Robert Pattinson in Spain's Glamour Magazine

This interview had been translated before for a Mexican magazine (Twist) but here it is below in case you missed it.


After seeing this movie I just have to ask: how do you want to be remembered?
I don’t want to be remembered in any particular way. For many reasons, I prefer to go unnoticed and that my death is something completely clean so nobody has to feel bad about it.

You’ve said that Remember Me is the most personal project you’ve ever done.
Yes, because I’ve become involved in every aspect of the movie. I thought I could play this character as close as possible to me, but as soon as I got into the role I realized that we’re very different.

Do you regret getting so immersed in the role?
In a way I do, yes. Because I had an idea in mind of how I wanted to play him before making the movie, and in the end I played a completely different character. I always forget that scripts change once you start shooting. I’ve tried to give the best of me and the final result is not what I expected. Still it’s been a great experience for me because I’ve learned so much.

Your character is rebellious, do you relate to him?
Yes, but what happens is that the character reminds me more of my sister and her friends. They were my inspiration when it came to playing the character.

Have you had a personal crisis now that you’re in your twenties?
Of course! We’ve all lived our adolescence like it was some sort of period of freedom and we don’t accept the world like it is, but when you reach 20 or 21 years old you realize that you have adapt yourself and accept reality. There’s no teenager that doesn’t have an identity crisis. When I was 22 I got that crisis when I thought I wasn’t young anymore, and I obsessed with thinking that I was a fake for playing characters that have nothing in common with me. Luckily I’m over that phase.

How do you live knowing that everybody wants a piece of you?
The most important thing is to take control of your life, trying to control it as much as you can. On one hand, you have fans chasing you, photographers, and that can make you feel anxious, but at the same time you have the luck of being offered amazing projects like Remember Me which was the project that I wanted for so long and not many actors had access to it. But I have to confess, so much attention makes you paranoid.

Are you afraid of being who you are?
Of course! Now I’m so aware of every step I take, I have less freedom too, I can’t afford to make a mistake, but I’m also afraid of being successful. I end up losing either way.

Many people say that your career is taking off exactly like Leonardo Di Caprio’s career after Titanic, what do you think about that?
It’s weird because I’m starting to work in many independent movies and DiCpario was nominated for an Oscar when he was like 11. The situation is different. He always knew he wanted to be an actor, and I just had the opportunity come to me by chance. The downside is that with so much attention around me I feel like I don’t have the opportunity to learn like he learned when he was a kid in Hollywood, and I have to guide myself with my better judgment and my team’s.

The pressure of being Robert Pattinson must be very strong, being an actor expected to make millions and millions of dollars now. You’re almost a brand now.
I can’t deny that that’s the true monster and it doesn’t work in my favor, it works against me. I mean, the more people think they know me, the more I want to hide and identify myself with other things. People ask me a lot if I’m afraid of being type cast, but what really scares me is making a bunch of money with just one character, because it will limit my career. In Hollywood is all about the box office results. As soon as you make a movie that bombs, a lot of people are going to label you and say you’re done. And I don’t think that’s fair, because not everything you make is going to turn into gold, and I definitely want to choose movies with different colors.

What kind of movies do you want to make?
I would make only small movies, however that can lead to me being unemployed in ten years. So I have to think carefully about every step I take. I know I can’t completely turn my back to blockbuster movies.

Is there an actor that you look up to?

Joaquin Phoenix, and Ryan Gosling has done great movies. But Joaquin is my hero because all his cards are wild, and he doesn’t care what people think about him or the industry.

Now tell me the truth… are you single?
And with that we’re done (laughs), am I single?

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solas said...

EXCELLENT response to the single question, lad! :-D

solas said...

All the responses were thoughtful and thoughtprovoking IMHO although the death one scared me. :-(. But the last one is exactly spot on. May you grow and go from strength to strength!

Marna said...

I don't remember reading this before, but it was a very good interview right up to that stupid last question. I thought it was really interesting that he based Tyler on his sister (I wonder which one?) & her friends. I remember before they started filming he said Tyler was just like him, so I wonder what the script was like at that point.

Spunky's said...

lol Love Robert Pattinson! Good answers

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Great interview....I love that he prefers the smaller movies, but he's smart enough to know the Hollywood bull and it takes blockbusters for him to be able to do the smaller films...he's one smart cookie!

jessegirl said...

Okay, I don't normally do this but I think I'm all thunk out after so many postings on the Brad Brevet site.

I just want to say that that VMAN photo--the one with the word 'Robert' under it, is SOOO adorable. There is the boy in him. He is utterly beautiful.

Ach, how many more ways can we all say it? Just love that photo!

jessegirl said...

Oh, hi Solas--haven't forgotten-- and everybody!

Barbara said...

Loved the way he ended the interview and I bet he laughed while doing it as well. Hope Oprah does not ask.

solas said...

hi Jesse= i was wondering! ;-)

Loisada said...

The actual interview is longer than this adaptation. Can't remember where the entire thing was printed before, but he also talks about liking the designer Marc Jacobs and says the rest of his clothes are second hand, etc. It's a good thoughtful interview. If you want to read the expanded Spanish version, here it is:

tedgirl said...


