Robert Patttinson Talks To Marie Claire (Italy) In A NEW Interview

UPDATE: Added FULL Translation Below
Robert Patttinson Talks To Marie Claire (Italy) In A NEW Interview

The translation is up and it's a great interview. You're going to enjoy it!

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FULL Translation (after the cut). Big Thanks to Bru

"YOUR FACE IS FAMILIAR TO ME" Here's the icing on the cake of my 4 days in Los Angeles. A suite in Beverly Hills Hotel, dinner at celebs restaurants, and all these things that makes most of your friends jealous. But: who cares about all that when you have Robert Pattinson in front of you telling you "Haven't we met somewhere already?"

In fact, we met some years ago, at the Twilight premiere at the Rome Film Festival in Rome. Even though the books were being sold like candies, nobody expected such a success. Maybe at that time he didn't know that he was super famous already, his eyes like those of a deer caught in car headlights, a nervous Kristen Stewart who couldn't stop shaking her leg, facing hormonal, hyperventilating girls & hordes of journalists. If he really remembers me in all that chaos, I'll propose him for admission to MENSA (association of people who have a intellectual quotient very high). He simply tells me he just can't forget those events anymore.

AT THAT TIME HE DRESSED CASUALLY. Now that he's the new face of Dior Homme fragrance, do you pay more attention to what you wear? He smiles in an all teeth smile and points at the baseball cap worn backwards, a dark shirt with short sleeves on a grey T-shirt and black jeans. "I don't think so" he laughs "I don't think too much about what I wear. I buy things randomly. I could wear same things for days.  Those rompers for babies as well, with those snap-button closure would be ok".

Instead, the night before, at the Dior party at Soho House, he looked comfortable (and too handsome) in a dark suit. Are you at least wearing the perfume? I say "Yes, for a few days!" he laughs. His agent assistance glares at him "Anyway, I started wearing it a that age when you start having some interest in girls and you drench in that low quality ccologne and then they say" What's this smell?" Now I'm learning"

SOME HOURS BEFORE I'd talked with Romain Gavras, the ad's director. He told me that during the scene with the car on the beach, Robert ended up in the sea. I tell him (Rob) and he blushes but is also pleased in a crazy way. He told me you're also cultured and smart. And that you two text each other like "What are you wearing" And Rob explodes in a laugh "It's true! He started at first and I was like 'What?Who the hell is this?' And then I identified him and replied. Romain is young and ambitious, and he doesn't take himself too seriously. He has humour and he's a bit anarchistic. I like him!" I notice he's not pale anymore. His skin, as smooth as Chinese lacquer, is getting a Californian tan. What else did I want to ask him? Oh yes: how did he spend his first check? "On a guitar. And then buying an house in Los Angeles, it's better here than in London, my hometown, where they're too expensive" Who knows in that new house, who makes the bed in the morning. " Believe it or not, I don't have an housekeeper. I just leave it unmade" he giggles.

I ASK HIM WHAT PEOPLE OVERESTIMATE & UNDERESTIMATE about acting. "They think it's a game. Instead it's a very challenging job. And I also don't understand those stars who say "don't talk about it!" when they have been asked if their children will follow in this job. This is one of the most one of the most beautiful jobs of the world!" He tells me he still hangs out with old friends. "They're amazing, very protective. And when I'm with them, fans are less intrusive" So I ask him what he considers being betrayed by a friend and he replied that a friend never betrays, and if he does. he isn't a real friend. My feeling is that he didn't get overwhelmed by success. He's so quiet that you ask yourself what kind of kid he was at school “I've never been sociable, but not even enthusiastic to take control. I was on my own, and associated the idea of rebellion with being drunk. No, this sounds really terrible!" he corrects himself quickly with a loud laugh. "In fact, about rebellion, if I think about all revolts all around the world, I feel very lucky. I was born in a country in which we don't need to do revolution, but those who didn't have this opportunity have the right to protest"

ROB IS GETTING MATURE. Less of a teen and more of an adult. For example, we will see him with James Franco soon on the set of Werner Herzog 's Queen of the Desert "I'm getting older as well. I admit I was afraid about the "post Twilight" Everything has been alright for so long and I ask myself if this is a prediction of something terrible. I turned 27, the age stars die" No! "Yes, Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse, Janis Joplin... and I have to wait till next May to turn 28." he laughs. By the way, media already got his successor: Douglas Booth. Do you consider him an heir or a rival? "I still don't know who I am, maybe he can tell me about it. The fact that they create a duplicate of you when you're just a little older doesn't make sense." But wasn't he the heir of someone at his debut? "Oh yes! Jesus's heir! The new Messiah!" and he laughs again.

"Now" he continues "I'm on the set of Maps to the Stars, by David Cronenberg, I adore him. Videodrome and Scanners are among my favorite movies. I'm filming with Julienne Moore, she's amazing and the script is just fantastic. It's a very unique experience because it's a smaller part than usual, I've always been the protagonist so far. But that's fine, I prefer indie movies instead of major productions, you don't have freedom with majors." Now you're living in LA, do you think Hollywood can represent this actual society? He becomes serious "I don't think so. In this moment it's very difficult to represent the reality, and the same thing is with music. The 70s and 80s were well defined, In 90s we had the grunge, but what we have in 2000s? Internet? Cell phones? My generation will be remembered holding an Iphone, chatting and texting things without any sense . I'm not on social networks anymore. I tried and created an account with a fake nickname, but then I deleted it because my friends couldn't find me. I felt stupid" Since he doesn't post on Facebook, I ask him to tell me one of his best and most unforgetable moments ever "When my son was born!" he laughs "I'm kidding! I don't have children! But I will never forget when I was at Olympic Stadium promoting New Moon in Monaco. There were like 30000 fans screaming and Taylor Launer thrilled, said 'What the hell is happening to us?'" Rob yawns "Oh sorry.  See? You 're making me relax" I'd like to invite him to sit on my lap while I sing him a lullaby, but it's better not to. I ask him what he wants to do before turning 30. “Publishing a CD, I'm writing a lot of tracks. And directing a movie: I have an idea and I'm working on it.  I should do it" 

 The time is over. We get up from the couch and I give my hand to him. He takes my hand in both his. "So, see you at the next interview" Outside the room, there's my young and cute colleague who is talking with her boyfriend on her cell phone. She's assuring him that no, the beautiful vampire isn't trying to seduce her. He (Rob) doesn't like ordinary girls. I wouldn't take it for granted.


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