"Robert Pattinson Is A Fantastic Actor With Phenomenal Range" ~ Tom Ue (World Film Locations Author)

Back in February we told you about a publication called 'World Film Locations Toronto' By Tom Ue which featured none other than Robert Pattinson as Eric Packer on the cover.

 photo Torontocover1-1.jpg

Now, Tom has been interviewed by tribute.ca and was asked how he chose Rob and Cosmopolis to feature on the cover. Here's what he had to say (*whispers* I think you're gonna like it)

How did you choose Robert Pattinson/Cosmopolis for the cover?

Early in the production process, we knew we wanted to showcase David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis both because it is a great Cronenberg film and because it emblemizes some of the key themes about identity and representation that the book explores. Robert Pattinson’s links to Canadian cinema and Toronto as a city are further realized through his starring in Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars (2014) and Anton Corbijn’s Life (2015). He is a fantastic actor with phenomenal range.
Yes we agree with you 100% Tom. He IS a fantastic actor with phenomenal range! 

You can read the rest of Tom's interview over HERE


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