Robert Pattinson in Gala Magazine (Translation)

A few days ago we posted this Gala magazine article about Rob now thanks to Jessica we have a translation.

Duel of the Hotties
Robert Pattinson vs. Zac Efron:
But who of the young stars is ahead by a nose?

Robert Pattinson:
Twilight brought 270 million Euros in worldwide. The successor New Moon which started two weeks ago, broke all records by now and is at the top of the worldwide movie charts. And Robert graces every magazine cover around the whole globe, here the mens magazine GQ .

Robert had to campaign longer than one year for his fellow actress Kristen Stewart. They are a couple for a few months now. He will take her to his family to London over Christmas. Future prospects: rosy.

8 million Euros went in Roberts pocket for New Moon , the 2nd part of the vampire saga. It s said that he got the same amount for the 3rd movie ( Eclipse ). Merchandise like the Rob-Barbie is great hit. The Beau is still decent though: His hugest luxury is an ex from 1950, he says.

In February he will seduce Uma Thurman then he starts his shooting for Bel Ami . Before that he's in front of the camera with Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman for the western Unbound Captives . His target: substantiate that he can't impress only teens.


mya bluesky said...

so u take over the job kate???cos i know Gozde is busy on her alexsessed lol

i have to unfollow her,i cant stand reading alex tweet :)

hi Gozde, are u still here???
i dunno how u manage ur time girl withhaving 2 blog that obsessed about people

alynutzapattinson said...

I don't know if the article is true or not... I really doubt that Kristen would spend Christmas away from her family. The weird part is that even though they both haven't confirmed or denied the relationship every body thinks they are totally together. Maybe they are but if so they are keeping it really low key. Because other than those famous holding hands photos in Paris there haven't been any PDA since then... so who knows?

Anonymous said...

I don't get it! He has stated in mag after mag that he is single. He also stated that if he really was dating Kristen he would've had her right next to him and be proud to openly say hey this is my girlfriend. I can understand why he doesn't let all the false publicity not rule his life because there are constant fabrications about him and they irritate ME just from hearing lie after lie. Don't get me wrong, I think he's one of the most talented people out there in the entertainment biz but I'm sure he would also like some type of normalcy to his life also. If you watched the video of him at some birthday party last night he left with some girl and Katy they are dating? Please!

Marna said...

"He will take her to his family to London over Christmas" Why do I keep seeing this everywhere? Where did it come from? It just seems like somebody said it because they want it to be true, & now it's a fact.

Lisa said...

Wait...Rob has an EX from the 1950s???

Damn...and here I thought he was only 23! That boy gets around! My oldest ex is from the 1980s LOLOL :D

...serioiusly...what the hell is an EX from the 1950s?

Zina said...

@ Lisa: I can read the word "Guitarre von 1950" which means "guitar from 1950". I don't know what happened with the translation.

kphrase said...

Yes, like Zina said - He spent his money on a vintage guitar from the 1950's... This article plays very fast and loose with the truth...

Lutz said...

I'm sorry, guys. The translation is from me and my translator and dictonary said that an electronic guitar gets called "ex". I've never heard it before but I thought my sources know the answer. Well, okay... You know the thing I mean.
Sorry, again^^

AP said...

@Lutz: I don't think it would be an EX - a current model of electric guitar, which is why it showed up in the definition. If he has a standard from the 50's he paid a pretty penny for it!

More importantly, thanks for the translation. :)

Treasure_7 said...

I have got some news for him he doesn't just impress teens....I am far far from a teen and I am very impressed with Rob!!....LOL

Unknown said...

I just think it's funny that some people know that Robert and Kristen will be together for Christmas in London. They may or may not. Only they know what they have planed for the holidays.

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