Robert Pattinson Interview With Biss Zum Abendrot -

Robert Pattinson Interview Eclipse With Biss Zum Abendrot -


Questions translated thanks to Cami via RobPattzNews

#1 Edward and Jacob need to unite in the movie in order to save Bella. What does that mean to your character?

#2 Do you have the same opinion as Edward when it comes to the theme 'love'?

#3 Do you think the irony and the dark mood from the books have translated to screen?

#4 Did you use your own experiences to help create/develop the character?

#5 Is there any moment where you would have made a different decision than Edward's?

#6 After 3 movies is it easier to play Edward?

#7 You've done other movies between the movies from the twilight saga. is it hard to jump back into the fantasy world?

#8 How do you describe Edward? As a rebel, a helpess romantic or a stalker?

#9 Do you have a favorite scene from the movies?
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