Tribute Magazine Interview With Robert Pattinson

The interview with Robert Pattinson is not new, I don't know if the ones with Taycob and Krisella are new :) But there is something that Chris WeitzMaster said that is one of the labels we use all the time: "There is no such thing as too much Rob :)"

Big thanks to Jena for the scans :))


PhinPhan said...

Here's my new poem for all my girls at Robsessed:


how we dream of your fair face
our hearts are in a no win race
those bedroom eyes and sweet lush lips
we want to drown but are given dry sips
the strands of your implausible hair
are calling to us but we can only stare
your honeyed voice cries as it sings
and draws upon our hopeful heartstrings
your delicate fingers with their sweet grace
lead our illusions of the paths they would trace
your temperate nature and boyish smile
grant us with wishes to spend awhile
alone with you and your wandering mind
in desperate search of the secrets we’d find
so we follow you on these pages we confess
in hopes of capturing you at Robsessed.

Angie said...

Becky, thank you for sharing that. It is lovely and captures the true nature of Rob and us the Robsessed.:)

Hurriyah said...


That was just beautiful. It brought a tear to my eye. lol

I'm sure Rob would smile if he read it and hopefully one day in the future we can only hope that he does.

Butterfly25 said...

Oh wow, Becky, you really do have a talent. This poem is so beautiful!!!

Robert,do you see how great and talented fans you have???
You have to read it. Just visit this site and you will see how much we all love you. You surely spend a lot of time by your computer now so just do it. Come on:D

Butterfly25 said...

Oh, I'd almost forgot. The picture of Robert there is just amazing. It's one of my favourites. And someone made a really good decision to make his shirt look like that:D

Chris is the best. He surely knows how we adore Robert:D

solas said...

Taylor does not make up for any lack of Rob!

Butterfly25 said...

solas,that's true...

RPLover said...

Becky, wow! that is so awesome and so true-it's just how I feel about him. Thank you!! <33

PhinPhan said...

Thank you all for your kindness..I am making a couple of changes and will post again so that hopefully more can read. It's so nice to be understood!!

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