James Franco talks Robert Pattinson, working together with mutual friend Harmony Korine and QOTD

James Franco talks Robert Pattinson, working together with mutual friend Harmony Korine and QOTD

It's been a while since we've seen Josh getting the 411 for us regarding a Rob film. He sat down with James Franco at TIFF and chatted a little bit about Queen of the Dessert, how James met Rob and the possibility of them working together with mutual friend, director Harmony Korine. You might recall Rob's praise of Harmony before HERE but here's the except from the interview conducted summer 2012.

Robert Pattinson in Premiere (France) Nov. 2012:
I'm thinking of someone like Harmony Korine, in particular, whom I find particularly brilliant. He showed me his new film this summer, Spring Breakers, which I loved. I wouldn't want to jinx it, but I feel that it can really be a hit. I want to with directors like him, people who have spent their lives refusing to compromise, whatever the cost.

Some of you can't view the video but MTV provided the transcript. Here's the excerpt about Rob and QOTD:
Another rumored project of Franco's is director Werner Herzog's "Queen of the Desert," which centers around the friendship between T.E. Lawrence and Gertrude Bell, and stars Robert Pattinson and, potentially, Nicole Kidman (after Naomi Watts reportedly dropped out). 
"I hope. I met with Werner about it. I've known Werner for a while," Franco said. "He's a huge 'Spring Breakers' fan. The talks about that movie really started after he saw 'Spring Breakers' and gave me one of the best phone calls ever. He called me up with Harmony and just was raving about Alien. He said, 'This movie is like the most important movie of the times. When people look back on 2013, they won't look at Obama's re-election speech, they will look to 'Spring Breakers' to tell us about these times, hundreds of years from now." 
True Francophiles know the actor has had something of a fascination with Robert Pattinson and "The Twilight Saga" for years, but "Queen of the Desert" wouldn't be his first meeting with the British actor, apparently. "I actually met Robert through Harmony," Franco revealed. "Maybe I'll work with him. It's supposed to happen maybe later this year. I don't think I have any scenes with Pattinson in 'Queen of the Desert.' Harmony wants to work with him. He's a nice guy, so I'd be willing."
Source: MTV


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