"Eclipse" Spoiler Post

"Eclipse" Spoiler Post

Here's you're post for today. You can talk to your hearts content about "Eclipse" here.
And seeing as threatening you with Angry Rob seems more of a treat rather than a punishment I said I'd be nice and give you a wallpaper today :-P

Thanks to the lovely Doris at "Dreams Of Robert" for making this!

It's resized to fit the screen so just right click and save and it eill save to full size.



Lupi said...

I hate Bella´s wig!!! it looks different in every scene, just horrible!
but Edward is gorgeous, I love when he smiles, and he smiles a lot in this movieeeeeeeeee!
I think it´s better than new moon!

Haystackhair said...

I swear I didn't see anything but Edward. I'm going again today. SQUEEE! Need to see it several times to process anything but Edward's beauty.

Dessert First said...

A leghitch wallpaper :0

I am going to see it again tonight -
I have had Fierceward withdrawls ALL week!!


Carole UK said...

My god, I love the way his lovely long fingers are splayed over her thigh.... very sexy!

I can see I'm going to be beside myself when I come out of the cinema on Sunday night....

Then I've got to wait a whole week before I can see it again ....

dabby said...

yeah,kristen's wig is quite noticeable but she's still pretty and didn't affect the story anyway.had seen the movie on the opening day,can't wait for the release of the dvd.lol!

HeneciaD said...

god this walpaper THUD

@dessert seeing eclipse again sounds great

hollyhock said...

Too much Jacob and not enough Edward but way better than New Moon. I love Charlie; he steals every scene he's in. I was disappointed in the graduation party; we didn't get to see Bella's friends wonder over the house or Alice's amazing party planning skills.

HeneciaD said...

and after yestarday I realized one thing some sentences on the movie were exacly the same with the book

Carole UK said...
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caki said...

The movie is fabulous! Better make-ups, better si-ci, better acting. Everything is perfect apart from Bella's wig and Bella's eyebrow make-up. They seemed very fake. Si-ci wolves were even more authentic than the wig and the eyebrow.

- Me - said...

Hope cute was it when Edward was playing Clair de Lune when Bella came to stay! I though that was a really sweet touch.

laphipps said...

i LOVE this movie... i saw it wednesday and i'm going back on saturday to see it with my sister...and then probably again next wk to see it with some work friends....and probably once after for good measure!

Good things:

LEG HITCH, tent scene, vamps/wolves chasing victoria, edward's unbuttoned shirt, edward and carlisle's practice fight, "what damn army?", alice/jasper love, flashbacks, etc...... haha i'll stop here, but there are many more!!! :)

Pattinson_Lover_2010 said...
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Pattinson_Lover_2010 said...

OMG, love this movie!! I can't get enough of Robward - I have seen it 3 times already, going back tonight after work, and then again Sat, Sun and Mon - SQUUEEEE!!

Good things:

LEG HITCH - although too fast for my taste!
Charlie and Bella's "talk" - so much of Kristen is in that scene, thumbs up.
Edward and Carlisle's practice fight - HOTNESS!! FIERCE!!
Edward and Victoria's showdown - loved the looks he gave!
The proposal scene - **tear** so sweet!!
The meadow - OMG - heart stopped when he was moving her hair to kiss her neck!

I can honestly go on and on - great job everyone - so looking forward to Breaking Dawn.

Dessert First said...

I will have a tissue ready tonight for the proposal scene...
Totaly lost it in the Nokia and I was blubbing like a baby.

woms said...

@Dess Im going again tonight too! IMAX babay!!
I have to see it again and again..
I love these two in the movie and in RL!

twmmy said...

@ hollyhock, I agree. I saw it three times, and after the first I had a feeling, that something is not in order. And ,yes after the third time it revealed. There is too much for Bella and Jacob connections and feelings. And Edward just a boy in love, and a little whinny. Ok, he has a little fierce after the first kissing, but.. not enough problem-definitions for Edward in the film.
So, in this film Edward is a supporting character... as SM wished it.
By the way, Rob made a very-very loveable and beautiful Edward. And I can say, I will see this film only for ROB again, and again, as what I did with the first two.

Ripley said...

