Robert Pattinson says he's possessive like Edward in MTV Interview

From MTV:
Robert Pattinson On Fame: 'I'm Pretty Much Exactly The Same'

'New Moon' star also contemplates a fight with Taylor Lautner and separating on- and offscreen romance.

As we enter December, "New Moon" is still riding high at the box office. And although it's a few weeks until Christmas, that doesn't mean "Twilight" fans aren't already dreaming of finding RPattz under their tree. (Kate: Yeap and I won't be happy with a PE or a Cardboard Edward, I want the real thing please Santa, I've been really good)

Well, we're always willing to start the party a bit early. Today, we present the final installment of an MTV Radio interview with Robert Pattinson, following up on his thoughts about romance and Taylor Lautner's transformation. Read on for candy-cane-flavored as Spunk Ransom talks fame, fighting Lautner and the danger of romancing a leading lady.

MTV: How are you dealing with the franchise's explosion into a full-blown phenomenon?

Robert Pattinson: I guess it's inevitable that you become more comfortable. You still fight against some things, but there's nothing really scary about it. I like all the people I work with. I generally have very few disagreements about the script or anything when we're doing it, especially on "New Moon." It just seemed so relaxed and easy. I mean, I've been on three different sets since January 14th. I've had, like, three days off. [So when people ask me,] "Has your life changed?" I don't know. I'm still on set. I'm going to be on set all next year as well. As for [running] errands and things, I don't know what that really is like, because I haven't had a sustained period of time where I've been off. ... I still feel like I'm pretty much exactly the same, which is maybe not a good thing.

MTV: Tell us about what was going through your mind during the pivotal scene where you break up with Bella.

Pattinson: It's strange, but something weird about it [is that I was helped by] people's anticipation of the movie and fans' idea of what Bella and Edward's relationship is, what it represents to them. Playing a scene where you're breaking up the ideal relationship, I felt a lot of the weight behind that, and also it took away your fear of melodrama as well. It felt seismic, if that's the right word, even when we were doing it. It was very much like [shooting the Italy] scene at the end [of the movie]. You can really feel the audience watching as you're doing it.

MTV: What personality traits do you share with Edward?

Pattinson: I guess stubbornness, in some ways about some things. He's pretty self-righteous too. And I guess I get quite obsessive about things — possessive as well, I think.

MTV: What are you obsessive about?

Pattinson: Well, I do have very, very specific ideas about how I want to do my work and how I want to be perceived — to the point of ridiculousness, sometimes. I don't listen to anyone else. That's why I don't have a publicist or anything. I can't stand it if someone is trying to tell me to do something, which is maybe a mistake sometimes. But I like being meticulous, and it's quite difficult as an actor to have that much control.

MTV: And how does the "Twilight" saga fit into that meticulousness?

Pattinson: Well, that's a good thing about the "Twilight" series. It does give you a lot more control over tiddly little things, which I want to have. I'm a control freak about it.

MTV: In a no-holds-barred fight between yourself and Taylor Lautner, who wins?

Pattinson: I don't know. I did hear the other day that Taylor had agreed to an interview where the interviewer was going to fight him. I don't think I'd ever agree to that. Also, looking at Taylor's martial-arts videos from when he was, like, 9, I wouldn't really want to do anything [to make him angry]. Maybe if I had some kind of weapon. But if Edward and Jacob [fought], I think it's actually a fact that Edward would win — I think, if I read the books correctly. So I guess I could hold onto that for my ego.

MTV: Love plays such a major role in these films, and so many fans want what happens onscreen to happen in real life. How do you separate what happens in movies from real life with women you're casted opposite?

Pattinson: You've always got to remember that you're being paid and that there's a lot of connotations that come with that. I think that's one of the major separations. Yeah, I think so.



Ashley said...

Didn't he answer all of these questions at the LA press conference???

Susana said...

@ashes87, I think so.

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

They all ask pretty much the same questions..

Rob hon, you can be possessive with me anytime!

