The Art of Hair Flipping with Robert Pattinson

It seems like only yesterday we were at 5000 posts… but THIS ONE RIGHT HERE is our 6000th.

In celebration I present to you The Art of Hair Flipping. Who better to teach us this cool move than the expert, the hair flipper extraordinaire, the man himself - Robert Pattinson.

His lesson in hair flipping is actually so long… it’s going to be divided into two. I won’t wait a thousand posts to post part two, I promise.


First we must fully accomplish the Full Palm Flip before moving onto the more complicated moves.




The Scrunch Flip ensures your hair stylist on set will be 'forced' to run her hands through your hair over and over again. Good move if you like that kind of thing.


This flip can also be used during press junkets to ensure perfectly 'sticky up' hair.


Le French Flip!
- for those times when you just need a little more oh-la-la in your flip.



Attempted Flip... so close...


Two Handed Flip - this is a difficult one to master, but with severe concentration Rob manages to pull it off masterfully. (Keep your eyes away from the open buttons or I guarantee you'll lose concentration)


The Double Jointed Finger Flip - only a select few can accomplish this one (I believe wearing a black suit or tux helps)




The Combined Flip - head hair AND chest hair combo!


The "Hey, how you doin'?" Flip - can only be performed wearing a denim vest, tight jeans and a smile!


The Reclining Flip - probably the deadliest flip to witness in action.



The Perfect Hairline Flip - yes, I'm jealous.


Remember Me Press Junket Flips – he was on a roll at this event and showcased the back flip, the side flip and the full frontal flip in one flip session. (You don’t know how sincerely I wish the words ‘full’ and ‘frontal’ were associated with another photo altogether – OK, maybe you all do know!)




For those times when you find yourself on a network TV Show - you'll need to use the On Air Flip



If all else fails, and the hair is just looking too perfectly ruffled to flip - then go ahead and Tug an Eyebrow


Be good, practice your flips, and Part 2 will follow :-)


Treasure_7 said...

Thanks for the pics!! Hair flipping at its finest!! Rob is so adorable!!

Brooke Moss said...

Thanks Kat...I just pissed myself. I still can't feel my legs. *Shiver*

Vangie said...

treasure7,he sure is love how he does that always rob really is gorgeous

jc(britlover) said...

OMG Kat!!! The comments on these awesome pics are great!! Can't pick a favorite~love them all. Attempted flip, the funniest!!

Congrats on 6.000. Wow!

Layna said...

Ahhh the sex hair and his hands in said hair and his hands fascinate me quite a bit so yeah it's kinda hot in here and I know it's not just me ;)

googlefdp said...

Wow those were great pics, thanks!! Well Rob is definetely a master on the art of flipping...nobody does it better...

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Oh jeez Kat I was just going to go to bed & decided to check the blog.... And holy effing god how I'm supposed to go to bed now????

I don't know which one makes me the most crazy... The full palm, the double jointed or the eyebrow pull!!!!

Thank you!!!!

jessegirl said...

Genius post!! Good way to celebrate 6000!

Loved the two handed flip. What the f*** I love them all.
Nobody does it better than Robbie baby. (Did I just call him that?)

How can he have so many facial expressions while flipping? The sexy, two-handed flip for Bruce Weber. And the adorable looks on his face at press junkets, while flipping.

Becoming very attached to this mannerism.

Brooke Moss said...


Oh dear Lord, its the eyebrow pull...THE EYEBROW PULL...

Love him.

RTP_KJS_Lover said...

PERFECT 6,000th post! My knees are weak, my heart is racing, I am drooling....


Thanks Kat!

Unknown said...

Seriously?! I've been reading great FanFic and wanted to go to bed now. How am I supposed to sleep now?

Dear Rob,

if you EVER need help with your hair, please call me? I'll spend all day running my hands through it. I'm pretty sure my husband will understand.


jmm4832 said...

Hot Dayum!! i just love this guy to pieces! Thanks for posting these.

Brooke Moss said...


I know I am beating a dead horse here, but...even if your husband doesnt understand, just shrug and say:

Its Rob F*ING pattinson!

Nik is a genious. That like says it all.

Kerri said...

Wow! So much to learn. I feel like Luke Skywalkers young padiwon. Kay... my nerd radar just went into the red zone. I need to go practice my hair flips. Hope I don't dislocate a joint bone in the process.

