Robert Pattinson in Finland's MeNaiset Magazine



Part translation:

If anyone knows what it feels like to be Leo DiCaprio, post Titanic fame, or James Dean after his rise to fame, it's Robert Pattinson.

Teenage girls hyperventilating to point of fainting, uncontrollable tears, repeating OMG.

Robert Pattinson- the "It Boy" - hottest Hollywood has to offer. He is forced to leave restaurants through kitchens...

"In a way notoriety feels fun and I enjoy walking in the middle of bodyguards, who dutifully kick people out of the way, but what else can I do? When the screaming crowd surrounds, it feels like whatever I say wouldn't be heard, so it doesn't matter what I say."

Today, in London, Robert is free to speak from the heart, without the screaming, crying or hyperventilating fans. Still, he's frustrated, squirms in his chair, drumming the table. His tousled, messy,sexy hair is under a hat and he's wearing a beard. He answers unsure and finishes answers with laughter.

Robert has made shyness and lack of self-confidence his trademark.

"I stumbled into acting, no intentions toward it and no idea what I was doing."

"It's hard to learn to improve on my acting, when in the spotlight. The pressure is great. Everyone is judging my talent by how well the movie does in the box office sales or what awards it wins."

The Pattz Hysteria began a few years ago, with Twilight. With the third installment coming out this summer and the fourth in production, Pattz fever won't be cooling down for quite a while.
Remember Me- "the role was meaningful as I was involved from beginning to end."

When in the U.S., Robert does nothing in his spare time, a prisoner. He plays guitar, eats and watches movies, whatever you can do in a hotel room. His old friends, sisters or girlfriend take turns staying with him. (does not mention K-Stew by name)

The papparazzi news are not interesting. If you want to stay out of the tabloids, it works if you stay within 4 walls.

At home, in London's rainy Soho streets, he's free to wander, with his hat and beard just like anyone else.

"I didn't remember that it could be so peaceful. It's been fantastic." He wonders if it is because of the indifference of Londoners, or his beard, which hides his recognizable square jaw and thin red lips.

"If it's the beard, then I pray I can keep it for my next role."

Scans Source via RobPattzNews ~ Translation of key point thanks to @ah_muse_sings via RobPattzNews


Cheeky Chops said...

I would still recognize him with that's lovely.

Steph is Legit said...

ok i'm really not trying to start an issue, but when they say "he doesnt mention girlfriend by name" do they mean they are assuming all these people are spending time with him, or does he actually tell them verbatim "my friends, fam and girlfriend" take turns staying with me... just something I picked up on.

Vangie said...

pop sugar now mention at that rock concert in the US and as much as i like kristen and this will my first time i hope rob is still ln the uk and i know it's none of my business and i cannot do nothing about it i really hope rob is the uk and not with kristen,that man is a gentleman but i guess love talk so right i want to cry even though she alone was seen

Treasure_7 said...

No way could Rob by and not be noticed fuzz or no fuzz!!

jessegirl said...

A full beard? Like he had for Hope for Haiti?
If he had it for a role people would get used to seeing him with his beard and he would still be recognized.
Poor guy. Will people ever not recognize him? Well, maybe people who've been under a rock for the last year and a half.

Marna said...

"In a way notoriety feels fun and I enjoy walking in the middle of bodyguards, who dutifully kick people out of the way"

LOL, I think something may have been lost in translation.

Steph is Legit said...

@evangeline. i think rob will probably be in the UK for a few more days. He needs be back in Vancouver to reshoot Eclipse scenes before costume fittings and rehearsals for water for elephants in early may. Maybe KStew can fly under the radar, but I doubt both Rob and Kristen could at the same time. so i think he is still there. i could be wrong though..

jmm4832 said...

If Rob's stil in the UK he may not get back to LA for quite some time due to the volcano eruption. And I read somewhere that there won't be any reshoots for Eclipse.

Marna said...

Um, NOBODY who is in London right now can fly anywhere, Heathrow is ashed in. If that's where Rob is, that's where he's staying for now.

Steph is Legit said...

if the ash thing is true, then how did kristen get to the US.. didnt rob and kristen make it into london just in time before they shut down the airports? i dont live in the uk so what i know about it is pretty much word of mouth.

Anonymous said...

random tweet with no pic, chances are it's not real, popsugar not on my list of reliable sources

Marna said...

Steph is Legit, LOL, yes the ash thing is true, it's not like that info is coming from Perez Hilton or Ted.

Steph is Legit said...


Those poor people! I was stuck at an airport in france back to the US for 12 hours. After the 2nd hour I was ready to cut someone lol... and those people have been stuck for days now!

So Kristen either had a direct flight going back to the US after she landed in london before they closed the airports for the coachella thing to be true OR she is still there. I think she is at coachella, but Robs location is still unknown. I am choosing to believe he is in the UK> They can evade paps on a plane separately, but together i think it would be obvious and they wouldnt be able to hide.

DJ_ said...

Thats stupid why fly all the way tp Londone that just get one a plane and fly to US.
More likly they both in London.

DDarjaS said...

"thin red lips" ??
in my eyes, those lips, like the rest of him, are just perfect

jmm4832 said...

There are pics of celebrities present on the first day at Coachella on aceshowbiz but at this time there are no pics of Kristen there. Anyhow, it doesn't matter if she's there or not.

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