Stephen Moyer Is Not Jealous Of Robert Pattinson

Stephen Moyer Is Not Jealous Of Robert Pattinson

Good to hear Stephen. I don't think Rob is jealous of you either!

In an interview with the British GQ Magazine Stephen Moyer reveals that he is not jealous of the success of Robert Pattinson, he is happy it took a while for his career to take off.

Stephen is often asked if he feels any rivalry with the stars of Twilight but the British star is adamant he doesn’t envy Robert Pattinson, who plays brooding Edward Cullen in the hit Hollywood vampire franchise. Robert, 24, regularly admits his life has changed since he landed the role and often finds it unbearable living in the public spotlight.

“Listen, if I were a teenage girl I’d want to f**k Robert Pattinson!” Stephen jokes.(Kate: Less of the teenage girl stuff please Stephen!)
“I would have been floating upside down in a canal if I was Pattinson’s age. I wouldn’t have made it. I wish him the best of luck with that.” (Kate: Don't worry Stephan, Rob has his feet firmly planted on the ground)

Source Musicrooms
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