Robert Pattinson Would Love Betty White To Be In "Breaking Dawn"

Robert Pattinson Would Love Betty White To Be In "Breaking Dawn"

So would we. I LOVE Betty!


Betty White has hosted Saturday Night Live. She starred in one of this year's most popular Super Bowl commercials. She even got herself an MTV Movie Award nomination for her work feeling up Sandra Bullock in The Proposal. And now she's back on weekly television with TV Land's Hot in Cleveland.

So what's left for the Golden Girl to do? How about Twilight? Yup, we think director Bill Condon should cast the 88-year-old legend in Breaking Dawn.

Guess who likes our idea: Robert Pattinson!

Read on to find out what he and many of his vampire movie costars have to say about Betty in Breaking. And no, we haven't started a Facebook campaign…at least not yet.

R.Pattz didn't miss a beat when we asked him at the Eclipse premiere if he thinks White should be in BD. "Definitely," he said. "She can be the baby."

The baby he's referring to, of course, is Edward and Bella's daughter, Renesmee.

He's not the only one who thought of that. "Oh, my gosh," Kellan Lutz said. "I love Betty. I would love for them to do what they did in Benjamin Button with her and she can be Renesmee. I would change some scenes up so we could have Jacob and Emmet going for her. I want to work with her. That would be so much fun."

Elizabeth Reaser agrees. "Is there a part for her?" she asked. "I'd love for her to be in Breaking Dawn. We could all learn a lot from her."

Twilight newbie Julia Jones, who plays Leah Clearwater in Eclipse, suggested White play Bella's "great-great-grandmother in a flashback scene."

Stephenie Meyer immediately had visions of White as bloodsucker. "We have so many vampires in Breaking Dawn, surely she can fit in somewhere," Meyer said. "Wouldn't it be amazing if she was like just sitting there with a big group of the Volturi? That would be amazing."

Peter Facinelli had much bigger plans. "I think Betty White should be in…everything!" he said. "I'd put her in Breaking Dawn and then I'd like to see Betty White do an action movie in 3-D. She should be in the next Avatar."

Source EOnline (UK)


angie-k said...

LOL! Go Betty Go!

maybe she could be one of the many many witnesses at the big stand-off with the Volturi...

Cheeky Chops said...

OMG Betty as one of the vampires who come to their house=PRICELESS~!!!

Someone get on this.

not.THAT.girl said...

She could be one of the 'wives' of the volturi!

Jazz_Girl317 said...

LOLOLOLOL!!! Betty in Breaking Dawn would be downright fracking WIN!!!

Aww, Rob! You could finally work with your celebrity crush!

Un specified said...


Un specified said...

She could be the baby or Renenta

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