Amen to your comments!

If ever R&K will be asked by Oprah, I bet they would have discussed it before going to the show. I'm sure they will answer "it" in their own inimitable way.

Rob handled DLetterman very well. I just love their repartee and also his Betty White comment on the View. He came out of that question with flying colors. That's the intellect in him answering questions with laces of humour plus his facial expressions are divine.

addy self said...

hm, this seems a bit off...

DJ_ said...

LOL smart boy

Kathy S said...

If the interview seemed a bit "off" it is probably because the answers were a little deeper than we are used to. Such thoughtful answers--usually he is more closed, not giving anything away. I certainly hope this is a legitimate interview because he comes off very deep and thoughtful. We know he is clever and this article certainly showed that!

Anonymous said...

Well first of all, is this legit? I don't know, but it doesn't seem legit to me, because the pics are all old ones of Robert, I don't see any new pics, or pics of Robert with the interviewer.

Whereas the Hungarian interview had a picture of Robert with the interviewer.

So if I had to choose between believing this interview or the other Hungarian interview, I would go with the Hungarian one. The Hungarian interviewer seems to have credentials and a picture with Robert, which makes that interview legit.

And about Oprah, this is Eclipse promotion, it will be the same BS as all the others, she won't ask. And if she does, they'll find a way to dance around the question "i.e play the game" and not give an answer, just like what generally happens when Robert is NOT doing a solo interview.

And that is why I hope that Robert would distance himself from the rumors once and for all, or put them to rest one way or the other, and move on. So that we can go back to discussing just Robert. And so that a certain person's name won't be brought up when Robert is mentioned- even if she has nothing to do with the topic- by some posters.

But at this point, I have resigned myself to the "are they, aren't they" game, and I know that it won't end anytime soon. And it's not helping Robert at all.

But IF the Hungarian interview is really legit (and it does seem legit, much more legit than this one), and it is dated February, then Robert has already answered the question! lol

Steph is Legit said...

oprah would be the one to get a definite answer, but this isnt a tell all interview so i doubt we are going to really find out anything that points us all in a definite direction. they are just there to promote eclipse and not their love lives. i am sure we all want a definite answers. i still believe that if the say something it will stop most of the nonsense and get ppl off of their back, but they are smart and use it to their advantage with marketing as well.

with that said. i hope that its a good interview and they do focus on eclipse and not just rob &kris.

the hungarian interview did seem a bit off, but i think its cuz we all convinced ourselves that journo's talk out of their a**es most of the time so we cant take anything for face value. if it is legit. i think it was a good interview and i wish a lot of interviews asked thought provoking questions

Anonymous said...

As usual THE question, it begin to be boring with that.
Anyway girls could put the link of the Hungarian interview please?
i can't remember it...and on the blog with soooo many post it will take hours and hours, ok hours with Robert it's fantastic , but i'm not in my place and my connection is limited...

papagáj said...


here it is:)

MMc said...

wow nice of you papagaj.......i was just wanting to reread that too.

I can't believe at 24 he is thinking about his death and what it will mean to others.
Maybe because so many girls have fallen at his feet screaming " I just can't LIVE without you" ??? Ya think?

Rob's pretty wise for such a young guy - I remember being pretty naive at that age but I sure had not gone through all he has gone through.

One of the reasons he is having trouble gaining "respect" from the haters could be that unlike Leo he just got lucky when he fell into the Edward role. Leo had been trained and did amazing films as a kid before he got Titanic he was already considered to be a talented actor........and had earned his "chops" so to speak. But Rob....had only really done How to be, Little Ashes and Harry Potter. LA was the best of those, in my opinion cause he really let it all go in that movie.

But Rob has to work hard NOW to prove himself worthy in the eyes of other actors and the biz......and I think he's doing it. He doesn't need a blockbuster for another couple of years - he'll have 5 of them under his belt soon.....counting Potter. Do the indie's Rob.........they are so much more intimate and less stressful, I would think.

HeneciaD said...

wooooww love this interwiev its so rob

jmm4832 said...

I don't believe some random Hungarian reporter got the answer to the are they/aren't they question that David Letterman couldn't get on live tv. In fact, I pretty much take any written interview with Rob with a grain of salt. What Rob says in person is what I believe.

jessegirl said...

jmm...Rob teases, jokes, deflects and lies in person. He's one slippery eel.

Frankly, I for one--even if I'm the only one--don't care about the answer at all. I still don't get the fascination or public investment in this relationship.

I just want him to be happy.
And Kristen too.

I just watched NM again--fell asleep during the middle section, I kid you not--and thought Kristen did a great job. Esp. the break-up scene and the reunion scene. (Well, I missed the rest, snoring and all that. I always wake up when the wolves are chasing Victoria through the woods, -that cool Thom Yorke music always wakes me up, gets me ready for Edward's return.) And that cirque du soleil stunt double for Victoria does the most beautiful dive into the water I've ever seen. (Still miss Rachelle; if you're out there, girl, you're the best!)

jessegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
skorpia said...

I love Joaq too Rob-I hope you saw inventing the Abbots. Great movie. I love that snarky remark to the single question. You tell him baby-

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