(yould think he'd get Carpel Tunnel flippen that much.)

Vangie said...

i have notice PRINCE CHARMING has gray eyes beautiful gray eyes!

Loisada said...

Kat..... beautiful work.
Somebody has been spending lots
of time ogling lately ;P

How lucky we are you came on board
to share your view of The Pretty!

nikola6 said...

Holy Hell. That was hilarious. Thank you so much. And...

I can't believe I'm going to do this again and I swear, it's the last time.

I got a slew of e-mails about something (R&K and Summit and blah, blah, blah) and I couldn't answer them all, so I answered the questions posed to me over on the 'Entertainment Weekly Eclipse photo' thread (about 3/4 of the way down the page). If you wanna go read it...great. If you don't...great.

And I know I must look like the world's biggest attention whore going all over the blog trying to get people to read my posts. NO! I just want the people who wrote to me, to read them...if they want. And the rest? You can just ignore it if you want. Okay by me.

And the only reason I'm doing this is because only a handful of people responded and I'm guessing the people who wrote to me, have not seen that I'm trying to tell them that I....OH SHIT! I don't even know what I'm saying anymore.

I'm getting a freakin' tic.

I wish R&K would stay in the UK, buy a sheep farm, have a couple of brats and get the hell out of show biz.

Then I could get my life back.

Just kidding.

RPLover said...

LOVE this! I'm a total sucker for his double-jointed flips, but I gotta say, the eyebrow pull is really something to see. ;)

Congrats on your 6,000! Can't wait for the next 6,000! =0)

Eileen said...

I love Rob's hair and hands and when they come together it's so sexy, no words for it, but
There's nobody else who can do hair flips like Rob does, but we now Rob has many talents that nobody can top!

Kathy S said...

He's so precious!! I have to admit I find myself fiddling with my own hair more! I think I've begun to do that in my sleep as I now wake up with my bangs standing straight up! Must be dreaming of the Pretty?
But honestly, could he be any cuter??

Ellie said...

Oh, the eyebrow tug...*sigh.

Excellent post, Kat!

Congrats Goz, Kate, and Kat!!!
Olive juice to my RKs...

Kathy S said...

As per Kstew411's twitter-Kristen spotted at the Coachella Music Festival-she must have gotten out before he volcano erupted? Suspect he is still in London?

Anonymous said...

kstew411 just RT'd from popsugar, who tweeted about two hours ago and then said nothing else

Brooke Moss said...

I misspelled genius. Who's the genius now? *snort*

angie-k said...

OMG!!! I've been waiting for this!!

now I can go to sleep with an even bigger smile on my face!

Thank You Kat!!! You Rock!

Brie said...

LOL! I just luv u Kat! Ur post's just makeme flips and all!

Thx :-)

RPattzVoyeur said...

Hehehe...thoroughly amusing! Rob and his hair flips!Nice selection!Sooo many to choose from though. Nervous habit? Maybe sometimes. He's just anti-flat and formless hair! Which is a good thing! I like the "I just got out of bed look"!

Christina said...

Robs hand IN Robs hair is the most diegasmic (dying+orgasm = a word invented by me just for Twilight-related hotness) image in the universe!

Brie said...

To Nicola6...I have no clue what u are talking about...but u are adorable all the same, lol! U just go girl! I will catch up with u soon..I hope..I'm kindof buzzed at the moment, considering I just got home after having girls-night-out 4 my B'day celebration! hehehe!

Brie said...

Opps...sorry Nik..spelled ur name wrong..:-(

wensdazzled by ThePretty said...

i love all the hair flips--although--may be partial to the eyebrow tug--FILTM

Anonymous said...

Full frontal Rob....oh yeah........

Unknown said...


You had me at flip #1!!! Now I'm just flipping out over here...How am I ever going to be able to sleep after this flipping post!

LOL! One word about this post, ladies: GENIUS!

Well done, congrats on the 6000th post and please keep them coming! :D



Cindygal said...

...There's something about Cannes Rob, i just wanna run my hands through that hair!!

gkngc04 said...

yeah, never noticed how much he flips, but it is just adorable and so him!! My husband told me tonight that if I ever get the chance to meet Rob and kiss him I better or he will divorce me! Wow, who could ask for a more understanding husband!

Capitu Santiago said...

Aww, stop the torture ~ kill me now!
Can this man get any hotter?
Nooo... seriously!

