Twilight "Eclipse" Movie Companion Cover

Twilight "Eclipse" Movie Companion Cover


Source Loving Rob

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MMc said...

Can't wait to see it.

Kinda getting whiplash going from Top Hat and tails Rob, to vampire Rob, and regular Rob, and soon WFE Rob.
Wow he's a busy guy - I hope the academy is noticing.

bach said...

Check out this very funny spoof of the eclipse trailer. David Salde even approved of it. Very funny and genius:

AP said...

@femroc: lol. I saw you mentioned you had the same disorientation trying to keep up with the various 'states' of Rob as I, and it's not going to get any easier until he finishes filming WFE. Of course, then it's only a couple of months until BDawn starts. Let's hope he doesn't try to squeeze anything else in this year, unless it's music, as I'm dizzy already.. ;)

chet said...

can´t wait to buy it!! i love these companions!!

AP said...

@Bach neo: Despite David's stamp of approval, I actually prefer the Eclipse Literal trailer spoof - fade to...(fade) :D

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