Damn he makes me j.i.m.p.

Anonymous said...

Rob you own me body and soul.

d67 said...

I love this picture of him...

Angela said...

I love me a strung out white pasty vampire.

Marna said...

These are the same exact questions & answers I heard somewhere else, is there a video of this interview also? Maybe that's where I heard it.

Anonymous said...

Gah, why don't these people take advantage to ask different questions?

Where's Laura Culpeper?

(Unfortunately, most of his interviews are driven by movie promos. I have a feeling that aside from the "no personal questions", interviewees are "funneled" to ask specific questions, thus...)

What would I ask Rob, if I were interviewing him? (and not bound by the PR handlers)

I'll ask him the obligatory promo questions, of course:
How did you prepare for your RMe wall scene, beach scene, and bed scene? What was going through your mind?

And then I'll go off tangent and ask him about the following:

Books he currently reads.
Music he last listened to.
Person he most recently spoke with on the phone.
Last person who called him on the phone.
Most recent movie he's seen and with whom.
Unforgettable movie(s)

What his sisters think of his fame.
How often does he speak with his family.

Does he really keep a stash of screenplays?
Does he really keep journals? (ala Edward)

If given the opportunity (and why):

Which director(s) would he want to work with?
Actors? Actresses?
Place(s) in the world he'd like to see/visit?

If the fame disappeared tomorrow, what would he be doing next?
Where (place) would he want to be?

If not too invasive question(s):

What is his recent most expensive purchase?
Something he'd like to buy next.
Where would he consider buying a property (house)first? in the US or UK?

Does he currently have a personal trainer?
Does he feel pressured now to have a certain body physique?

Would he consider quitting smoking?
(Although I must admit he handles his cigs sexily. ugh?)

What other questions should I ask?

PhinPhan said...

I love the fact that in the movie Edward is wearing the exact same clothes he had on when he left Bella in the forest. Sweet empathy for Edward....(wistful sigh). If only there were beings like that in the real world....! Damn it!

PhinPhan said...

Thansa, you are so right about the he must be so sick of them and already dreading the next round in June. As to questions, I think yours are great. I guess because I know he reads alot, loves movies and music I would really love to know in detail his thoughts on certain movies, books, music. Just to know better his tastes, inspirations, interests, etc. Less an interview and more a very, very, very long conversation. Wouldn't that be Heavenly?

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...


great questions... I'd also like to ask:

what american customs if any have you adopted?

In London, what's your favorite food or fav home cooked meal?

What went through your head when that skanky frizzy hair bitch grabbed your neck in NY?

Is there a part you've had yo turn down because of other commitments that you really wanted to do?

Do you have anything scheduled beyond 2010?

Will you let Ellen find you a house?

Thansa I love your phone questions, that would be very telling!

MMc said...

Questions I'd like to ask him:
What is something you fear?
What makes you happy?
To what do you attribute your humor and good nature?
What have you been possessive about?
Are you on time to scheduled meetings?
(that's a control thing)
What was your childhood like?
What was high school like for you?
Do you wish you'd gone to college?
Why were you expelled at age 12?
Do you think Nina Schubert is kicking herself in the ass right now?
What would you tell the men and boys out there who are jealous of you?
Would you shave your head and/or gain weight for a role?

MMc said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SluttyPattz said...

new Avi guys heads up...supberb.

SluttyPattz said...

superb - I can't spell today. To much Rob on the brain.

jmm4832 said...

Femroc, I think I read somewhere that Rob has to gain weight for Bel Ami? The holiday season is a great time to do it if it's true.

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...


Gahhhhhhhh... Your avi!!!!
Fuckity fuck!!!

Argentina said...

LOL everyone should see this spoof, Kate if you see this comment you should make it an entry, it doesn't really have much to do with robert pattinson but it's great all the same:

Peter Facinelli put it up on his twitter account

Ana73 said...

i agree same questions on every interview...i noticed it more on the press conferences. but now they are putting the - who would win a fight robert or taylor - question, like they are trying to act like they are real rivals. they need to seperate the movie from reality.

my question would be...
if there is one place in the world that you could go right now and no one would follow you, where and why.

