Jackie Zane Lucinda In "Water For Elephants" Talks About The Charming, Witty & Gracious Person We Know As Robert Pattinson

Jackie Zane Lucinda In "Water For Elephants" Talks About The Charming, Witty & Gracious Person We Know As Robert Pattinson


Jackie Zane who plays Lucinda, Benzini Bros. Circus Sideshow Performer tells us about her experience on the WFE Set.
(This is a great read!)

“Working on the set of ‘Water for Elephants’ (WFE) was, in my opinion, AMAZING! I have been on a number of sets in various capacities as an actor. Whether lead role, supporting role, featured role, or background role…there is often a strict hierarchy and segregation among the levels. I have experienced each extreme, and witnessed a similar treatment among the production crew. The WFE set was a much different atmosphere as everyone from top to bottom was treated with the utmost respect! This seems like such an irony as the story of the circus depicted in this film had much focus on the separation of classes. I realized early on that this film experience would be unique and I cherished every moment. Although personal cameras were banned from the actual set, the images are burned in my memory. So when I am like Older Jacob, at “90 or 93 years old – I can’t remember”, I will look back on my days with the traveling circus fondly.

Many people have asked for specific details on the filming process, and I have been requested to share with a couple different blogs. In an effort to avoid monotonous descriptions, I am sharing various accounts of my experience…so here goes! My first day on the set was a long one, about sixteen hours, and I didn’t get bored once. Everything was incredibly organized as we were shuttled through each phase of the day. First it was to base camp where after checking in and having breakfast, I visited wardrobe, then hair and make-up. This is where a young man in smeared clown make-up is sitting next to me and we are making casual light talk. He extends his hand to me and says “I’m Rob, by the way!” Ahh I get to share the make-up trailer with Robert Pattinson. (So many young girls would love to be in my shoes.) He is the epitome of friendly. He is charming and witty with the tendency to giggle as he was being fitted in one silly looking wig after another. This superstar had no ego to speak of. He was gracious and above all….human. This was my first impression of him, but it repeated itself each day. We shared several conversations in the make-up trailer and he always made a point to say hello when on set.

The most amazing star however was, hands down, Tai the elephant. She played Rosie and is absolutely mesmerizing. I kept hearing about her from others who got to work with her, or watch her practice. I was often filming other scenes or being prepped and had missed out on several opportunities to see her. The first time I saw her was close up. She was walking beside me into the big top tent for a scene. I stopped to let her pass and she radiated warmth and kindness with her amber eyes. She is incredibly well trained and docile. She seemed absolutely smitten with Rob.(Kate: Smart Rosie, a girl, I mean elephant after my own heart!I think I'm in love with Rosie almost as much as I am with Rob, sorry Rob :-})
She raised her trunk to sniff his face repeatedly as he gently pet her in an effort to give her attention while he focused on receiving direction for the scene. It was such a Kodak moment but alas, I had no camera.(Kate: All together now, awwwwwwwwwwwww)

These are just the parts where she mentions Rob to read the rest (and you will want to because it's great) head over to "Water For Elephants"

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