Getting ready to go see it again. I am impressed with DS but still wonder why Summit brought in their film editor. Just little things like this I hope to find out. Rob's Edward just melted me. I must remember to pay attention to the rest of the cast.....(probably won't)

PrettyBrownEyes said...

loved the movie
rosalie & jasper's back story
billy burke having the 'talk' with kristen
the fight scenes
the proposal the opening scene where her and Edward are in the meadow and she's trying to read but he is distracting her pushing her hair out of the way so he can kiss her neck ! [sigh] when Edward was so possessive and angry he was so sexy the way they did the close-ups of his eyes was great. There was a lot of Jacob in the movie but I've already prepared myself to get used to it because half of BD is told in his point of view. Overall the movie was great I just didnt like how the scenes were so fast the movie just seemed so rushed && I wished they would have included when Bella had a flash of what her life would be like if she chose Jacob. I'm glad BD is going to be two movies that way they wont have to cut out as much and they can really do it right.

acullengirl said...

Leg Hitch wallpaper yummy
went last night with the hubs and going again today with some friends
I watched the kiss between Jacob and Bella closely this time and even though it goes on forever and I wanted to vommit in my mouth I noticed her reaction is like wow I just kissed my best friend and that was awkward, when she kisses Edward you can tell how effected she is by his kisses, maybe it's just me but that IMO.

Lolli said...

- loved the movie
- really loved Rob - heart stopping beautiful

....the leg hitch -didn't really happen for me. Yea, his hand was on her thigh but that was nothing to the book leg hitch - I mean he didn't hitch her leg up over his waist - then roll on his back so she is straddling him - pull up her head to kiss her neck - then roll over on top of her - none of that was in the film and I think it should have been and I think it could have been done PG rated

Pattinson_Lover_2010 said...


OMG - The visuals I got with that last statement you wrote - OMFG, wished that scene was in there!!



Need more visuals!!

~~ROBsessedtotheMAX~~ said...

Ok girls you want more visual... take the remember me bedroom scene and insert bella instead of ally and just imagine horny Rob :O REMEMBER MEEEEE ROB ALL HORNEY ALL WET IN A DISGUSTING SHOWER!!! Lol

Brooke Moss said...

Am I going to get eaten alive by announcing that Eclipse wasn't my favorite of the three movies? I prefer New Moon, only because it was more visually beautiful. Eclipse was too choppy, and even shaky in places, though I am sure that is just David Slades style. I just didn't like it as much as NM.

Here are the parts I hated:
1.) The Vampire makeup was great everywhere except their hands. Did anybody else notice their hands?? It looked cakey and fake and awful! And there were alot of hand shots in Eclipse.
2.) I feel like Taylor Lautner can only offer one look: furrowed brow. Furrowed brow mad. Furrowed brow happy. Furrowed brow hurt. Too boring for me. And i will say it again...he's too short!! Jacob is supposed to be pushing 7 feet, and he's nowhere near 6!
3.) The wig person on this film needs to be fired. In a big way. Carlisles hair was bordering on a bouffant, Jaspers looked like a golden girl, Esme's was now gothic black, Rosalie looked good, but dont even get me started on Victorias...it didn't even move. And Bella? *SIGH* She was so gorgeous in this movie, but you could practically see the gum paste around her hairline.
4.) The scenes were very choppy. There was no rise and fall of anticipation. It went from scene to scene without lulls. Again, that may just be David Slades style, and I just might not be a fan. But whatever...
5.) I think the graduation speech sucked. I'm sorry. I loved how happy Charlie looked in the scene, but so help me when Jessica spoke, it seemed so stupid. But maybe the speech at my graduation was dumb, too. I dont remember...it was like 15 years ago, and I'm old.
6.) There was no sleepover while Edward hunted.

