Happy Birthday Goz

 photo GozBdayBanner.jpg What better way to kick off a week of birthday celebrations for the muse of our little blog that could, than to celebrate the birthday of the one that made it all happen?
Goz, thank you so much for starting the blog all those years ago, probably not knowing how many people you would bring together and how many friendships would be made. All in the name of Rob.
Raising a glass, or two... hell, three or more on your birthday. May all your wishes come true.
We love you,
Kat, Kate and Tink xoxo
Because we love to share the love... here's a wallpaper gift for all.
 photo GozBdayWall-1.jpg
And after the cut... a trip down memory lane with a 2008/2009 picspam... the Rob that inspired the blog in it's first year.

 photo rome1.jpg  photo mtv1.jpg  photo mtva.jpg
 photo dallas.jpg  photo dallas1.jpg
 photo beanie3.jpg  photo beanie1.jpg  photo beanie2.jpg
 photo apple2.jpg  photo apple3.jpg
 photo italy.jpg
 photo photo.jpg  photo photo3.jpg
 photo sex3.jpg  photo sex.jpg  photo sex4.jpg
 photo mtva1.jpg  photo mtv2.jpg  photo la3.jpg  photo kids.jpg
 photo trl.jpg  photo trl1.jpg
 photo la5.jpg  photo rome.jpg  photo skinny.jpg
 photo uk2.jpg  photo uk3.jpg
 photo paris.jpg  photo rome3.jpg  photo uk4.jpg
 photo tipsy.jpg  photo tipsy2.jpg
 photo ew2.jpg  photo la2.jpg
 photo uk.jpg

Happy Birthday Goz

HQ Wallpaper - click, lick and of course save.
 photo GozBdayWall.png
And don't forget, the deadline to submit messages for Rob's birthday video is Thursday, May 9th at 12pm PST, click HERE for directions on how to submit.


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