NEW INTERVIEW: "There Are 20 Filmmakers I Want To Work With" ~ Robert Pattinson

NEW INTERVIEW: "There Are 20 Filmmakers I Want To Work With" ~ Robert Pattinson 

Rob spoke to MetroNews and spoke about working with Harmony Korine and Olivier Assayas this year and a lot more.
Check out the translation of the interview below.
I used google translate to translate it but will update when there's a better translation ;)

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 Robert Pattinson: "Everyone is a little crazy in Hollywood"

INTERVIEW - Far from "Twilight" actor Robert Pattinson English continues his journey to the land of auteur cinema. 

He is in Cannes to present two films: the road movie "The Rover", the Australian David Michod and "Maps to the Stars", the Canadian master David Cronenberg.

Robert, you are in Cannes to present but not not one but two films. Is this a coincidence?
This is a nice surprise, although I admit that I really wanted that The Rover in particular is shown here. Actually we missed all the other festivals in the hope to be here. It has even staked everything on Cannes because it is the most beautiful in the world. In particular for a movie as different as this one.

As Maps to the stars, this is a film constructed outside the Hollywood system. Is this an indicator of the direction you want your career after Twilight adventure?
What guides me is the desire to work with a director. I realized that if I worked with the best in the world, there were chances that I am happy with the result (smiles). I have work experience really satisfactory. There are twenty filmmakers with whom I want to work and I just started. The next? This year Harmony Korine and Olivier Assayas. Then James Gray in January. We met, we became friends. And waited to find the right project.

In your place, many young players try to land a superhero role, or at least a role in a big franchise. Have you considered?
I never auditioned for that kind of film. And I'm not even sure I know how to make a superhero. If I have my place in this world (he thinks). It doesn't mean that I wouldn't do a big studio film at some point. Besides I look full. But I really struggled to find myself there, as an actor.

In The Rover, you play a guy a little simpleton, which we do not know much except that he is the scapegoat of his brother. How did you get the role?
On first reading, I heard his voice in my head. That of a guy who talks so low force being told to close his mouth. (laughs). So much so that every word that comes out of his mouth is suffering. It was great fun though watching the first cut, some of my dialogue was inaudible!

You are also the generic Maps to the stars, David Cronenberg. Hollywood depicts it is it as black as you know?
I've always had a good time in Hollywood. Actually I like her dirty side as long as I do not spend the whole year, that I do not become a caricature as we see in the film. Remain an observer: I can tell you that there is a lot of weird people out there.

You often come across?
All the time! Actually I am perhaps now ...

Do not tell me you sell your stool on the Internet as the young actors of the movie! 
Ah if I could ... (laughs) Frankly everyone in Hollywood is a little crazy. The actors are in essence, if we consider that we are asked to play the variety of human emotions, sometimes in the same film. I assure you that you will struggle to meet more people dingo! (laughs)


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