps, only his mother survived Auschwitz.

solas said...

Phosphorus--I am totally confused--to what is your posting a response? Did someone ask a question that I missed--perhaps about a composer (and if so, what was the question and in what reference?)

phosphorus said...

@ solas: Didn't you read the whole interview? Rob was asked if he had listened to specific music before he turned into Edward, and he answered he listened to Ligeti when he filmed Twilight. They mispelled his first name, it's not Georgy but György [pronounced: ˈɟørɟ ˈliɡɛti].

Rob may have come across Ligeti's work during his musical education or through those Kubrick films (which I still haven't seen). When I wrote that comment I remembered my first Ligeti experience and included that as well so those of you who haven't heard of Ligeti would know that not all of his work is easy to listen to.

solas said...

OK Phosphorus, many thanks--I didn't read the interview yet. Just got home and my eyes are very tired. Will try to look at it now.

solas said...

OK I read it; thanks--now I understand the reference.

Gozde said...

That is a FAKE TomStu, don't believe him...

Anonymous said...

"Do you like interviews?
I don' mind them. But it's true: foreign journalists are better than American. They follow questions and answers, while American tend to make you say whatever their editor wants to hear. It would be better to have a list of things they want me to say and I would just say them. So they could always be content."


solas said...

Interesting? I find it painful. :-(

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