SluttyPattz said...

i know right rpattzgirl, I fell off my chair when that pic came up.

Haystackhair said...

i think I have only one question for Rob- would you please do me?? LMAO. Hey, a woman can dream, right?

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Bobby's doing another show in Hollywood tonight & there's hardly anyone there... Good time for Rob to go???

I'm still hoping he'll hop on a plane tomorrow night & come up and see Sam with me!!!

I'm so excited to see Sam!! Finally getting my Brit cherry popped!

RPLover said...

yay, new avi for me, too! did you guys see that there are new VF outtakes?

hot damn!!

Gwen Cooper 426 said...

@rpattzgirl, I thought the exact same thing. Possessive Rob. Seriously drool-worthy.

@Thansa and femroc, great questions. Kinda personal, but I'd want to know if he's happy right now. The whole crazy/scary "fishbowl" thing has got to be horrible (papz!)---and yet, being the hottest thing on the planet---with the money/fame/etc. (I've had those epiphany-type moments, where you KNOW you are exactly when/where/how you should be...and you see it as such. And was grateful.) I just hope this is what he wanted.

(Gwen recommends a glass of Genesis Cab along with Dove dark chocolates for when Hubs is gone and no new Gibbs on---damn repeats.)

MMc said...

Hey RPG - Bobby's going to be in my town next Tuesday night - Dallas Tx.

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Ahh femroc!
Are you going?? I would love to see him... He was here about 6 months ago & no one would go with me, so I didn't go... Kicking myself, I should have just gone alone..

Ana73 said...

RPG - how do you know that no one is at the LA show??? that would be nice if rob went but after the pappz chasing him last time i wonder if he would go, i think that's why he is keeping it low for the past week because they really follow him in LA. i didn't know that you were seeing bobby tomorrow, good for you and you found someone to go with you :) my niece saw him and really liked him, i am out here where no one comes to do shows :(

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...


no, I'm seeing Sam Bradley tomorrow!

A gal on Twitter is there and said there's hardly anyone there tonight... He's played 3 nights though, so that might be why

Ana73 said...

oh, i was confused. but that's really cool that you are seeing sam. hope you have fun and always look around becuase you never know who might show up :))

Unknown said...

I've also read a similar answer in his previous interviews..was he personally interviewed or MTV just quoted his answers??

I can imagine Rob being possessive and particular since he doesn't own much and that includes clothes, so I guess he really cherishes everything he has.

MMc said...

RPG - I'd like to go see Bobby next Tuesday - hope I can.

I'm so swamped with work right now, however, I'm a music teacher and have several performances to prepare with my kids.

MMc said...

@jmm - I hope he doesn't have to gain too much for Bel Ami.......he's got a lot of sexing up to do in that movie!!!

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

bobby show would be a great music lesson!

Hope you get to go!

I don't see why Rob would have to gain weight for bel ami...

Georges barely has money to eat and is young and gorgeous!! I hope he doesn't gain a lot.. But he's so lean now it probably would look great on him.

He needs to be pretty buff in unbound captives and strong and lean for breaking dawn.

Kimmie said...

I saw that bobby is going to perform on Thursday too at the mint in LA. I wish I could go but got class. Hopefully next time.

cadence89 said...

ok I've got a question for all, I loved both New Moon and Twilight, but I felt that the music for New Moon didn't quiet suit it, did anyone else notice or was it just me??

PS. Yeah I wish they would ask different questions!!

cadence89 said...

Ok I've got a question for all, I loved both New Moon and Twilight but I felt that the music for New Moon didn't quiet suit it, did anyone else notice or was it just me??? The music plays such a major part for me in movies, when ever I hear any music from Twilight I always think of the movie.

PS. Defiantly wish they would ask different questions!!

Unknown said...

Darling Rob, you can possess me any time you like.

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