*New* HQ's Of Robert Pattinson From Yesterday's "Bel Ami" Set

*New* HQ's Of Robert Pattinson From Yesterday's "Bel Ami" Set

Gah the look!

Photos have been resized to fit the screen.





Photo Credit INF Daily


Twi-Mom said...

Fingers......that's all I can say.

Twi-Mom said...

Fingers + jaw = very nasty thoughts.

janna said...

Love the hair in the first 3, looks like somebody got a nap in at lunchtime lol

modestypatch said...


In the last one where it looks like Dean is about to grab some ass, I noticed he has a wedding ring on. His poor wife must never see him unless she travels with him. If I were her, I would insist on traveling with Rob *coughs* I mean her husband. :)

Steph is Legit said...

i will never become desensitized to his beauty

Kate said...

Sorry ladies I forgot somehow to resize the last one, it's fixed now!
Do you see the effect DuRob has on me?? LOL

D.M.(angel wings and stardust) said...

Well I have one thing to say, long live Robert in period costume HQ pics!

shufflebin said...

Kate thanks for the post

Twi-Mom. I was about to comment on the fingers, yes the FINGERS. Arrrgggh, i love that to run on my...

Hey there is no wedding ring.

shufflebin said...

Gahhhh that smile, its a smile back to the fans, which is lovelier. I wonder if he is as goofy off camera like i heard during twilight filming, or is he becoming more reserved now. or maybe it depends on the crew around him.

Anyway, what a cutie-pie. Id like to burst out a squeeeeeee

Need a loving hug ladies

modestypatch said...

I was talking about Dean the bodyguard having a wedding ring on.

shufflebin said...


I am referring to Rob not wearing one, where in other pix he did. The filming must be before that marriage time.

dra said...

oh my
The Pretty... mmmm

gorgeous...the hair is f***ktastic..


Agata said...

hot hot hot. he looks so hot as Duroy!!! so handsome. he is not Edward anymore. He is not a little boy. *sigh*

shufflebin said...

Dean and the rest of the crew are always serious, true to their calling.

(or maybe they are not having as much fun?)

modestypatch said...


Oh yeah it must be before he married.

But I was just curious about Dean and his poor wife who may be left alone so long while he is with Rob. I never paid attention and noticed he had a wedding ring on before. He seems to always be with Rob. When does he get to see his family? Like I said before, I would insist on traveling with him. He must get paid well for his job.

SusieGlam said...

Love those smiling pics of Rob. And it looks like he's smiling at the fans....so sweet. He looks delish in those pictures!

RobsessiveFILRP said...

@modest hi hon what wearing wedding ring omg rob should wear it just for me LOL

modestypatch said...

I am sick and on cold medicine. I must not be making sense because nobody understands what I'm saying. LOL!

Let me just say...


modestypatch said...


I'm in the NB mansion again for my thoughts about DuRob fencing! I SO hope this is true and we will see it in the movie!

woms said...

Thud.........!!!!!! Pics are gorgeous Kate. Thanks! ! I SAY IT AGAIN! FILTM!!!

Fae007Exec.Prod. said...

Dean, Dean Dean, it's not Dean it's Taylor!!! LMAO! ;)

modestypatch said...



Oh yeah...Taylor, what are you doing with that wedding ring on!

janicag said...

Love the smirk on the first two... :D

fnd188 said...