Things I LOVED:
1.) I love love loved every EDward scene. His rage was incredible in the snowy mountain scene. His joy was FABULOUS in the proposal scene. He was multifaceted in this movie, which is a departure from the other 2 movies. I absolutely loved it. And not just because Rob is my boyfriend.
2.) Kristens acting gets better and better with each movie. She, like Bella, grows up with each subsequent story, and I admire her for it.
3.) The costumes were much better in this one. I loved them all!!
4.) Jaspers accent made me wiggly. I loved it.
5.) Jasper and Rosalies backstories were done well. I wish there had been more.
6.) I love how the WHOLE Cullen family had roles and lines in this one.
7.) I loved the views of the Cullen house...I am starting to believe in that house for BD, though I stand behind the opinion that they screwed up by picking that house in the first movie. We'll see....
8.) The proposal scene absolutely warmed my heart. The joy in Robwards face when she said yes was wonderful, and I loved it.
9.) I loved seeing Edward and Bella actually make out. Those closed mouth kisses were really starting to piss me off. I wanted more.
10.) The tent scene was great. I thought I was going to hate it, because I LOVED it in the book and I am always let down by translations from book to screen, but I loved it.
11.) The Quileutte flashbacks were great. And necessary. Loved them.
12.) The cute banter between Edward and Bella was great. Made them seem like a real couple. I loved it!

All in all, it was a good movie. I think I just preferred the cinematography of NM over Eclipse, but it was still great. Everyone has a fave, and this one isn't mine. But it was still good. I can't wait for BD 1 & 2!!

Brooke Moss said...
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Brooke Moss said...
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LM said...

I went last night with my friend who has been team Jacob. At the end she turned to me and said "You know, Edward looks so tender in this one I think I may switch over to team Edward." I laughed. "I'm team ROB no matter what role he's playing." We are going again. Our husbands will have to have another guys night out.


I agree with a lot of your comments. New Moon was visually more pleasing for sure. Eclipse is more a "movie" movie is you know what I mean. I think my sons will like this one better than the other two. More action, darker, faster pace. But lots of softer romance too. Rob looks wonderful, not so much lipstick and paste. Peter's hair looked like it was sprayed on. Noticed they added some from the "Short Second Life of Bree Tanner" too.

xoRobxo said...

"absolutely loved it. And not just because Rob is my boyfriend"

Ok.. you made me laugh out loud...cute

I'm off in a few to see it for the first time...hope I'm not (too) disapointed..

PrettyBrownEyes said...

@sarah bear
ITA with you about the wigs and the choppy scenes
New Moon and Twilight just flowed really perfectly.
I thought that Bryce Dallas Howard [Victoria] kept her natural hair for the movie I dont think that was a wig but maybe it was idk.

Brooke Moss said...

Oh, and a few more thoughts: (Yes, I realize you're all sick of hearing from me...however, I will continue...)

1.) When they included so many shots of little Bree Tanner, why did they not let her speak at the end, just like she did at the end of the books? (Short life, etc, and Eclipse) they cut out her whole speech about how her throat burned and how badly she wanted to drink Bella. I was sad they cut that out.
2.) I thought the extra Volturi scenes in Seattle were unecessary. I know I am going to get a ration of sh** for that, but I didn't like them. I felt like they were an excuse to put Dakota Fanning in Eclipse more. Blah. Who cares.
3.) The scene in the woods where the Cullens are chasing Victoria with the wolves was grand! I love love loved it!!
4.) I was irritated that they left Rosalies desire to have a baby out. I think that is incredibly important to hers and Bellas connection in BD, and was sort of irritated that they cut that part out.
5.) Loved the sex talk scene. I agree with everyone else on this post, that Charlie steals every scene he is in!!
6.) I am an avid Bryce Dallas Howard fan, and it PAINS me to say this, but....she didn't impress me as Victoria. I think her voice was too innocent and light for Victoria, and Rachelle LaFevre sounded deeper and more condescending. I think Bryce could have done a much better job. But I still dig her.
7.) I say this every time one of these movies comes out: Why does Peter Facinelli speak in that stupid Carlisle voice? He sounds moronic.
8.) I wish they would have shown more tension btwn Bella and Jessica, but I loved seeing the Cullens and the high school gang all becoming friends.
9.) Rob asking Bella to stay in his Volvo after they got back from Florida was cute to the max.
10.) Seriously....angry Edward, and Edward with the tousled hair while training with Jasper was almost to hot to watch quietly. It damn near made me stand up and applaud.

Ok, thats enough for now...I will shut up. :)

xoRobxo said...

Sara...i like reading your review. I haven't seen it yet...will tonight..but I alreasy agree with everthing you said.

ROBsessed89_MIAwithROB said...

i loved the kissing scenes with ROB ***sighs*** and umm...THE WHOLE MOVIE lol...im going to watch in again =))

PrettyBrownEyes said...

once again you have me over here
laughing out loud
I agree Rachelle was much more menacing and convincing.
I think that Bella and Rosalie will finally make that connection in BD when she gets pregnant
hopefully this time it gets captured on screen better.

