Commenting on ROBsessed

We have implemented a new commenting platform on ROBsessed. You may need to register at Disqus to be able to comment (takes 10 seconds) but there are other options as well :) You can assign/change your avatar on Disqus.

This will be a good change :)

To repeat a post I made a while back:

We try to keep things light, fluffy and fun here at ROBsessed. We love Robert Pattinson, we respect him and try to do our best to inform people about him. We don't censor. It's against what we believe in. I started Robsessed because we were censored at another blog for nothing in particular.

Please don't abuse our good will by posting hateful messages towards Robert Pattinson or his costars, friends. Please don't abuse our good will by posting NC-17 rated stuff. YOU might think it's funny but others don't want to read about your sexual habits, fantasies, thoughts IN DETAIL. Suggestion is okay, we use a LOT of suggestion as well but don't be crude.

Personal attacks are not the way to argue your point. If you have to fight, fight fair :)

Nothing changes with the new comment platform. Please keep commenting like you always do because the comments show us we are not just 3 loons talking to ourselves, that there are people who think the same things as we do :)

We hope you like it, give it a try. Thank you all for visiting and having fun with us...

Play nice :)

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