365 Days of Robert Pattinson! September calendar (Remember Me themed) with updates

365 Days of Robert Pattinson! September calendar (Remember Me themed) with updates


What an exciting month of Rob! We were showered with Maps To The Stars set pics and then DiorRob! We're entering September with more DiorRob since the Dior Homme film FINALLY comes out on the 1st but we're also celebrating a return to a themed month for 365DoR. Remember Me is up! Our themed months so far have been: Bel Ami: FebruaryWater for Elephants: AprilCosmopolis: MayTwilight Part 1: June and July a mixture of Little Ashes. August also looked at some of Rob's pre-Twilight films. Daniel Gale and Cedric Diggory popped up and we also payed attention to the talented work from Rob's fans. Sexy videos, funny videos, amazing wallpapers and edits - Rob fans have so much talent.

We've been getting so many DiorRob interviews (we'll be doing a roundup post on interviews for you guys soon) but we looked back at our favorite print interview and classic Ellen Show interviews. We also looked at two amazing photoshoots: Vanity Fair and Premiere with the special homage to David Cronenberg films. And what's a DoR month without a proper dose of Robporn? Sideburns, TDP, sexhair, hands, kisses, drinking, that beautiful laugh and those smiling blue-grey-green eyes and more. Click HERE if you want to scroll back through some more August goodies.

We introduced our first, recurring day for DiorRob - Fave DiorRob of the day - and we see it twice in September. With all the DiorRob goodness coming soon, we're definitely doing to need it. ;)

Click HERE if you'd like to see all the months! The current month is always available on the side bar along with a link to the entire year.


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