Brooke Moss said...

Glad you guys like my running commentary...

My friends call me a movie snob, because I pick movies apart like this. I don't mean to, I just do. :)

ROBIN C. said...

Honestly I really need to watch it again (and again and again) because, as always happen to me at the first view of each Rob's movie, ... my brain stops working leaving me without any normal cognitive process. No activity at all, just a totally horny sensation!!!
Said that ... I think that in this movie he was astonishing, even if I think that my favourite movie of the serie will always be Twilight .. was like a revelation, an enlightening disclosure ...

I love this one for the many many close up (I Know it's a stupid reason but I can't help myself...), I agree with the critic about "choppy scenes", I loved the bed scene and the meadow ... and all in all I loved this movie a lot, and for sure a lot more than NM. NM was not bad and I adore CW, but for some reasons I found it too cold, I don't know why, I didn't get the acting in there ...

So in the end ...
1st: twilight
2nd: eclipse
3rd: New moon

Good night!

Elaine said...

My favourite scene is the proposal scene.

I was absolutely floored by the golden orange tint to Edward's happy eyes as he proposed and Bella said yes.

I MUST have a still photo of Rob in this scene. Anyone know where to get one? Robert was simply beautiful, just so far past handsome, he was gorgeous.

It will take me a WHILE to get over that! OMG, I was shaking when it was all over! LOL

I went opening day, to the 1:00 pm and the 4:00 pm shows. Front row for the second.

I am a fanatic. I can not get enough Robert Pattinson. I need intervention! :-) NOT!!!

Christine said...

All I can say is I freaking LOVED this movie!! Was I the only one who teared up at the end? The music and the little cute scene got to me! haha

Oh and the steamy kissing scene was HOT! The leg hitch was perfect! Kristen's so lucky! ;P lol

ShariG said...

Well I saw Eclipse for the third time in as many days last night. Midnight Wednesday, Wednesday afternoon, and Thursday night. I like it better each time I see it. I love Rob in it every time. I missed some of the excellent Edward/Bella dialogue that was cut from the movie and I missed some of the wonderful Edward/Bella scenes that didn't make the movie either. Tired of the big build up in the music swelling when Jacob first appears and in the Jacob/Bella scenes. To me the movies are all about Edward and/or Edward and Bella. But if you don't look at the dialogue to carefully, most of it is very well done. The only part now that I really take issue with is pretty much the last scene. It is beautiful, don't get me wrong, and Rob looks absolutely stunning. But I hate that Bella says that it isn't a choice between Edward and Jacob but rather between who she is and who she should be. She makes it sound like being a vampire is more important to her than Rob and the book made a particular point that that was not the case. In fact in the book she says, "You know I can't live without you....You may be brave enough or storng enough to live without me, if that's what's best, But I could never be that self sacrificing. I have to be with you. It's the only way I can live." Now where was that dialogue in Eclipse??? I missed that declaration of love from Bella to Edward. In the meadow she says, "At least my mom and dad and my friends will know the best part of my choice, the most I'm allowed to tell them. They'll know I chose you, and they'll know we're together. They'll know I"m happy, wherever I am. I think that's the best I can do for them." Where were these lines in the movie? I missed them.

papagáj said...

I've seen three times so far
i like:
(in random order)

Riley's entry and soundtrack in it
angry and fierce Edward
virginity talk - i can see much K.Stewart in it
Edward's smile in each scene
Rosalie's backstory
Rosalie's wig
light in proposal scene
Edward in tent scene
first meadow scene

I don't like:
(in random order)

wolves CGIs
Cullen's speed Chris's vision in new moon was better IMO
Jacob/Bella kiss
Volturi in Seattle
Victoria's portrait by Bryce Dallas Howard -her voice was so wrong
all the choppy scenes
leg hitch - not enough steamy :DDD
contact lenses
heavy and flat makeup
Edward's sideburns

prc said...

