More Gorgeous *NEW* Dior Pics With Robert Pattinson

UPDATED: Scroll down ;-)
More Gorgeous *NEW* Dior Pics With Robert Pattinson

The weather forecast is looking like rain again today!!

I zoomed in on it (because bigger is always better)

 photo NewDiorRob-Zoomed.jpg

Original pic/size

 photo NewDiorRob-1.jpg

via Source
Thanks PJ for the tip


Grazia Magazine posted a look at the Press Pack AND it included some more new pics!!

 photo NewDior.jpg

They also had some pretty nice things to say about Rob!
Have a read over HERE

And check this out one of our readers Chloe spotted this in a french store!!

 photo DiorAdFrancejpg-large-1.jpg

Click for Larger

 photo DiorAdFrancejpg-large.jpg


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