Another NEW Robert Pattinson Pic & GIF For Dior Homme

UPDATE: HQ version of older DiorRob Pics Added Below
UPDATE: Another new Gif added 
Another NEW Robert Pattinson Pic & GIF For Dior Homme 

I'm not sure if Dior are trying to kill us or prepare us for Sunday but bring it on!!
Check out this fab NEW pic they posted on their tumblr

WET ROB fshoighwoeihfweoihgrebjknfik

 photo tumblr_msaxnjTGvz1rpywblo1_1280-1.jpg

Click for Larger

 photo tumblr_msaxnjTGvz1rpywblo1_1280.jpg

I get it! We're in Dior Bootcamp. That has to be the only reason for MORE Wet Rob!!

 photo tumblr_msazzgsaIk1rpywblo1_500.gif

Dior have been busy on their twitter too tweeting these pics. We've seen them before but now they're HQ ;-)) Bigger DiorRob is ALWAYS better

 photo BS2nNEfCUAAaCNBjpg-large.jpg  photo BS2usqgCQAEg7v6jpg-large.jpg  photo BS2rs1ACIAEAW35jpg-large.jpg


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