Kimmie said...

haha the second photo in robs double jointed finger flip has some motion blur in it.

Unknown said...

Oh hot damn...these pics are gorgeous...thanx kat!
PS: anyone read this...apparently new eclipse trailer will be out next friday on OPRAH! :) :) :)

Tess said...

The man drives me flippin' nutz...

Happy 6K post ROBsessed! what a lovely way to celebrate.

Petra Eller said...

Good morning

Uhhh! I love them all.
In the last pic: Rob thinks "Hmm, my hair is now good. I will not destroy it with my hands. Today, the eyebrows are turn. LOL

Vangie said...

i love rob and i really care about him till i am sort of like i want to protect him ,well another sighting of kristen at that coachella festival what ever is the name of it i do not think there is a good place for and if he is stuck in the UK i say thank god and everything happen for a reason,let hope in the next week or two he get out for the re-shoot and i am hearing rumors of oprah and then maybe off to circus school

Timm.x said...

Amazing post :) Made my day!

Babs said...

Amazing post!! The pics are to die for, he's the master of the flipping :)
Congrats for the 6000th post!

Kate said...

Flipping Heck!
Great post Kat! LMAO

DDarjaS said...

another ROBsessed classic
happy 6000!

Cheeky Chops said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
drabrasil said...


he is adorable...
I just want to lick all OF HIM!!!!!

JESUS... and next week we will have a final cut of eclipse trailer..

I am sure that THEY WILL KILL US ALL...

MsTaurus14 said...

Those were price less, thanks for posting them, they made my morning, loved the little comments about them too. I licked and saved most of them!!!

Fiftyshadesofpink said...

Kat, thanks for this! Top quality for the 6oooth post.

Well, I couldn't resist, looked at the undone shirt buttons in the two-handed flip pic and now I have completely lost concen....................................
tration. ;)

MsTaurus14 said...

Sorry, I meant priceless....see...I went into a Rob trance....and couldn't type!!!

Noe said...

i think i'd personally want to take a pic of his hands. well with a hope that he'd let me hold it while i take a pic of it.

my reasoning would be to prove how recognizable his hands are. i'd bet his big fans would guess that it's his right away.

the random things i think up. yet it's totally justifiable with all this hair flipping pics.

jh said...

Kat, these are Fantastic!

Angie said...

Thank you so much Kat!

Can't believe I thought it was a good idea to go to bed early. Damn all this beauty just waiting to be seen all night.

Sleeping is overrated!

Congrats on 6000!!!

Gabriella said...

Congratulations on your 6000th post.You guys are awesome.Thank you for providing for us during draughts ;) <3

Unknown said...

ohhhh I think you lost me at the open buttons...
so beautiful!

Fae007 said...

Congratulations on 6000 posts!
You ladies rock!!! :D

Flipping the hair- it really is an an art! :)


Unknown said...

Hi guys,
God, such delicious pics!!!!!!!!!
And his REMEMBER ME-HAIR, gosh, simply the BEST!!!! I adore it/this movie/HIM! The color of his hair, the length, the cut - the MAN WHO WHARES IT, ok, enough said...
Thank u Kat, Goz & Kate - THIS is indeed ART, I may say!!!!!!!
(And congrats on your 6000 posts, yeah!!!)
And I have - AGAIN - very good news to share whith u gals;
REMEMBER ME is still nr.3. in the theatres in CROATIA this week.
IT WAS NR.1. LAST WEEK; so it's still going strong, yeepie!!!
Me happy like a little bird! See, he is hugely popular here! (Told u so!!!)
u can BITE ME all nasty critisc out there! Of pure envy they wanted to destroy this wonderful film - they tried to
CUSS it,
They may hate/disslike RP for being this huge movie star, a big money-maker, a sex-symbol who makes all the popularity/best dressed/sexiest lists, who has already become a comic strip/wax-figure, a living legend, the most wanted/desired man on earth - BUT they COULD NOT hurt him much with their huge negativity & denial.
They know that this guy simply HAS IT ALL - and they can't get to him.
BUT - they are also sneaky and know the only/best way to hit him on his (one) tender/weakest spot - HIS ACTING ABILITIES!!!
To deny him that he desires most of all - the RECOGNITION OF HIS ACTING.
So they just use this weapon against him and will do so even in the future.
BUT they did not count with the strength of his fandom - so it was US, HIS TRUE FANS, WHO SAVED THIS MOVIE (& will continue to do so 4 ever!!!)
/Feeling extremly strong & happy../

SluttyPattz said...