Hi guys!
Topic nr.1.
U were asking about fencing? Yeah, well, I read a recent "20 min online" interview with Rob on the belamifilm.com and there he answers a question about looking so tired and he answers like:
"... I was working in London 2 long weeks. But I didn´t go out, I just worked really hard. I´m shooting my next movie , Bel Ami, in London right now and I have to practise fencing 6 days a week."
Topic nr.2.
On the same site U can even read a long interview with a Hungarian newspaper from February/N.Y. - probably from the N.Y. premiere av RM - it´s called "Népszava online" and it´s really good&interesting. Read it if U want & see even pics from the BA wedding, from inside the church.
Topic nr.3.
I live in Zagreb/Croatia and I checked the daily papers today as usual - and saw something really heartwarming...
REMEMBER ME is the nr 1. movie in the Croatians movies this week!!!!!
I know, Croatia is a little country - 4,6 mill. people - BUT it´s very SIGNIFICENT for me & the film & shows RP´s huge popularity here. I never thougt it would happen, in my wildest dreems, cos the film is not en easy piece, as we know.
Cinestar Zagreb this week:
2. Shutter Island
3. Alice in Wonderland
4. From Paris with love
So I think this movie does pretty well in Europe, thank God!!!
Hugs, comment if U wish.

britpack4life said...

looking hot as always.....this movie needs to come out sooner!!!!

modestypatch said...


Thanks for the information and that's great news about RM! Way to go Croatia!

rpattzgirl said...

report from Bel Ami set:

"We are akk at the bel ami staff hotel. The wrap up party is in full motion right now. Rob is looking so fuckhawt"

LTavares2010 said...


Great news from Croatia! Congratulation!!s Remember Me will rule the world!!!

d67 said...

He' so beautiful....this movie is going to kill me for sure....

btw...does anyone know why the pics could look blurry on my screen. It looks like the image is painted over almost like watermarks, this happens often with the HQs making them not at all HQ...:(

any ideas? Thanks!

LTavares2010 said...

Someone Like You

Van Morrison

I've been searching a long time
For someone exactly like you
I've been traveling all around the world
Waiting for you to come through
Someone like you
Make it all worth while
Someone like you
Keep me satisfied.
Someone exactly like you

I've been travellin' a hard road
Baby lookin' for someone exactly like you
I've been carryin' my heavy load
Waiting for the light to come shining through
Someone like you
Make it all worth while
Someone like you
Make me satisfied
Someone exactly like you

I've been doin' some soul searching
To find out where you're at
I've been up and down the highway
In all kinds of foreign lands
Someone like you
Make it all worth while
Someone like you
Keep me satisfied
Someone exactly like you

I've been all around the world
Marching to the beat of a different drum
But just lately I have realized
Baby the best is yet to come
Someone like you
Make it all worth while
Someone like you
Keep me satisfied
Someone exactly like you
Someone exactly like you
Someone exactly like you

Best is yet to come
Ohhhhh the best is yet to come
Someone exactly like you

Rob, because it is saturday and looking into your eyes what more can I say? Only you to keep me satisfied, a good wine, good music... I love you Rob, have fun in Budapest! you deserve it! London is calling!!!

papagáj said...


I found this GENUINE interview for Nepszava online hungarian newspaper !!!It's been translated. I love it!!!!





This interviewer is a hungarian lady Aniko Navai who is a journalist and
member of HFPA lived in Los Angeles.

You could read about her on that page .


She use old pic with him from New Moon promo in 2009 when she was making
interview with Rob for cosmopolitan magazine.
There was no time to make a photoshoot for Nepszava online.

This current interview has been taken about 27th of february 2010 right
after he back from London and was in New York to promo Remember me.

D.M.(angel wings and stardust) said...

fnd188 is this interview legit? I'm guessing if it's legit it will be posted here on this site soon, so we'll just have to wait and see.

rpattzgirl, so Robert is at the wrap up party now? If this is true, then I'm guessing we'll be getting pics soon, hopefully! And then they'll be going back to continue shooting in London, right?

shufflebin said...


sorry about all the confusion re: the ring.

i didnt see your comment before i wrote mine about Rob's ring.

But about Dean, yah, hope hes ok with all the traveling and being away from family.

Hope you feel better!

rpattzgirl said...

Bel Ami wrap up:
Rob wearning dark jeans & beanie..

Uma just came out and shook hands with fans, very nice.

Kember said...

first two pics..eeeeeeeekkkkkkkk *whimper*

rpattzgirl said...

