Robert Pattinson's Dior Homme BTS video nice and slooooooooooooooooow

Robert Pattinson's Dior Homme BTS video nice and slooooooooooooooooow

We posted a tooooon of screen caps HERE for the AMAZING DiorRob behind-the-scenes video HERE (don't miss those gifs) but we're not done! We can never get enough, can we? Especially when things are flying by. Things we want to see. Then something dashed across my twitter feed like a bat ROBsessed signal....
 photo DONE.gif

Didn't have to tweet that twice.


 photo 6DiorRobGifs27.gif  photo 6DiorRobGifs26.gif
 photo 6DiorRobGifs25.gif  photo 6DiorRobGifs24.gif
 photo 6DiorRobGifs23.gif  photo 6DiorRobGifs22.gif
 photo 6DiorRobGifs19.gif
 photo 6DiorRobGifs21.gif  photo 6DiorRobGifs20.gif
 photo 6DiorRobGifs18.gif  photo 6DiorRobGifs17.gif
 photo 6DiorRobGifs16.gif  photo 6DiorRobGifs15.gif
 photo 6DiorRobGifs14.gif  photo 6DiorRobGifs13.gif
 photo 6DiorRobGifs12.gif  photo 6DiorRobGifs10.gif
 photo 6DiorRobGifs11.gif  photo 6DiorRobGifs09.gif
 photo 6DiorRobGifs08.gif
 photo 6DiorRobGifs06.gif  photo 6DiorRobGifs07.gif
 photo 6DiorRobGifs05.gif  photo 6DiorRobGifs04.gif
 photo 6DiorRobGifs03.gif
 photo 6DiorRobGifs02.gif
 photo 6DiorRobGifs01.gif

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