I saw it once. Some scenes didn't do it enough for me. Go back and read when Bella come to spend the night how Edward greeted her & the entire bedroom scene. My fav scene when Bella came back from kissing Jacob& wanted Edward to forgive her. Oh I cried reading that part. I felt nothing wathing that. So I had to go back and check again.
(these books for me are all about Edward and Bella)for two movies now New Moon and Eclipse it's more about Jacob & Bella than Edward and Bella. In New Moon Weitz had Edward walking around like a Zombie. there was Zero chemistry between the leads. In Eclipse he looks like a possessive & insecure boy in love while Jacob look confident and brave and sexy. Will I ever get a director to give me the REAL Edward. The ONE IN THE BOOKS? Hardwicke didn't give me the real Edward, but her Edward is the more confident & best looking of the three. It also has the best tension and chemistry. It seems to me the more money Scummit make the worst Edward's hair and make up got.

Eclipse was better in terms of action, pace, storyline, but on E/B they missed it also.

ShariG said...

prc, I am so glad to read your comments because I was feeling kind of alone out here. I fell in love with Rob on Twilight. I had not seen or heard of him before. I also fell in love with Twilight because of Rob. Saw the movie first. I've read all of the books and it is really at its heart all about Bella and Edward and their love. The moview made Jacob way too important. They did it again in Eclipse. They cut many of the great Edward moments that made us love him in the books. The original Twilight movie was the only one that really portrayed Edward right. This is not Rob's fault. He was fantastic and since Twilight I have purchased and watched multiple times every other movie he has been in have tried to see every interview and read every magazine article. His talent is limitless. But he does depend on screen writing and directing that does his role justice. I don't think Melissa and Mr. Slade did that great of a job with his part. However, that having been said, I love every Edward and/or Edward/Bella moment in the film. There just are not enough of them and some great ones omitted. I agree the scene after she kisses Jacob is truncated and much of the beauty of Edward's loving and forgiving nature is omitted. I also missed the first sleep over when Edward is hunting and comes home early and they have that make out session on the new bed. They rolled that into the sleep over the night before the battle and left out most of the dialogue from both. More Edward, more Rob is always better.

Ripley said...

Just saw the movie again and I agree with everyone's comments about needing more Edward, less Jake, better hair, etc.... Considering there was sooo much to this book/movie some things had to get shortened and I wished for more E & B scenes. J & B scenes were too long. One last thing. When the Cullens are buring the newborns isn't the flame described in the book as purple in color?

Monique said...

"Sigh" Just got back from seeing Eclipse. Robert/Edward was perfection. Kristen/Bella near perfection...only her silliness with Jacob spoil it. Her wig wasn't that bad! KS has such a pretty face.

Billy/Charlie's scene was perfect. The Cullens fit so well into every scene. The human was great too. The fight scenes was epic... really good. I also really like Bella speech at the end. DS are to be commended for the meadow scenes... they were excellent!!!!! Did I say Robert was great? The make-up, the colour, the acting... he was great.

I still don't like Jacob... I was a bit bored with all the TL shirtless scene.

That's all I can think of right now. I am still processing how great Robert looks in this movie.

I can't wait for Breaking Dawn.

Oh! I really like the Wolves... very realistic. I like Seth too.
Thank goodness they didn't stay long with the Victoria/Riley holding on to Edward... which was absolutely rediculus... since he does read mind... I guess they had to have Bella do something with the cutting of the arm like in the book. Bah!!!

Rominiwi said...

I'm saw it 4 hours ago and i'm still dazzled. Eclipse Robward was beyond perfection.
I really thought their perfomances improved a lot... Oh Jasper.
I'm def going again.

Monique said...

@Sarah, Bear, your post at 1:55... discribing TL acting... that made me LOL.

That plus the shirtless scene... boring for me.

staceybuckleyuk said...

Ok I literally have just finished watching the film and I may have peed my pants just a little from all the excitement!!!

Firstly I have to say OMFG what a legendary film.

I'm completely knackered from from watching it, theres so much going on, its so dam fast.

It has everything, romance, Rob, violence, Rob, great storyline, Rob, humor, Rob, lust, Rob, happiness, Rob, sadness, Kristen looking beautiful,oh and maybe a bit more god dam gorgeous ROB!!!!!!!

What a film, I love all of Robs bits, his hair, clothes, acting, his smile....oh that smile.

Hes is so dam perfect for this role and as for Fierceward.........god dam you boy, you so mighty fine!!!!

