Robert Pattinson: MTV Takes a Look at the Eclipse Trailer

The 'Eclipse' Trailer: A Shot-By-Shot Analysis
From newborn vampires to Jasper and Alice in battle, the 'Eclipse' trailer shows a lot — but did you catch it all?

Kat: I thought I'd add some pics to make it (The) Pretty.

Friday is always the best day of the week, but April 23 feels a little extra special, and we have one person to thank: Oprah.

As we all now know, the Queen of Talk is a Twilighter herself, and she unveiled the "OME!"-worthy final trailer for "Eclipse." Naturally, we've assembled our shot-by-shot analysis, exploring the good, the bad and the Bella. Read on, and then be sure to give us your reactions in the comments below!

Shot 1: Establishing shot of the La Push/ Forks area. Ain't it pretty?

Shot 2: A dire-looking Jacob Black, walking toward the camera.

Shot 3: "Jacob," Bella asks, standing next to Edward. "What are you doing here?"

Shot 4: "I'm here to warn you," he responds.

Shot 5: A close-up of a pale-but-earnest Edward, ready to throw down with the wolf-man. "Just leave," he says. "Now." (Kat: and my heart begins it's flutter)


Shot 6: "She has a right to know," Jacob responds, eliciting a look of concern from Bella and a simple "What?" that will soon open an entire Pandora's box of drama.

Shot 7: Welcome to the city! "We've been tracking this situation in Seattle for a while," Edward says over a shot of the metropolis, a very different sight for a "Twilight" film.

Shot 8: A person (who appears to be Riley) runs for his life down a dark alley and then is struck down by an unseen attacker. Edward continues to speak of "unexplained disappearances, killings" while Bella looks on in concern. (Kat: The grey V neck shirt is back - sweeeet)


Shot 9: Have you been wondering what a David Slade-directed "Twilight" movie will look like? At this point in the trailer, our best glimpse yet begins. Ominous music plays over a dark scene as we see a burning car, bloodthirsty teens and a glimpse of apocalyptic chaos that feels like it belongs in a zombie movie or something.

Shot 10: "Somebody is creating an army," Carlisle explains. Gee, who could that be?

Shot 11: "An army of vampires?" Bella responds.


Shot 12: We see the army of "newborns" marching into town and galvanizing their forces. They may be bloodsucking maniacs, but you have to admit: They're very well-organized.

Shot 13: Alice warns Bella: "They're coming here."

Shot 14: Carlisle speaks with Jacob (isn't it weird when two actors who've been in two movies together finally appear onscreen for the first time?) and says, "This is going to be an ugly fight, with lives lost." On behalf of his Quileute brothers and sisters, Jacob responds: "We're in."

Shot 15: We see some hungry-looking wolves coming over a hill. "As long as we get to kill some vampires," Jacob says to Edward with a smirk. Best line of the trailer?


Shot 16: The newborns figure out a way to get across the water and enter Forks. I'm sorry — and some might be mad at me for pointing this out — but the way this shot looks, it's ripping off George Romero's zombie water-crossing scene in "Land of the Dead" pretty blatantly.

Shot 17: Title Card: "From the worldwide bestseller ..."

Shot 18: We see the ominous Volturi, getting ready to lay the smackdown. Judging by Dakota Fanning's recent surprise that her brief "Eclipse" screen time even earned a glimpse in an earlier trailer, we may have now seen her entire performance. "It's time," they say. "Yes it is," Dakota's Jane responds.

Shot 19: This one's for the boys out there: It's action time! Shirtless romance is put on the shelf for a moment as the good vamps and bad vamps square off, wolves alongside the Cullens. Look closely, and you'll see Alice and Jasper among the sprinting combatants, ready to take down some newborns.

Shot 20: Title card: " ... The motion picture phenomenon ... "

Shot 21: Wolves and vampires going at it, real end-of-the-world stuff, dogs and cats, living together. Title card: " ... The World Is Waiting For."

Shot 22: We see Edward handing Bella a jewelry box and smiling. Clearly, he's decided to take Beyoncé's advice. (Kat: We all melt a little inside...)


Shot 23: Jacob in his workshop, pounding his fist against a bench. Something tells me it's not because he screwed up the frame on his soapbox car.

Shot 24: The new Victoria, Bryce Dallas Howard, sprints through the woods while bouncing from tree to tree.

