New/Old Pic Of Robert Pattinson On The "Remember Me " Set

New/Old Pic Of Robert Pattinson On The "Remember Me " Set




RPLover said...

oh holy crap.


Ana73 said...

RPL - i am so glad that you are on...did you FINALLY get to see you the movie????

i loved this movie and so glad that i can see it whenever i want :))

I Hope Everyone has A Great Weekend and Be Safe !!!!

RPLover said...

Ana, yes I did! bought the dvd as soon as I could-I'm going to watch it with the commentary later, still haven't done that yet. :)

MMc said...

Yeah, he has hair!!!!!

Emilie smokes TOO????

Who is the guy next to Rob?

Dessert First said...

*tapping fingers*
Is it the 26th yet?
Cannot wait to see Robler in my DVD player.

To all those in the US I hope you have a great holiday weekend.
I wish I was still there :(

HeneciaD said...


Kate said...

I'm with Dessert is it the 26th yet huh huh ??

LM said...

Will Fetters is youngish and looks like this guy, so maybe?

MMc said...

Laurie -
That's who I thought it was but after seeing him on the DVD that's not Will.

He looks sorta familiar but can't place him.

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