Bel Ami wrap up:
Some dude tweeted he saw Rob/Kris..
hmm, no photo..

modestypatch said...


Thanks. Coughing and sneezing my head off. Only Rob and ROBsessed can make me feel better today. He is the best medicine!

modestypatch said...


Thanks for the updates. Is this a wrap for BA or just for the shooting in Budapest and will shoot more somewhere else?

rpattzgirl said...

Wrap for Budapest, I have no idea if more filming in London...

shufflebin said...


saw the interview with Aniko N

that is an awesome very eloquent interview with Robert. His answers are so deep and so insightful, you never know what part of his brain he gets it from. Its a very enjoyable interesting read, fascinating.

EstGarZo said...

hi girls! it's very unusual but it's saturday night and i'm at home! needed to see some DuRob, i've been without him for 2 days :(

shufflebin said...

is it crazy if i kiss robert on the laptop screen?

i did. he is so kissably delisch

waaaahhhh that is only the closest i can be to him. its the big screen cap that did it.

Shani said...

There's Mr. Sexy in HQ like we like him. Dead and Done >->o

fnd188 said...

@D.M. U ask if this interview is legit? I really don´t know but I´m a little sceptical as usual.
Cos this woman asked him about Kristen Stewart & him & engagement rumours and he gave en answer like "it´s bullshit, we r just very good friends"
I know he/they always give this answer, BUT...
Isn´t this specific question just forbidden since ages???!!! I mean - doesn´t his agent/PR person warn every journalist NOT to ask questions about his personal life?!...
So now suddenly it´s ok to ask it? And he actually answers it? I dunno, I have doubts...

modestypatch said...


I thought the same thing about the KS answer. The interview would have been shut down immediately, because this was during the RM press junket and no one was allowed to ask that question and sure would not have gotten an answer.

modestypatch said...

...also some of the other answers, as thoughtful as they were, did not seem exactly like him to me.

janna said...

only one person tweeting about a rap party that I saw. twitter is the most annoying technology to ever be created. people can randomly post that they are somewhere, live somewhere and there is no accountability

D.M.(angel wings and stardust) said...

So much information, what is true what isn't lol.

Anyways thanks Rpattzgirl for keeping us updated, but like I said if this is true, we'll get pictures soon.

I'll say that the interview posted by Papajag seems legit/genuine because the woman has credentials as they say, and she has a picture with Robert. And wow, I hope that it is true, that would be great. And it is an insightful interview. BUT again I'm holding judgement until more info. comes out about this interview. IF it is legit, we will know soon enough and it will be posted on this site. So at this point, I'll just wait and see what happens. IF this interview is legit... I love how he referred to the engagement rumors as BS, LOL.

papagáj said...

In that point it seems strange to ask about private life also what i find fishy ?
At the end of interview Aniko gave him a CD of Palya Bea world music hungarian singer for the second time?????

becouse in this video


We see her gift: CD cover looks like that:


and it was when she interviewed him for New Moon.

So she gave him the same CD twice???

fnd188 said...

@papagáj How R U sis? Feeling better a little? Hang on, hon!
Some more interesting thing here - I seem to be full of info today, hm...
If U visit belamifilm.com U can find info about a sister site WaterForElepantsFilm.com and read mucho interesting stuff about his new film. (I know, we have bearly finished Bel Ami & Budapest & the afterparty and R already talking about/looking forward to this next project - we R sooo greedy when it comes to him, aren´t we, just can´t get enough of this mesmerizing human being, hehe)
U can read about the new cinematographer for WFE (an Oscar nominee), the production designer is also an Oscar nominee, so that looks like a very high quality crew.
The director was asked about location for the shooting and he tweeted short & significant: "NO NY ON THIS ONE".
I wonder if he refers to the frenzy on the RM shooting in NY?!...
And Cristoph Waltz was also asked at backstage on Oprah about WFE and he said "the script is sensational".
So it looks very promising allready, I think.
Gosh, I´m so tired av these info - enough for today.
Bye all, night

papagáj said...