Shot 25: Gratuitous no-shirt-Taylor shot! Hey, Slade is showing impressive restraint: It took him 1:14 into the trailer.

Shot 26: Victoria squares off against Edward and Bella in the snow. Looks pretty.

Shot 27: Edward topples the tree, knocking Victoria over a canyon. (Kat: How to make tree toppling sexy as hell - courtesy of Robert Pattinson)


Shot 28: Probably the best shot of the whole trailer, as we get a good look at those better-looking wolves that Ashley Greene clued us in on a few weeks ago. As they take down a herd of newborns, we get a nice slow-motion peek. It's only a few seconds, but it sure does look better than the "New Moon" wolves, don't you think?

Shot 29: Title Card: "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse"

Shot 30: Title Card: "June 30th, in theaters and IMAX." It can't come soon enough!

MTV via Gossip Dance


nikola6 said...

WOW! A shot by shot analysis of the trailer by MTV? WOW!

Is there anticipation for this thing or what?

Or what!

KIMMY said...

Thanks, Kat, for your hard work...

FIWKTM... F*** I want to kiss this man... And I'm feeling bad about myself... I'm much older than he is :p... But he's just too sexy...

jessegirl said...

Did you hear Oprah say Rob, Kristen and Taylor would be on her show May 13th!
Rob's B-day, isn't it.

What would her questions be?
Mine is, how did she get him there on his birthday? Will she have a cake?

S. said...

So much Eclipse today...and it's only the beginning. I'm out of breath - must go lay down.

Vangie said...

i read david slade has already arrived in vancouver yesterday so rob maybe on his way also

SusieGlam said...

Am I crazy or is that scene of Rob taking down the tree, the sexiest thing ever?!! Only Rob could be that sexy knocking down a tree!

And then there's the pic of him presenting the ring....could he be more gorgeous?!!

I can't wait to see him on Oprah...and all the other promo that he'll be doing...and then the movie itself.

Brooke Moss said...

Loved the play by play...

I can just imagine the play by play of Sarah watching the trailer...

Sarah holds her breath, Sarah squeals, she shrieks, she gasps twice, she wipes drool off of her chin, she fans herself with a paper...

Well, you get the gist.

Brooke Moss said...

And yes, Susie....Rob knocking the tree over is hella sexy. He's a sexy bitch.

EnglishDreamer said...

We get to see some skin when Rob knocks over the tree. My boyfriend is a very happy man after today.

nikola6 said...

Okay. I guess I missed something (yeah? there's a newsflash) and now I gotta go back and look at this tree knocking over scene again 'cause it's got you all in a tizzy.

And I wanna be in a tizzy too.

Brooke Moss said...

Tizzies are fun. Rob gives me a tizzy more often than not. At least I'm having lots-o-fun.

nikola6 said...

Okay. Watched it. In a tizzy. But not over the tree toppling scene.

I think this trailer is great. And I know that some have complained because they think that the Edward and Bella romance is going to be shortchanged again as they felt it was in NM. But...

This trailer really kicks ass and THAT is what Summit is trying to sell. One of the big criticisms of these films is that they're not 'vampire' enough. And those critics have got a point even though I would agree with Rob when he said that he didn't really consider this a traditional vampire movie. He's right. It's not.

But they gotta try to sell it as one in order to bring in a bigger audience than just the readers of the books. And like I said earlier, were sold. Meaning, the female audience. Were gonna show up no matter what they do. But Summit still wants that untapped audience...the guys.

And this trailer has been geared for them. Like it or not, it has.

nikola6 said...

Hey Sarah...

What's up? I'm getting ready to run away for the weekend. Yay!!!

Brooke Moss said...

Running away for the weekend??

I will miss your witty commentary. Hey, I didn't mean to stalk you, but I read your profile (when you click on your avi) and it says you're a writer! I had a feeling about you...

What do you write? What genre? Where you headed this wkend? Someplace sunny and tropical? Vancouver to Robstalk? Will you bring me a tshirt? Possibly a snowglobe?

Brooke Moss said...

P.S. I agree with you, Nik...

I think they are trying to sell the vampire war aspect of it more so than the romance.

jessegirl said...

Nik...Thanks for the info.

