ROUNDUP: Global celebration for Robert Pattinson's Dior Homme ad! Reports, tweets, pictures

ROUNDUP: Global celebration for Robert Pattinson's Dior Homme ad! Reports, tweets, pictures 

UPDATE4: This is still merely a sampling but Rob continues to impress in the Dior Homme film. We've updated tweets and reports so scroll down. As well as more pics from around the globe! Uruguay, Hong Kong and Belgium! Our reader, Astrid, was on the hunt for Rob in Belgium and had the best comment about her find: "Found him, smelled him, bought him. Perfect. My guy smells so good now." LOVE IT! That's exactly what Dior and Rob want. A++++ for Astrid. :)
Our reader, Viviana, snagged DiorRob in Hong Kong and said the ad was playing in a loop and she was frozen in time watching over and over again. Scroll down for more updates!
UPDATE3: Hello Buenos Aires! Thanks Flavia! Check pics from Argentina in our picture section.
UPDATE2: A few things from every section added! Pics (DiorRob in Singapore! Germany! And more with comments like "Ok ... Great ... Yeah .... Ok im dead"), tweets (even the Global Creative Director for Coca Cola is tweeting about DiorRob!), and reports (The Playlist loves DiorRob? Did something freeze over??). Scroll down to check out the latest!
UPDATE: Added link to LA Times under our sample of press excerpts and here's another LARGE DiorRob display from......Heathrow Airport! London ladies and anyone flying into the airport! Get on down there and make sure you have a designated driver and portable oxygen tank!

(Click image for HQ scan)
DiorRob has arrived!

And he's making quite the splash. Even with the official campaign being launched in select countries, that hasn't stopped the world from reporting on the massively popular fashion brand, Dior, and their new Dior Homme.

Rob is everywhere and he's being celebrated everywhere. The ad is practically being declared a universal success and a lesson in complete and utter hotness. Rob is gaining new fans and an undeniable sexiness is being reported.

Darja kindly sent us a scan of DiorRob in a fashion magazine she grabbed but this is really only the beginning!

We collected a sample of the goodness seen around the world, the global reporting and tweets.

Good Morning America was a great kick off to the US even embracing the ad given that an official launch in North America is unknown. Doesn't matter. Rob's fandom is worldwide and DiorRob is here for us all. Power of Rob!

While the uncensored video is breaking 3 million views, take a moment to be proud of Rob, his new era and this "momentous moment" ;)

Press and tweets from media, journalists and/or editors:

  • People Mag - "There’s sexy. There’s smoldering. And then there’s Robert Pattinson‘s long-awaited ad for Dior Homme fragrance."
  • MTV Style - "Um. Is it hot in here or is it just me? The LOOONG-awaited Robert Pattinson x Dior Homme fragrance ad video has finally arrived in full and IT. IS. STEAMY!"
  • E! - "Dior just released the video campaign for Dior Homme this season, starring the Twilight actor, and the black-and-white cinematic beauty is absolutely breathtaking."
  • Huffington Post - It's finally here... and it was worth the wait...we'd forgotten just how drop-dead sexy Pattinson is.
  • TV Guide - "Get ready for a whole lot of perfection."
  • Hollywood Crush - "Robert Pattinson looking hot while smoking a cigarette in a bathtub. Robert Pattinson looking hot while making out with a model in an elevator. Robert Pattinson looking hot while making out with a model in a bed. Robert Pattinson looking hot while driving a car through the surf. Robert Pattinson looking hot."
  • Harper's Bazaar (UK) - "After what feels like months of teasers, Robert Pattinson’s long-awaited Dior Homme advert has finally been unveiled in full. And was it worth the wait? It’s a resounding yes from us."
  • Closer (UK) - If you think Robert Pattinson is one of the sexiest people in the world, then this is for you. If you don't, then watch it anyway - it may just change your mind... Let's not beat around the bush here, Robert Pattinson is SERIOUSLY hot stuff.
  • Marie Claire (UK) - "We've got the perfect pick-me-up for a Monday morning: a smouldering, sexy, TOTALLY HOT Robert Pattinson in the new Dior Homme fragrance video."
  • Refinery29 - "Robert Pattinson is not for tween-age girls anymore, at least not after his Dior Homme video campaign. The black-and-white, Led Zeppelin-backed ad is a nice reminder, saying, "Hey, just in case you forgot, Robert Pattinson is sexy."
  • UPDATELA Times - "Robert Pattinson broods brilliantly in Dior Homme ad"
  • UPDATE: The Playlist - "Check out this gorgeous and very sexy, uncensored black-and-white ad for Dior Homme Fragrance, directed by the terrific French director Romain Gavras. If someone is baffled by how this guy could be a heartthrob, just show them this ad."
  • UPDATE: iVillage - "Every celebrity fragrance commercial is supposed to be sexy, but Robert Pattinson's new one really succeeds."
  • UPDATE: 
A few pictures of DiorRob ads and billboards popping up




More pics of DiorRob around the world and tweets praising Rob and the film after the cut!




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