365 Days of Robert Pattinson: Aug 26 ~ Fave DiorRob of the Day

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: Aug 26 ~ Fave DiorRob of the Day

This is the inaugural day for DiorRob's permanent place in 365DoR! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

 photo 6DiorRobGifs02.gif

Be sure to check out the new website DiorHommeParfum.com and go to their Facebook to like the new cover picture they posted of DiorRob HERE. Dior also changed their Twitter header to DiorRob so if you're on Twitter, make sure to check out @Dior!

On to the DoR....Kate and I are twinsies and we practically said the same thing too! Here's our pick....

 photo 00014larger.jpeg

"Has to be this, obviously"

"Obviously. I made this gorgeousness my cell locked screen. I knew this day would be good! Every month for the rest of the year we’ll have a DiorRob day. Love it. DiorRob is our life now."

"I try to NOT look at Kate and Tink’s choices before I post, but today I had a funny feeling I’d picked the same one so I looked. Sure enough… I had. So I’m gonna go with my runner up, because you can never have too much DiorRob. Just LOVE the way he’s holding her… like a feather."

 photo 00007larger.jpeg
If you post your 365DoR links in the comments, give us time to approve them so the DR can see :) 

Click for HQ!

 photo August-1.jpg


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