I'm feeling better now:)

Rodrigo Prieto oscar nominee!
Jack Fisk oscar nominee!
Cristoph Waltz oscar !
Reese Witherspoon oscar!

Hmmm sounds Rob is in good company:)
OH,Can't wait.

Kember said...

WOW Thanks fnd188..but I really do not think that first article is authentic..sorry..I'll head over to the others tho. :) Thanks again.

Fae007Exec.Prod. said...

Yeah, go Croatia!!! :))))

Znala sam da nasi nece iznevjerit! ;)

Capitu ~ said...

Hum... I feel HUNGRY.
And it is not for food.

femroc said...

Dang ......the last one looks like he's about to hug someone.........who is it? Wider pan!!!! please.

modestypatch said...


It was me he was going to hug, remember I was the one in his trailer yesterday. LOL!

modestypatch said...

He was glad to see me after a long days work! :D

femroc said...

modesty - I'm in the Dallas area too - where are you?

Noe said...

i'm not having enough robert. i have to remind myself it's only two months away until i see him again (in full movie force).

cuz bel ami sightings ain't doing it for me. i guess because i keep on thinking about what parts i would LOVE to see (like the love parts.

am i wrong thinking him coming in and out of vehicles isn't enough? yeah i'm just ranting. i apologize.

modestypatch said...

Frisco. Where r u?

modestypatch said...


That last comment was for u.

NBwannabe said...

Hey modestypatch and femroc...I'm just a hop, skip and a jump up north in Oklahoma. Nice to see someone here in the same time zone. Rob is loved everywhere!

modestypatch said...

@femroc & @NBwannabe

Good to know that there are other Robsessors close to me. No one in my RL gets it! I feel so alone. *pouts*

NBwannabe said...

MP- I completely understand. I am a closet ROBsessed lover. I did all my RL "chores" today and couldn't wait to sit back and enjoy the naughty corners tonight! Kind of quiet around here tonight tho.

modestypatch said...


I'm half in half out of Robsessed closet. People don't know the extent of it and they already think I'm crazy. :)

NBwannabe said...

The only one who knows about me is my 11 year old daughter. She is so deep into Twilight...but she's way too young to understand all this...but I am proud she is Team Edward and I explain that HE is a real person and she is starting to separate the two. She'll make a great NB in about 10 years. I'm sure she'll make her momma proud, but all in good time!

modestypatch said...

I'm sure she will make u proud. An 11 year old who is Team Edward is pretty rare from what I've seen.

NBwannabe said...

Oh I know it's very irritating. All I can say is.. Have you read the books? I love going into her room with all the Rob posters on the wall. It's a different world in there! Wish I could hang posters in my room!

Laurie said...

Hmmmm, there's that smirk. Your hair is mussed, your tie and vest undone, your shirt is rumbled. What have you been doing in the back seat of that car, Rob?

{giggle} These pics were asking for it and I just couldn't resist.

jlsentangledweb said...

I'm glad to see his happy smile again; of all his looks, that one is my favorite.

Megan said...

I love that smile!! And now every time I am reading from my Kindle I will think of Rob even more since he has one as well. I wonder what he is reading???

femroc said...


I'm in NE Ft. Worth area - midcities

Spunky's said...

I am really beginning to like his hair that way.

There is something so warm about him. His smile seems so genuine, no hint of sadness in his eyes. That makes me happy.

Spunky's said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spunky's said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vikibartowski said...

Oh DuRob.. I´m really looking forward to see this movie.
The first two pics .. the hair, the eyes, the nap face. hehe. He´s just too cute to handle.

Treasure_7 said...

He is gorgeous as always!! He looks really happy!!

jessegirl said...

Remember Me #1 in Croatia!
Wow, fantastic. Small in size, large in heart.

The Hungarian article? I'm going backwards and it's just been posted here.

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