Robert Pattinson in Romanian and Slovenian Magazines

Nothing new so no translations :))

Lover boy title on a 15 year old Taycob.... *GASP* Sinfully gorgeous! :))

Thanks to 1st Live Your Life for the scans :)

And Robert Pattinson in Slovenian Premiera thanks to Darja :)


Haystackhair said...

Robward is so beautiful. Le sigh.

StarThink said...

Hey,im from Romania and can help if you want me too.
Romania lovees twilight and thats not the first magazine in Romania to have twilight things in it.
I have some Israeli mags with New Moon things, who do I send it 2?

Rody said...

if you really want the translation I can translate each paragraph.
For example in picture no. 4 each volturi member describes his "relationship" with Bella.
The title is "Who bites Bella? Why are all the vampires crazy for her?"

MatildalovesRob said...

Nice pictures, not sure about Taylor's though .. LMAO... teenage boys trying to look sexy is always a major fail. If pictures made sounds, it would sound like there was some cheesy porn music playing in the background... lol Bless

Anonymous said...

Trust me, the Romanian one is not worth translating :)) it says that Rob is a heart-breaker :)) that he's been with Kristen, Ashley and Camilla, took what he needed from them and then left them...what a load of CRAP...we should have better journalists...:)) that's why I am studying journalism :P

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