Robert Pattinson talks about feeling at home in Cannes and being fan of Werner Herzog

Robert Pattinson talks about feeling at home in Cannes and being fan of Werner Herzog

This latest article is from French magazine, VSD.
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Rebirth : he told us himself, Robert Pattinson is improving his movie culture buying tons and tons of DVDs. So he can get rid of, after the Twilight saga, his hearthrob label.

A hardworking pupil

The former vampire in the Twilight Saga was one the star in Cannes where he presented The Rover, a radical road movie.

"I'm starting to like it". Outside, a huge wind is sweepinp across La Croisette. But this time, Robert Pattinson is not responsible. They are real blast of winds that are trying to destroy the tent that has been set up on the terrace in the Palais des Festivals. The actor will trigger off a tornado in the evening while he was going up the stairs for the midnight screening of The Rover. Since the selection of Cosmopolis last year, Pattinson feels at home in Cannes

"When I saw the reactions to the film, I thought I was on the right path. . I started to be recognized as a true actor, not as the Twilight hearthrob anymore.

However we won't see The Rover as a mere excuse to achieve it. The movie made by the Asutralian director, David Michôd, known for Animal Kingdom, should stay as one of the striking alien movie this year. We discover in an Australia burdened by an economic apocalypse, a guy ( Guy Pearce who is aweseome) angered by the robbery of the only thing he had : his car.. The quest to get it back becomes an obsession. And the corpses are going to add up. We think a lot to Mad Max, another post apocalyptic australian delirium and we are admirative in front of the project's radicalism. ( A few words but a lot of driving). Nihilism to which Pattinson, with rotten teeth, contributes.

We'll soon find him with another crazy director, Werner Herzog "I will never deny the Twilight era. But I love the cinema. I'm currently buying tons and tons of DVDs, in order to improve my movie culture. In front of Herzog, I behaved like a fan. I've still a lot to learn. "

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