I go backwards on the threads, which is why I asked here.
Then I hit the Oprah thread!
So, a little volcanic ash falling on our party over there, eh.
I restrained myself--besides, no one was there anymore anyway.

I admit to not being too interested in the big-O.
She did a piece on bipolar disorder some time ago and I was so disappointed at the superficial way she treated it.

Serious and complex topics like that, which affect the lives of real people, need ginger handling. I don't remember it all except that she used a blunt instrument to further misconceptions instead of researching the subtlties (sp?).

I'm not commenting on her good works or anything, but I just think she's too superficial in her coverage of anything important.

Also, she's all over 'Precious' but we haven't heard a peep out of her about RM. She picks and chooses her pet projects.
Bet she'll have nothing to say to Rob about that film. Oh I know, I know, it's all about Eclipse and probably not the place, but neither is the 'Robsten' question.

I hope I haven't insulted any Oprah lovers. But most of these interviewers--no matter how powerful or popular--are not really very good.

Well, I've said my piece.
But if she's giving out cake...

Brooke Moss said...

Jessie, I couldn't agree more...

Oprah is awesome and gives to the less fortunate more so than anyone, and this is me giving her props for that.

But in the words of one of my idols, Kathy Griffin, "Oprah thinks she's Jesus".

jessegirl said...

Courting the guys, the guys, the guys...ho hum...$Billion not enough, Summit?
That said, Eclipse does have some battle stuff true enough.
Wonder what Stephenie thinks of this courting the male audience.

As a writer myself, I'd have a pithy reply...not fit even for NB ears.

Ah, Summit, you mishandled RM big time. You insult the female fan base. Probably do all kinds of naughty things I don't know about. I'll be glad when you can't fuck with Rob anymore.

jessegirl said...

SarahB...I love Kathy Griffin too. Well, maybe not Jesus, but the Holy Ghost.
Apologies to the Holy Trinity. (And I'm actually not talking about RP/KS/TL).

Noe said...

F!!!! I AM CRAZED!!! i cannot function!

you see i was pretty chill with my twilight saga loving this time round. yet i couldn't help but get giddy in being able to exercise my fan girl shriek for the movies.

rob always gets the fan girl love

all that j*zz said...

Happy weekend girls!
I want to ask you about something..
1. Could someone enlighten me about 'Beyoncé's advice' plz? I have no idea about 'the background' of this phrase.
2. Don't you think this 'tree toppling' looks a bit CGI-ish? *just saying

all that j*zz said...

Oh Sarah.. and finally you've changed your avi to MrPretty? Niiicce))

Lemonless said...

@all that J*zz: Beyonce's advice was to "put a ring on it", if you've heard the song or seen the vid (and where have you been if you havent?).

This trailer certainly seems harder edged, and I for one am happy about that. If there's one criticism I'd make about SM's books and the films so far it's that there's never been a palpable sense of danger. I've just been reading Clipped Wings and Inked Armour which gives me more of a sense of Edward's dilemma than the Canon does (albeit with tongue firmly in cheek). So Yay! David Slade.

DJ_ said...

I got to say of all the movies Eclipse looks by far the best.
Why becuz that the way it is in the book.

Romance. EB/JB.
Action. NewBorns/ Jasper tellin his story.
Sadness. Again. EB.JB.Rose story.

I deff think this one will work th best.

I so hope Oprah does not ask the Robsten Q. That be just way to stupid.

Petra Eller said...

Hallo together,

Yes, Edward. Give them all together hell! and also, the tree.

I am counting the days until June!Happy weekend girls <3

Petra Eller said...

Oh yes, one more thing

Dear Oprah,
It's better you do not ask the "Big Q". I do not want that my Rob is pissed off, because of you! LOL

Lemonless said...

You know, I'm wondering whether we'll even get Rosalie's story in this one: they might wait till BD because it'll up the tension in the first part of the pregnancy.

DJ_ said...


Rose storys will be in Eclipse becuz they shoot the scens in the beging of filming.. seen pics. Looked very much as told in the book.

all that j*zz said...

Thanks) I've just didn't get a refference at the beginning)

Lemonless said...

@DJ: thanks, I must have missed those pics (how??). It's good they're giving it some space here. As long as it doesn't take away too much precious time from E/B!

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Good today, boooo..

