More Press Conference Pics With Robert Pattinson

More Press Conference Pics With Robert Pattinson

These pics are neverending and I like it!
I love them SO much.


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jc(britlover) said...

Holy Lord!
Hot, spicy mustard.


RTP_KJS_Lover said...

[Waving hello to JC]

So freaking hot! That's it, I'm done.

*Passes out*

laphipps said...

that last pic looks like he is demonstrating how to perform a boobie grope :)

jc(britlover) said...

@Hey, CL *waves back*
So easy passing out when it's Rob!! lol--Please pass the mustard!!!


ROBsessed89_MIAwithROB said...

Super HOT..*DEAD*


Can i get extra mustard with that PLEASE! =)

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

All I see are HANDS and FINGERS!!!

papagáj said...


same here


acullengirl said...

Every time I see these pics and everyone starts mentioning mustard my thoughts turn dirty and I start craving a Rob dog oh sorry I mean hot dog.

I can't get enough of these pics

FILRPSM!!!!!!!!!!!!! it hurts

____________ dead__________ and ________gone__________________

Cindygal said...

@ acullengirl
"Rob dog oh sorry I mean hot dog" ha ha ha ha

Nicky said...

Hi. I'm new here and I really love it! I just can't... More Hot Spicy Mustard Rob??? Kate, seriously? If you want to kill people just shoot them with a gun! =P Don't do it slowly! Killing people with Robporn may be the sweetest death, but it's definitely severe!! Well, I STILL love it!!
^v--^v--^v--^v--^v-------- *DEAD*

Anonymous said...

I always wonder what's being said to Rob to elicit such expressions in these press conference pics.

HeneciaD said...


no words for those pics

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