Magazine Round-Up: Robert Pattinson In Vogue (Russia), GQ (Russia), InStyle US & Sensa (Belgium)

Magazine Round-Up: Robert Pattinson In Vogue (Russia), GQ (Russia), InStyle US & Sensa (Belgium)

A little round-up of various magazines (along with translations) that Rob has been in lately while doing Dior Promo 

Vogue (Russia) ~ Translation thanks to Christine

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The actor Robert Pattinson moved to the senior league – he stars in smart films and is the face of Dior homme perfume.

Robert Pattinson is sitting in blue Dior suit, hunching a little. With a three day old beard on his face – his beauty is without a question even here – in the “factory of dreams” – Hollywood, where Dior Homme, the face of which Robert has become and the advertising campaign of which is being presented right now.

Pattinson says that he became an actor thanks to Godard. “Godard’s film “ “breathless”- is a meaningless endless violence with certain buoyancy in it. Then he adds: – that’s how I see life”

He looks like a cool bohemian guy who was already ahead of classmates at school because he smokes a lot, reads foreign literature, could explain the difference between existentialism and absurdism and get all the girls, all of which were dreaming to save him from himself and make him happy. Later he tells me that he loves Nabokov and Bulgakov and that his “Aunt married the leader of British Communist Party and once even met Stalin.”

The main motto of the dior Homme campaign – are the words of the actor James Dean “dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die tomorrow”. In the ad directed by Romain Gavras you see sexy Pattinson emphasizing his similarity with Dean: smoking in a bathtub, a few seconds later he is already driving an old “mercedes” through water or is running on the roofs. He is followed by a young French actress, fateful beauty Camille Rowe. During shooting Pattinson got into his role so much that he crashed the car and almost got injured himself.

We meet in a hotel on Beverly hills the next day. And there is a different Pattinson in front of me. Dressed in jeans, pullover, a backward baseball cap and funny spotty socks. He does not look like fatal seducer I met the night before. I ask him if he really meant what he said about Godard the day before. He laughs a nervous laugh:

“Kind of. I grew up in Barnes – a little district in the south-west of London-with two older sisters. Mom worked at a model agency, father was a car dealer. It was terribly boring there, so we spent all day in the local film rental stores. I learned my most important lesson there: if you watch highly intellectual films with girls, this won’t bring you any good.”

Speaking about his favourite films from that time, he mentions “ One flew over cuckoo’s nest” with Jack Nicholson (“I think I watched it a million times”) and “First Name Carmen” by Godard. The film tells the story of a girl member of a gang who falls in love with a bank guard.

 “I think this is one of the most honest love stories I have ever seen” -he explains- “ besides thanks to this film I got to learn about Tom Waits.”

Pattinson is 27. He played his first part at 18 in “Vanity Fair” but his only scene was cut. “ I came to the premiere waiting to see myself and I was not there. Obviously the casting director felt awkward and asked me to audition for “Harry Potter the Goblet of Fire”. Then came “Twilight” thanks to which every girl, and woman on this planet knows Pattinson.

While shooting he met Kristen Stewart. They were together for 4 years-all world knew about it: beloved Edward and Bella will never be separated and both became idols for millions.

“I am sort of happy because I was older than most celebrities starring in teen movies”- says Robert- “ by that time I had had some life experience. For example, I had already lived on my own. I can’t even imagine how Daniel Radcliffe and all those guys manage to keep sane with all this craziness around.”

Pattinson does not make a secret from the fact that he is more interested in Indie movies than in Hollywood blockbusters. Apart from “Twilight” he did serious dramas like “Remember Me”, “Love and Distrust” ,“Water for Elephants” and biography “Little Ashes” for the role of Salvador Dali. He shaved his whole body. The mostly warmly accepted by critics was David Cronenberg film “Cosmopolis” adapted from a novel by Don Delillo. He plays a billionare who cheats on his wife, gets attacked and loses all his fortune. “ My character is so different from me”-says the actor-“ and the movie is quite strange: aggressively unattractive, not trying to please the audience. But a great many people saw it. This is crazy.”

Pattinson is very self-critical when it comes to his job. You should just listen to him speaking about him acting in “Bel Ami” which became his first film after “Twilight” “ I did “Bel Ami” not only because it is one of my favourite things. Most of my fans are girls, so I thought: it will be interesting to play a misogynist. But now I am not sure now that I did it right. The movie should have been a lot gloomier. I think I was too young for this part”.-he explains a little embarrassed. I tell him that he played that character really well but he shakes his head “No, I didn't”. He is sure that only now he started feeling he is more mature and experienced, so it is not surprising that Dior chose him. “At first, I thought that in that ad I look a lot older than I really am. Then, I looked into the mirror and understood-I am no longer 20, people are expecting serious projects from me”.

