NEW: Behind the scenes video of Robert Pattinson from Dior Homme ad!!!!

NEW: Behind the scenes video of Robert Pattinson from Dior Homme ad!!!!

PLEASE BE SEATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *****DEAD*****

 photo 5DiorRobGifs14.gif photo 5DiorRobGifs13.gif
 photo 5DiorRobGifs12.gif
 photo 5DiorRobGifs11.gif photo 5DiorRobGifs10.gif
 photo 5DiorRobGifs09.gif
 photo 5DiorRobGifs08.gif
 photo 5DiorRobGifs07.gif
 photo 5DiorRobGifs06.gif
 photo 5DiorRobGifs05.gif


 photo Dior8.gif  photo Dior7.gif  photo Dior6.gif  photo Dior2.gif  photo Dior4.gif  photo Dior3.gif  photo Dior5.gif  photo Dior1.gif

 photo DiorRob1.gif photo DiorRob2.gif photo DiorRob3.gif photo DiorRob4.gif

 photo DiorRobGifs7.gif  photo DiorRobGifs8.gif  photo DiorRobGifs2.gif  photo DiorRobGifs4.gif  photo DiorRobGifs3.gif  photo DiorRobGifs1.gif  photo DiorRobGifs5.gif  photo DiorRobGifs6.gif

 photo DiorRobGif2.gif  photo DiorRobGif1.gif

 photo 1DiorRobGifs18.gif  photo 1DiorRobGifs17.gif  photo 1DiorRobGifs19.gif  photo 1DiorRobGifs16.gif  photo 1DiorRobGifs12.gif  photo 1DiorRobGifs14.gif  photo 1DiorRobGifs15.gif  photo 1DiorRobGifs01.gif  photo 1DiorRobGifs13.gif  photo 1DiorRobGifs10.gif  photo 1DiorRobGifs11.gif  photo 1DiorRobGifs08.gif  photo 1DiorRobGifs06.gif  photo 1DiorRobGifs09.gif  photo 1DiorRobGifs07.gif  photo 1DiorRobGifs02.gif  photo 1DiorRobGifs05.gif  photo 1DiorRobGifs04.gif  photo 1DiorRobGifs03.gif

 photo 2DiorRobGifs08.gif  photo 2DiorRobGifs09.gif  photo 2DiorRobGifs10.gif  photo 2DiorRobGifs07.gif  photo 2DiorRobGifs06.gif  photo 2DiorRobGifs01.gif  photo 2DiorRobGifs02.gif  photo 2DiorRobGifs05.gif  photo 2DiorRobGifs04.gif  photo 2DiorRobGifs03.gif

 photo DiorRobpool.gif
 photo 3DiorRobGifs1.gif photo 3DiorRobGifs2.gif
 photo 3DiorRobGifs4.gif photo 3DiorRobGifs3.gif

 photo 4DiorRobGifs5.gif
 photo 4DiorRobGifs1.gif photo 4DiorRobGifs2.gif photo 4DiorRobGifs4.gif

 photo 5DiorRobGifs17.gif
 photo 5DiorRobGifs15.gif
 photo 5DiorRobGifs16.gif
 photo 4DiorRobGifs3.gif
 photo 5DiorRobGifs01.gif
 photo 5DiorRobGifs03.gif photo 5DiorRobGifs04.gif
 photo Dior9.gif

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