Seriously I was ROFLMAO!!

One of the greatest POSTS EVER!!!

You're a genius.

Apotamkin said...

major lols the combo flip is the best and attempted flip can't wait for part 2 thanx:D

womadsart said...

Kate I LOVE YOU!!!! gotto luv those fingers running through hair images!!!! Comments are perfect!! I died on each one as I scrolled and then last one just did it 4 me!!!


AP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Camilla said...

ooh nice post! :D love all the pictures - but the comments are the best! LMAO!

HeneciaD said...

FMN FILTM omg dying ___flatline___

you guys rock

JLPinNYC said...

Holy hair-flipping hotness!!

modestypatch said...

Two handed flip! Two hands...YES Two hands please! ;)

skorpia said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! *hershey squirts* I havent laughed that fkn hard in a long time!!! You guys are genious-and that pic of ROb in that vest was so gay lookin. HELLO! where's the azz shot?? those jeans looked snug :)

noisefaidaus said...

Kat you just made my Saturday!!!

skorpia said...

and more finger porn-DOUBLE JOINTED???

"GOd? we seriously need to work something out-"

HeartThePretty_EvenMore said...

Well, Happy Birthday to me!! Thanks Kat for the perfect present. The only thing better would be to witness it in person. ;-D

Susanne said...

Oh how I would love to run my hands through his hair just once...please?????????????????

Cheeky Chops said...


Tea squirted out the nose, f^ck~!

LM said...

6000 posts? No wonder it seems like I am spending so much time here. Congrats on a great blog! Thanks Kat for this series of pics. I kind of get lost in the two handed flip and the one with the vest & tight jeans. Although I do wonder how he managed to get into the jeans. They look almost uncomfortable in a nice way.

LM said...

Wait a minute, wait a minute. I really, really like the reclining flip. Rats, can't choose. They are all great.

Anonymous said...

LOL, such a funny and sexy post! Thanks guys for posting all those gorgeous Robert pics for us, *drools*. This hairflipping 101 course is proving to be my favorite *grins*

Ah, Robert with his great personality, charisma, beauty, and talent; he is the perfect package! Yummy!

And congrats on the 6000 posts, WOW that's a lot! This site is going strong.

Haystackhair said...

GAH! Nobody flips hair like "flippy". The sex hair, the fingers...launcher of 6000 perving posts...EPIC!
Congrats ladies!

Jane said...

Makes you want to cry among other things.

papagáj said...

Congrats on 6.000.:)



Unknown said...

I almost died with the Combined Flip! Dear Lord that combo it´s absolutely lethal. But the eyebrow pull is something else out of this world.

JGroIsMyEdward said...

Ok so I had a bit of a problem moving past the first pic cuz his shirt's dirty then I followed his non-visible happy trail and then my mind got really I just hoping I'm seeing something? (Well, Rob does have several distracting features)

Unknown said...

This is so funny, I lurv it!
The "hey, how ya doing" flip reminds me of Joey of Friends. LOL

Pelin said...

OK. I'm officially dead.
I mean "the" hair plus those fingers? I'm in my personal hell.

solas said...

congrats on 6000; may you continue from strength to strength with your much appreciated work on your much appreciated site.

Jane said...

The picture of the skinny jeans, denim vest and a smile. I don't think anyone looks at his face in that one. Am I right?

lan88 said...

LOL!, Sooo cool, i really like Rob a lot,im so happy everytime i visit this site, keeps reminding me that im not the only one who is truly, madly and deeply in love with Rob.nice work guys!

Cindygal said...

Welcome Alanie!!!!

This is the best place, we all love Rob!!!!!!! :-)

Unknown said...

His trademark hair touching is sexy, cute, shows his vulnerability but is at the same time kinda sad because it's him showing us he's nervous....*sigh*

shoegal2547 said...

Thanks for the post...almost enjoyed your comments as much as watching Rob. I said almost! :-)

Rakka said...

This is my favorite: "The Reclining Flip - probably the deadliest flip to witness in action."

Deadliest? Hell yeah! He just looks like 'come-closer-and-I-will-tear-you-apart'

Hmmmm.... what can I say? I would be a willing victim XD

Anonymous said...

best pictures of rob are the hair messing ones :) i love it when he does tht <3

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