Jeff Bayer Sits Down & Chats To Robert Pattinson

Jeff Bayer Sits Down & Chats To Robert Pattinson

Loving the quick questions at the end except for the fact that they cut them short! WTF Nobody cuts Rob short.



Dessert First said...

"Oh Bella blah blah blah..."
LOL typical man reaction to Twilight.
Hard to believe most people still think it's all about the tween fans.
Doesn't he know nothing??

Awww Rob, bacon and egg sandwich sounds so good right now (lunch time for me at the moment.)

Dessert First said...


AP said...

So, does she lurk or comment here? Would seem so...;)

Yeah, without doubt there were 'discussions' - but the irritation of grit often produces more

connie said...

Twilight has more older followers than you think! I am 61 and I am a huge fan! I am obsessed with Twilight! I stay on the computer reading about him daily. .. I have read all four books nine times each, watched the DVD on Twilight 110 times and watched the DVD on New Moon 74 times, and watched both movies on the big screen two times each and watch the DVD on each movie at least two to five times each week, every week plus I bought two tickets in advance to see Eclipse which I used yesterday, and I have bought all three soundtracks. I watch everything that I can. I also have bought Robsessed, The Goblet of Fire, The Airman, How to Be, and Remember Me. So Twilight is not all about teens!

MMc said...

WOW Connie - you've got me beat by a long shot, lady!! I can't believe you've spent all that time watching it. You can probably recite every line of every movie.

Since you've read the books so many times what do you think of how the movies relate to the books - which one has been the closest to the book in your opinion? You sound like you could be an authority on the subject.........the new Director of BD should contact YOU for information.

I love how Rob said he and Kristen would tell David Slade - NO - Edward wouldn't do that, Bella wouldn't do that......I wonder how many of those little arguments he won.

I've heard Rob say he likes to argue in some interview.......that seems wierd ....but if he does he probably enjoyed the little bantar with Slade.

Can't BELIEVE they cut him off at the end. He said he'd like to be Van Morrison for a day???? Was that right??? I know he likes his music but.........I thought he'd say Obama or the Queen!

So home is his favorite place in the world - and he should know cause he's seen the world already at only 24.

Connie - you are quite an authority - you should offer your services to Bill Condon, seriously.

gracefulgrace said...

Americans don't say "been" Does he mean they don't say "been or "bean"?
What do Amarican's say then?
Can someone enlighten me? :)

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