I thought David stayed very true to the film throughout, theres a few bits and bobs that were left out but hey its gotta be hard to get everything in 2hrs, I think he did pretty well.

Def think you need to see this film a few times to digest everything as its all done at such a fast pace.......and for obvious reasons such as my Robsession too!!!!!

Just one thing left to do after watching the film and thats ....................................................................................ONE.....................................................................LARGE.............................................................T.....H.....U.....D.......................................................Thankyou Mr Pattinson.......

Marna said...

I just got back from my 2nd viewing, so of course I have more thoughts :-) In no particular order:

1. Edward smiles move in this movie than Twilight & NM combined, & every time I melted. Saw it in IMAX, so it was HUGE.

2. Really random thought, you can see every poor & imperfection on someone's face in IMAX. No wonder actors get all that plastic surgery, I would be totally paranoid if you could see me that big & detailed.

3. Paid a little more attention to the music this time, I like it a lot more listening during the movie, than listening to it on the soundtrack.

4. They seriously couldn't get a better wig for Bella?

5. The very first scene where Edward tries to distract Bella by kissing her neck? UHHHHHHHHHH

6. SM must have written Bree Tanner a while ago, because you can see it in the movie. Too bad she didn't write it before Eclipse, because Bree would have been perfect for Jacob to imprint on. I liked that they gave Esme some of Edward's line from the book. Her part needed beefing up.

7. All the clothes looked right this time, none of that NM Amish crap.

8. During the party, Alice's hair finally looked more like it's described. Except for the scene in Twilight when Bella comes to the house for the first time, Alice's hair has been wrong, wrong, wrong.

This is all I can think of for now, I think next time I'll watch in a regular theater & see how they compare.

Marna said...

Also forgot to ask, did anybody see the Deathly Hallows preview before Eclipse? I heard they were showing it, but all I had was Tron Legacy, Megamind (which looks very funny for an animated film), & Inception (WANT). I was looking forward to seeing it, but I'm thinking that maybe because I saw it in IMAX they didn't have a trailer yet. A double bill of Harry Potter & Edward Cullen would make my day.

MsAshlyjudd8 said...

Ok so I finally saw Eclipse today. Over all I think it was great. I am an avid Jacob HATER, but I have to say I was surprised that he didn't bother me too much in the movie. The book he drove me crazy, the movie not so much. He was still a jerk tho.

Of course rob was perfection. What really got my attention though was Jasper. How sexy was his Southern accent as he was talking to Bella? *sigh* That man is a panty dropper lol. He looked like he was going to cry when the camera came back to his face after he killed the young boy.

There is on scene that I am surprised nobody has mentioned yet. When Bella punched Jacob, I totally burst out laughing. That had to be the worst movie effect I have ever seen. It looked like she was punching a rubber wall or something. I mean, her hand bounced off and his head didn't even move an centimeter. And then her screaming... lmao. I don't know what they were trying to do in that scene but it didn't work and it was laughable.

The end battle scenes were beautiful. Victoria's decapitated body laying on the ground looked awesome.

Best part of the movie: Edward's face when Bella said yes to his proposal. That look made me love him even more.

HeartThePretty_EvenMore said...

Totally agree that this movie must be viewed multiple times. The first time I was so 'dazzled' by the smile that all I heard was 'blah, blah, blah.' Next time I focused more on the dialogue. . .'I would court you... stolen kisses. . . will you marry me?'_____________thud__________

Next stop will be IMAX. I hope I survive . . . oh what a way to go. . .

Paula said...

Hi Everyone, how are you all doing?

I saw it at the midnight showing last night! (they are showing previews over the weekend) and then it officially opens on the 9th July 2010.

Anyhoo, back to the main reason for this post, I LOVED IT (excuse the capitals),it was everything and more, I loved the tent scene, the leg hitch!, the proposal, so much of the book remained, which was excellent!

I am going to see it again during the week :) x

PrettyBrownEyes said...

I agree that the movies should be like the original twilight where it was all about Edward and Bella & Jacob annoyed me more in the books also than he did in the movies I guess because a lot of dialogue was left out. Unfortunately for all the Robward lovers if you've already read Breaking Dawn then you already know that half of the book was told from Jake's point of view which means were going to be seeing MORE of him instead of less.

prc said...

