FIRST 'Maps To The Stars' REVIEW: Robert Pattinson Shows He's More Than A Pretty Face

The first review for Maps To The Stars appeared in Studio Cinelive Magazine and makes me even more excited to see this movie!
Check out the translation below the scan.

 photo MTTSreview.jpg

Forget the gloomy or easy-peasy Cosmopolis and A Dangerous Method, Cronenberg is back to his domain of preference: rough, trashy with crazy characters and a hypnotizing atmosphere. Maps To The Stars is like a reborn for his filmography. Is it because for the first time he endorses the pamphlet's codes in this dark and incandscent representation of Hollywood where the false pretences are set as a moral code.

A family of nutcases, a star's comeback, a young roquet, a pyromaniac schizo-poet or a young limousine drive with a predatory smile who fucks in the backseat: Cronenberg feasts on these crazy characters and this culture of appearances in a very passionate movie. Maps To The Stars is raw and hypnotic, between reality and fantasy, dreams and nightmares. Until an icy and violent ending pursued with surprising events.

Mia reveals her "poisonous flower" side, Robert Pattinson shows he's more than a pretty face and Julianne's through the roof with what will become THE performance of a career which is already brilliant. Just like Cronenberg who renews with this twisted , distinguished and intelligent cinema.
Thanks to MTTSFrance for the scan
 Thanks to Sunny for doing the translation


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