Christoph Waltz talks Robert Pattinson

Is Rob on the Road to Oscar?


"Oh, I don't know. I don't think about Oscars."

—Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz, who is currently filming Water for Elephants with Robert Pattinson, on whether Rob will follow in his and costar Reese Witherspoon's footsteps one day.

Waltz, who we caught up with after the Green Hornet panel at Comic-Con, is playing the villain type in both flicks (big surprise), but he joked it's always "the other guys that are wrong" not him.

Waltz told us that filming is going "very well" despite the paparazzi hounding their set, which is now a daily occurrence.

So can you really blame Rob for getting fed up with the stalkarazzi while trying to enjoy a day off in Malibu over the weekend?

If you watch the video on X17, we feel nothing but sorry for Pattinson. After nicely asking the paps to get their shot and leave him alone they just continue to annoy and snap away. If it were us, we think R.Pattz was rather calm about the situation.

Really though, who can blame Rob and Kristen Stewart for getting peeved? Even though K. gets more crap for her 'tude, both of them are pretty accommodating when it comes to the shutterbugs. They don't punch them, so that's a start right? No wonder they prefer to keep all their stuff private, sheesh.

Either way, good security on set for Water for Elephants is keeping the paps at bay as much as possible.

Waltz told us that despite WFE being one of the most talked-about sets right now, he's totally enjoying working with Rob and Reese and all the baggage that comes with. (Kat - do you hear that papz... he called you baggage. But of course, you don't care.)

But his favorite co-star?

"I love working with the elephants," Waltz smiled.

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