@ShariG I'm glad to read your comment as well and I totally agree with you. The film is ok & I like some scenes, but I wouldn't say I was in love with it. Just have to wait for BD. I love Rob and have seen most of his films. My fav are Little Ashes and Remember Me. I think he's brilliant in both.

~~ROBsessedtotheMAX~~ said...

Just Came back from seeing it in IMAX I loved the movie i agree with all of you girls i need to see it many times over when i can get over Rob's beautiful perfect face, long eyelashes, dashing smile, tortured expression... IM IN LOVE>>> Is that possible?

I have to see it again all i saw was ROB i took so many pics with my cell!! I have to find a bigger IMAX screen so i can see him better! :p

~~ROBsessedtotheMAX~~ said...

@ PRC i LOVED Remember ME!!!! I saw it last night!!! That bedroom scene killed me!!!! Oh how i wish.......

Did anyone else noticed the disgusting shower In RM or was it just me?

Christine said...

Please tell me I wasn't the only person who teared up at the end! :P haha

Lucerne said...

Just came back from seeing Eclipse with a group of five female friends, and it was two plus enjoyable hours. I was very happy to see that there was so much E/B interaction, thanks to New Moon I was going through E/B withdrawal. While I agree that Jacob was too prominent, I was happy to see that the triangle that the powers that be have been pimping, was non-existent. Not once did I feel that Bella was going to leave Edward for Jacob. It was mostly Jacob pleading his case to Bella, and Jacob telling Edward how Bella felt about him (Jacob) than Bella actually exhibiting any feelings of love for Jacob. It was a fait accompli (e/g an accomplished fact), everyone, IMO, even Edward knew that Bella was not going to leave him for Jake, the only person who still needed convincing was Jacob. Jacob by the way who IMO still came across as a spoiled, manipulative, grade a Ass despite the fact they tried to white wash him to make him more sympathetic.
I didn’t like Jacob in the book and I didn’t like him on the screen. I felt nothing for Jacob as he laid in bed glistening, and wrapped like a mummy as he made one final plea for Bella’s fair hand. LOL. Sorry, I just wanted to shout, shut the f*ck up already as he gave his speech. By the way, THANK YOU to the power that be for cutting out the scene from the book of Bella having flashes of her life with Jacob and his pups, and the scene of her crying in Edward’s arms about hurting Jacob. THANK YOU. I was not looking forward to seeing those scenes played out on screen.

P.S. I was so happy that we were in a theater of moviegoers who sat through the movie, laughed at the appropriated parts, and respected their fellow moviegoers. After reading some posts on line about obnoxious fans who screamed and hollered every time Taylor flexed a muscle, I was dreading going to the theater. Thank heaven our theater was devoid of these fanatics. I am going again Saturday with some family members (including the men) and some more friends, I hope we luck out and get a similar crowd.

Lucerne said...
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Lucerne said...
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xoRobxo said...

@MSAshlyJudd~The scene where Bella punched Jacob was surpose to look like that...It was how it was in the book. He says in the book, the only way he know she was trying to punch him was because she started screaming.

LadyK said...

I saw it at midnight last night in the UK and I swear they put me in the 'Team Jacob' screen as every time Taylor appeared there was screaming, clapping, whooping. It was honestly rediculous. And none of that for Edward. When I saw New Moon at Midnight there was a cheer the first time Edward came on and a cheer the first time Taylor came on which seemed fair but this time I could have killed whoever put me in that room!
Anyway onto the film, I loved how happy Edward was in this one, he smiled so much, which was a nice change from the previous 2. I liked that they did keep it close to the book. I was SO unbelievably happy that Rosalie and Jaspers backstory's were in there as I wasn't sure they'd make the cut. Jasper and Alice's scenes were so touching and I loved that Bella was embarressed when they kissed in front of her. I loved Charlie, but then I always do. I didn't mind the wigs (and I didn't think Kristen's was as bad as everyone made out beforehand) but I did hate Esme's hair? What had they done? She looked like she was wearing an Elvis wig?? I liked that all of the Cullens had much more to do in this one.
I'm sure there's more but it will have to wait until I've seen it again. On the whole I liked it much more than New Moon and probably only a little less than Twilight.

Lexxi* said...
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Lexxi* said...

