365 Days of Robert Pattinson: September 21st ~ Pic of Rob With A Guitar

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: September 21st ~ Pic of Rob With A Guitar

Rob loves his music (as we know) and we LOVE musical Rob. Today's selection of pics and extra goodies are great!


"Oldie but a goodie… "

 photo tumblr_mthikyD3BC1qf3lw1o1_1280.png


"siiiiiiiiigh. Rob’s always talking about music in interviews but he recently said he hopes to publish an album by 30. i’ll believe when i hear but it would be such a dream come true. his voice….his guitar…LAWD. it would be the final nail in our Robsessed coffins! Click HERE if you never heard Rob sing the song he’s performing in this pic and gif. you. will. melt. and then you’ll groan, “noooooooo” when you hear him tell the organizers 3 TIMES that he wants to play another song! do they let him? NO. they didn’t hear him and end the show. *cries* at least we have the 6+ minutes epicness."

 photo RobertPattinsonsinging.jpg

 photo guitarRob.gif


"This is a slight cheat as it’s a gif and not a pic but this was such a cute interview and Rob was adorable (as always) with the guitar ;-)"

 photo GuitarRob2-1.gif

Here’s the vid in case you want a refresher of it.

Click the thumbnail if you need to review the September calendar. If you missed the whole year, there's a link on the sidebar :)

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