RobHoliday Season Caption Contest: Wallbanger Edition Part 5! CaptionRobert Pattinson in Cannes to win a prize!

RobHoliday Season Caption Contest: Wallbanger Edition Part 5! Caption Robert Pattinson in Cannes to win a prize!   

Good tidings ROBsessed brings....
To the DR and our King...
Good tidings for Robmas...
And a happy new year.

We wished you a Merry Robmas,
We wished you a Merry Robmas,
We wished you a Merry Robmas,
Now a Haaaaaa-ppppppppyyyyy Neeeeeeeeew Yeeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!



Our RobHoliday Season Caption Contests have come to a close! The Wallbanger Edition was very successful and the publisher has new treats for us in the new year. For now, we leave you with the rules, prizes and a final word from the author of Wallbanger, Alice Crayton.

Caption Contest Guidelines: 
  • To enter, write a caption for the picture in the comment section. 
  • Your fellow ROBsessors will vote by clicking the little "vote up" arrow beneath your comment. 
  • Do not click the "vote up" arrow twice because it deletes your vote when you do. You'll see the voted number light up blue when your vote is counted.
  • The caption with the most votes wins. 
  • Try to keep your caption to 1-3 sentences. ;) 
  • The contest is open worldwide & you have until 9pm (PST) Sunday, Dec. 30th, to enter.
  • Winner: You'll win the eBook version of the newly released (Nov. 25, 2012) Wallbanger by Alice Clayton
  • Runner up: You'll win the eBook versions of the 2010 series, The Unidentified Redhead and The Redhead Revealed, by Alice Clayton
Alice had one more lovely thing to share about her fanfic experience and the Twilight community. I think we can all relate to what she says about the relationships that have come from the community as a whole:
The other part about the Twilight community, and more specifically theTwilight Fan Fiction community, that I loved so much were therelationships that were forged. The commonality, the frenzy when a newchapter would update, the thrill of discovering a new story and thensharing it with others. That's why I still go on and on about booksthat I read now. When I find a book I love I just want everyone elseto know about it too! That's half the fun of being on Twitter, isfinding out what everyone else is going bonkers over. Right now it'sThe Original Sinner Series P to the S...READ IT NOW!
Click HEREHEREHERE and HERE if you'd like more info on Alice and Wallbanger

If you'd like to purchase Wallbanger or the Redhead series now, check out the links below for the Kindle version and paperback:



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