VIDEO: Robert Pattinson talks about Dior Homme film in new interview! "I wanted to do something different."

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson talks about Dior Homme film in new interview! "I wanted to do something different."

UPDATE2: More gifs added. 4 new ones underneath the video. The rest, under the cut!
UPDATE: Added translation of the article by PattinsonArtWork from Elle and the pictures. Below the video! Video download HERE. Thanks melli! Gifs under the cut!

GAH!!!!!! That voice....

Great interview with Rob talking about Dior and his input! DONT MISS THIS!!!

  • Wanting to work with Romain for a long time and talking about his style.
  • Dior gave Rob and Romain a lot of freedom.
  • Rob wanted to do something that had bite to it and was sexy as well.
  • Wanted the "not giving a shit" attitude.
  • Discussed what the Dior Homme man is to him.
  • Talked about Nan Goldin being chosen as the photographer.
  • Describes the ad - "wild, sexy, elegant, powerful" and more!

From Elle France:
"He is the kind of man who would be ready to fight in a tuxedo, an indomitable man, a free spirit who does what he wants and is not afraid of anything" ... Who better than Robert Pattinson to embodie the new man of Parfums Dior? In an interview video revealed exclusively on, the 27 years actor confess simply and appears at the opposite of the ethereal heartthrob that still sticks to his skin. A muse role he considers unexpected in his career, in a film with a raw aesthetic directed by Romain Gavras very different from other campaigns with classical beauty ... By asserting through professional choices more relevant, Robert Pattinson stirs the curiosity of his fans and awakens the interest of moviegoers.
Plus their images they included in the article. Click for LARGE!
 photo RobertPattinsonDiorElle4.jpg photo RobertPattinsonDiorElle1.jpg photo RobertPattinsonDiorElle2.jpg photo RobertPattinsonDiorElle3.jpg

 photo RobSmiles.gif
 photo RobThoughtful.gif photo StrutDiorRob.gif
 photo CutieWalking.gif

MORE Gifs after the cut!

 photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs20.gif

 photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs21.gif
 photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs13.gif
 photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs12.gif

 photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs11.gif

 photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs19.gif  photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs17.gif  photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs18.gif  photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs16.gif  photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs14.gif  photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs15.gif
 photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs09.gif  photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs10.gif photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs07.gif  photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs08.gif  photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs06.gif  photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs04.gif  photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs02.gif  photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs05.gif  photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs01.gif  photo 1RobertPattinsonDiorElleGifs03.gif
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