Would he like to do the theatre? “I don’t think so” –says Pattinson, but at the same time he admires Daniel Radcliffe for daring to come to the stage nude- “that was the best business-decision. So bold! And generally everything he does looks so impressive to me “

I ask him about plans regarding his musical career: Pattinson plays the guitar and piano, several of his songs were in used “twilight”. He won a prize for the most influential non-professional musician of the year in 2010. “Wonderful” – he answers with his trademark mockery/sarcasm when I ask him how his musical career is going-“ I would love to record an album but I don’t know if I really need it.”

Pattinson describes his success to accident. Maybe at first that was the case but now it is obvious that he takes his job seriously. This can be shown by his praise of Radcliffe and his choice of intellectual parts. He happily talks about the freedom Dior gave him “I don’t even feel I am selling something” During the press conference he even declared he does not use perfume himself. When I ask him what smells he likes , he is quiet and looks at me hopelessly and confusedly. I suggest a few : vanilla, cedar, ginger, iris. “Iris?” –he repeats. Fortunately there is a vase of flowers at which I look very expressively. “Oh, I thought they were artificial!” looks like Pattinson is not the one who gives flowers to his girlfriends. Suddenly it strikes him:

“I remembered! My favourite-the smell of burgers. I always order double but I just learned that I can’t eat them because I can’t digest … what’s the name..glutens. And I can’t have beer can you imagine? This is terrible. I feel so weak”

His current interests include every sphere of life. Now he is dating an actress, Elvis Presley ’s granddaughter Riley Keough (you probably remember her from the film “Good Doctor” where she stars opposite Orlando Bloom”) Rob explains his choice: “ I like girls who are not trying to prove anything, who have their own style if they have any”. Then we discuss film festivals “Cannes is the most important one. I am not even trying to sneak into it.”

I tell him that I have an impression that he is more afraid of failures than dreams of success. “yes” –he nods- “pretty accurate” .

A smart, well-read, charming millionaire who is very demanding of himself awkwardly get’s up, his pullover pulls up and I can see his perfect abs. Physical perfection of this young man could not be doubted. But even if I had not seen that, one person joined his masses of fans today-and that is me.

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GQ (Russia)

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Translation Thanks to @Roboshayka :

Robert Pattinson told us why he agreed to be the new face of ‘Dior homme’.

Q: What does Dior mean to you?
A: Dior is a legend and I like that it’s French. When I’m filming a movie I always hope that it’ll be presented in the Cannes festival because it’s the Top League. The world is Complex than me and I secretly hope that I’ll get a little bit of a Stardust.

Q: The French people Characterized with elegance, do you aspire to get it?
A: To me elegance isn’t about looks, it’s the ability to feel comfortable with yourself and the ability to behave with honor and respect and to listen to others instead of talking about yourself constantly .

Q: What attract you to the fragrance ‘Dior homme’?
A: To me is to rebuild the image classy fragrance. There is something very attractive in doing remakes of movies or fragrances, you have the chance to do something new more wilder than the source. My character in the commercial wore a suit but ran on roofs and going crazy.

Source via Spunk Ransom

InStyle US

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Robert Pattinson talks Scents. The supernaturally sexy actor and new face of Dior Homme fragrance spills his most aromatic recollections.
What smells reminds you of...
DIOR HOMME? "Irises. It isn't overpowering, which is major for me."
YOUR MOM? "Potpourri. She was obsessed - the aroma filled our house."
VAMPIRES & WEREWOLVES? "White makeup and brown makeup."
YOUR FIRST GIRLFRIEND? "Laundry detergent. She was obsessively clean, and freshness always lingered on her clothes."
LONDON? "Wet grass and rain. Heathrow is in the countryside, so it's the first thing I smell when I land"
SUCCESS? "Cash ---and In-N-Out Burger. It's the greatest smell on the planet!"

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Sensa Magazine (Belgium)

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Translation (via lifeartfilm)

"To Robert for a man, being sensitive is no weakness. He has learned to listen. He's growing up."

"He says filming The Rover in the Australian desert was a liberating experience."

"Once more he praises David Cronenberg for his immense creativity & pushing bounderies."

“He's trying to change the perspective audience has of him, trying to break free from his image as sparkling vampire.”

"To Rob for a man, being sensitive is no weakness. He has learned to listen. He's growing up."

Source Blackrose148 via SpunkRansom
Thanks PJ for the tip!


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