365 Days of Robert Pattinson: Sept. 1 ~ Pic of Rob looking pensive

365 Days of Robert Pattinson: Sept. 1 ~ Pic of Rob looking pensive

This day is INTENSE. Not only has Dior flooded us with DiorRob....DiorRob on his own is INTENSE. We have TONS of Rob and TONS of Rob being......ROB. Do you see what's happened? I don't even think I'm making sense right now. Let's get to the point. Our DoR is very DiorRob focused. Shocker. Will yours be DiorRob focused? Check out our picks plus over 60 DiorRob gifs!

"*sigh* After the day we’ve had my choice obviously has to be DiorRob ;-)"

 photo 2DiorRobGifs01-1.gif photo 2DiorRobGifs02-1.gif

"YES. no comment. just wanna be pensive about this. "

 photo 9DiorRobGifs53.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs52.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs51.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs50.gif

Update when Kat posts!

We posted a ton of DiorRob gifs HERE and HERE but we have MOOOOORE under the cut!

 photo 9DiorRobGifs60.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs59.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs58.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs56.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs57.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs55.gif

 photo 9DiorRobGifs54.gif

 photo 9DiorRobGifs49.gif

 photo 9DiorRobGifs44.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs45.gif

 photo 9DiorRobGifs43.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs42.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs40.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs41.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs39.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs35.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs38.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs37.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs36.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs34.gif

 photo 9DiorRobGifs33.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs32.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs31.gif

 photo 9DiorRobGifs27.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs29.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs30.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs28.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs26.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs25.gif

 photo 9DiorRobGifs46.gif

 photo 9DiorRobGifs47.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs48.gif

 photo 9DiorRobGifs62.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs61.gif

 photo 9DiorRobGifs24.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs23.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs22.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs21.gif

 photo 9DiorRobGifs20.gif

 photo 9DiorRobGifs19.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs18.gif

 photo 9DiorRobGifs17.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs16.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs15.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs14.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs13.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs10.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs12.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs09.gif  photo 9DiorRobGifs11.gif

 photo 9DiorRobGifs07.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs06.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs05.gif

 photo 9DiorRobGifs01.gif

 photo 9DiorRobGifs03.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs02.gif
 photo 9DiorRobGifs04.gif

 photo 9DiorRobGifs08.gif

If you post your 365DoR links in the comments, give us time to approve them so the DR can see :) 

Click for HQ!

 photo Sept-1.jpg

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