Keep your phones close, Oprah show starred making their phone calls yesterday (my phone is not ringing) lady from Forks has been called to go...

Oprah? Call me!!!

And tree banging Edward? Oh be still my heart!

Vangie said...

hi ladies,all i could think about if rob will have a cake for his birthday

Vangie said...

hi ladies,all i could think about if rob will have a cake for his birthday

skorpia said...

shot by shot analysis of the honeymoon scene will be done HERE-fo shizzle...

skorpia said...

Im hearing-the show might be taped EARLIER...Im praying Im in chicago when it happens. Im traveling down to visit my mami from Michigan. Does ANYONE know when it will be taped??? throw a sista a shout out will ya's ?? so the rest of us can meet up and show our love :)

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

The gal from Forks said that it will be taped in May, but they would call her back on Monday and give her all the details. If I hear anything else, I'll let you know.

angie-k said...

June really can't get here soon enough!!!

And May 13th???? OPRAH CALL ME!!!!
I already have a place to stay!!!


Capitu Santiago said...

Isn't the smirk
And the black t-shirt... sooo sexy!
Aww, I can't wait!

Btw, have a magical weekend, all you, ROBsessed Ladies!
Muah! =)

HeneciaD said...

waving everyone those screencaps are totally awesome

Nancy said...

Kat, you are perfect. Sexy Tree Toppling. Love it.

Any Rob shots are sexy....Always in my book.

This movie seems to have it all by the looks of the trailers. The Tent scene, the bedroom scene, the meadow engagement, they may have changed the ending with Victoria & Riley though. Surprised they included Bree. But guess she is necessary for the Volturi to talk with.

Wonder why it took Oprah so long to include the Twilight "crew" on her show? At least they're finally going to be there. And Rob's birthday no less... WOW how great is that. Happy Birthday Rob.

DJ_ said...


No pr.:D
Well they cant show everything so maybe just the begining and when Daddy Culen finds her. that should not take to long.
Same with Jasper's story.

Petra Eller said...

Is it not true that it is the same movie coloring , in Eclipse, as in Twilight. A little colder color tone. I like it.

Oh , my english ----- hope ---- right sense ;)

Est said...

thank you sooo much for this post. Now i can understand better the trailer ;)


i'm a woman, but i'm one of that people who wants more vampire, more fight (although i know you're right: this is not a traditional vampire movie. hello sparkly vampires????). i like the romantic moments (not a lot though) but, in this Saga, there's nothing romantic, everything is...pedantic? (i think that's not the corret word, but i can't find another in my head right now)


HeneciaD said...

@est-lost hon hi still here??

Cindygal said... today there's just no news on Rob,I've been surfing the net &nothing! The drought is still not over, I seriously cant wait for the "Eclipse" promotion!!!

papagáj said...

To everyone
from Mississippi and Alabama
be safe
i hope that nightmare will end quickly:)

DJ_ said...

I got to ask.

What do you ladise have to say about the ring ? pretty ? ugly ? too big ?

I've read so many peoples complains about the ring its not even funny.

angie-k said...

@DJ - I think the ring is too big. If it were smaller it would be pretty. Stephenie should not have approved that ring.

angie-k said...

p.458 ...The face was a long, oval, set with slanting rows of glittering round stones. The band was gold - delicate and narrow. The gold made a fragile web around the diamonds. I'd never seen anything like it.

DJ_ said...

The ring described in the book is prfect. In the movie somthing is missing.

Yes is big but its somethig els thats missing too.

I'm prob not making any sens.

TotallyRobbed said...

I've not seen any outstanding photos or clips of Rob in Eclipse. In the first movie all the vampires looked human but otherworldly - now they are looking too much like vampires in a theatrical obvious way making the people in Forks look seriously naive! The topaz eye tone is too OTT and Rob's white make up and Elvis sideburns are too far away from the original movie tho no movie has perfected the make up and hair consistently yet. Glad they have stopped plucking his eyebrows. For me, Hardwicke captured Rob at his best, i.e when they connected in the classroom - my fave scene (can't count how many times I've seen him say "I think I can keep up") Sigh.

Netra2121 said...

About the ring I think the one used in the movie looks really cheap but I guess it does fit the description. I actually have seen pics of the one they make at a utah store and I think it looks much better and I think that SM had a say on what it looks like. What do you think?

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