Proud of our favorite A-lister! What was Robert Pattinson's salary to partner with Dior, what did he wear and MORE!

Proud of our favorite A-lister! What was Robert Pattinson's salary to partner with Dior, what did he wear and MORE!

 photo takethemoney.gif Well it doesn't look like Rob needs to be president to ship out to Fiji. The Hollywood Reporter recently did two articles about which celebrities are bringing in the 8 figures and which celebrities make up the new A-list. Guess who made both lists?? The answer is easy peasy. ;)

Excerpt from THR:
Eight-Figure Endorsements: Who's Getting Them in Hollywood
Predictably, A-listers are the most-prized targets on Madison Avenue. Although every deal is unique, one top commercial agent says he's seeing more eight-figure paydays than ever before. Long-term relationships have become a key way to optimize revenue, says another endorsement agent who, when it comes to beauty deals for his top female talent, only fields multiyear offers. 
Charlize Theron struck gold with her gilded J'Adore ads, spinning her initial three-year deal with Dior (reportedly worth $5 million annually when she signed in 2004) into an iconic partnership nearly a decade later. The fashion house might hope its new arrangement with Robert Pattinson works just as well, as it is paying him at least $12 million to represent its Dior Homme fragrance for the next three years. With bigger revenue comes greater and more high-profile risks. Celebrities reduce missteps by scrutinizing a brand's roster of spokespeople almost as closely as potential co-stars. Jennifer Lawrence finally said yes to her first luxury endorsement when she saw she was in good company succeeding Oscar winner Natalie Portman as the face of Miss Dior.
Rob's partnership with Dior was also the main basis for his inclusion in THR's other report about A-listers salaries. Excerpt from THR:
The New A-List: 23 Salaries From Angelina Jolie to Robert Downey Jr. Revealed
Who commands $20 million per movie? How much is Robert Pattinson getting paid to shill for Dior? And Downey is making HOW MUCH for "Iron Man 3"?! THR breaks down the earnings of Hollywood's biggest stars.
 photo ScreenShot2013-09-12at14244PM.png

It's all so exciting! Rob's post-Twilight moves are smart, lucrative and establishing. I'm definitely hoping DiorRob is as successful as Charlize's campaign. Could you imagine?? A decade of DiorRob. sigh.....

In other DiorRob news, a reader of ours reached out to Dior to find out what Rob was wearing. While we all can assume the answer would be Dior, their email reply revealed they suited our guy in only the best and most exclusive:
 photo ScreenShot2013-09-12at120837PM.png

While DiorRob's apparel is unavailable, that hasn't stopped him from being quite available around the globe. We have tons of pictures HERE in our first post about GlobalDiorRob but here are the latest sightings from around the world (and inside theaters!) in Austria, Romania, Russia, Argentina, France and Spain. And these are just the places we're able to keep up with! Don't miss the YouTube from Singapore and we have more videos under the cut from Galeries Lafayette in Paris.



GlobalDiorRob: Samantha-Madrid | Marnye | Source-Paris | Source | Source-Romania | Source-Austria | Source-Spain | Source-Russia | Source | Source | Source | Source | Source | Source | Source
All via sweet Flavia who saw DiorRob in Argentina :)


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