I had the same problem! I went to the Twilight/New Moon double bill and the Midnight screening at London WestEnd and everyone clapped and cheered for Jacob! Some women behind me could not help but comment every time a hair on his head would move!

Funny part was when Edward drops Bella off with Jacob (shirtless of course) and everyone squee with wild abandonment at his chest (which lost muscle definition btw) but when Edward said "Doesn't he own a shirt" many people laughed and clapped at the comment.

Was enjoyable! I will watch it again at the Imax.
This film was great, better than the previous two!

Robiscool said...

Hi ladies, my favorite scene (and the scene I've most been looking forward to in the entire series) is the proposal. I could not believe it, but I cried.

It was very beautiful and was worth the wait!

The opening meadow scene was pretty cool as well.

The tent scene was also fab.

I also enjoyed Jasper's training of the vamps and wolves to get ready for battle.

It was very nice to see Robward so prominently featured. I missed him so much in New Moon!

I am def. going to see this again!

i_luv_robert's_personality said...

• I was a little disappointed because the movie made it look as though Bella was not absolutely, unconditionally in love with Edward and that she was more in love with Jacob but chose to go with Edward instead so she can become a vampire. Maybe it was Kristen's acting.

In the book, you get a beautiful love story about soulmates and this feeling was left out in the movie. I didn't like the way Bella treated Edward in the movie and she showed no emotional love for him. I didn't like Bella's dialogue at the end. Again, that dialogue took away from the love story.

I don't think the screenwriter and the director really didn't understood the unconditional love between Edward and Bella in the book. To me, the movie seemed very pro Jacob or again, maybe it was Kristen's acting that made it appear that way.

Brooke Moss said...

I agree with that last comment...

There was too much of a focus on Bella loving Jacob. They didn't touch on the fact that she DID love Jacob, but that her soul mate was Edward. That wasn't presented clearly in Eclipse.

Brooke Moss said...

I think another problem I had with Eclipse (and if you dont fully understand my feelings on the movie, check out my bazillion comments above)...

Unless you've read the book (which most of us have, though not everyone who goes to these movies has) you won't understand the complexity of Bella and Edwards connection. They didn't make it clear enough, and they did a great job telling the story, but they didn't make the B/E connection remotely as clear as SM did in the book. That frustrates me.

Shanea said...

Just went to see Eclipse today, and have to say I got out of the movie theater with a little mixed feelings.. I mean, Robert was great (as always) but I think they made too many changes to the storyline, which I didn't feel truly comfortable with... That might have a lot to do with the fact that I've read the books way too many times, I don't know.. But still, a truly great movie! (Have to say, I hated Bellas wig, didn't look natural at all...)

prc said...

"In the book, you get a beautiful love story about soulmates and this feeling was left out in the movie. I didn't like the way Bella treated Edward in the movie and she showed no emotional love for him. I didn't like Bella's dialogue at the end. Again, that dialogue took away from the love story.

I don't think the screenwriter and the director really didn't understood the unconditional love between Edward and Bella in the book. To me, the movie seemed very pro Jacob"

Couldn't have said it better myself.

prc said...

@Totally. I did notice the nasty bathroom. I used to live in Brooklyn. You'd be surprized how common those bathrooms are in many of those buildings.

The bedroom scenes is so steamy, and the morning after scenes So Sweet. My fav! the Wall sex. I still want those sex scenes Rob said Scummit deleted. (You can tell the reunion sex scenes was chopped off and it took away from the film.) It's too bad this film had to be done by a studio with a conflict of interest and boy did it show in their half ass promotion of it.

LadyK said...

@Lexxi* I didn't even hear Edward say "Doesn't he own a shirt" as it was so loud with the screaming for Taylor being shirtless! Heard it second time though and LMAO! ;0) Saw it again yesterday in a much more 'Edward friendly' screen and again today. I really do love it. I think the only thing I would change is the dialogue at the end as I agree that it does come across as if Bella cares more about being a vampire than she does about being with Edward forever which in the books is the whole reason for her wanting to be a vampire. When Edward says "so it's not because of me then?" (or whatever the line is) she says "no, sorry, it's not" and I don't think Bella would say that as that IS the reason?
Still loved it though! And I think I fall a little bit more in love with Robward every time I see it! He's so freakin beautiful in this one it hurts!

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