VIDEO: Robert Pattinson nice and slooooooooow in 'Dior Homme: The Film' hidden scenes

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson nice and slooooooooow in 'Dior Homme: The Film' hidden scenes

The Dior manifesto is all about the slooooooow. Kiss sloooooowly....

You knew it was coming. Those hidden scenes? Yeah...nice and sloooooooooooow

Are you alive? Do you have any lives left from the 1000? Catch up on the EPIC DiorRob day:
  • Click HERE to view the official videos - Dior Homme - 'The Film', The Uncensored Director's Cut, The Behind The Scenes and Rob's Interview.
  • Click HERE for NEW HQ pictures - plus editorial for Rob, Romain and more. Tweets from Camille and Romain and other goodies we found on the website.
  • Click HERE to view hundreds of screen caps - from The Film and The Hidden Scenes.
  • Click HERE, HERE and HERE to view gifs - collected from the day.
  • Click HERE to view the hidden scenes not in slow motion - If you are looking for them on the Dior website, you can view them on your desktop at Read the instructions and click the tabs that pop up during the film. Going to the site on your cell phone reveals the Empty Shower hidden scene. You'll find all the hidden scenes in one video from the mobile site.
  • Click HERE for our DiorRob playlist on YouTube - you can put the 4 main official videos on a loop!
Don't forget before you go to bed or to work or wherever, if you haven't already, to say a little thank you to Rob for being such a giver and the best actor to be a fan of. Whisper is so people around you don't think you're crazy....or maybe they already know and you can shout it loud and proud. He has no website or twitter or facebook or any way to worship at his official altar....but you can still say thank you and put it out there in the universe. Let it express itself. ;)


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