Robert Pattinson's "The Summer House" Included On "Love & Distrust" DVD

Robert Pattinson's "The Summer House" Included On "Love & Distrust" DVD


So I got a tweet asking me what this "Love & Distrust" DVD was since it listed Robert Pattinson as one of the actors.
It's listed on Amazon UK for Pre-order and after a little bit of digging around I'm pretty sure it's "The Summer House" or more like "The Summer House" is included in it.

The British Video Association says "Love and Distrust" is "A trio of short films focusing on the love lives of a group of beautiful but troubled 20-somethings. Robert Pattinson, Sam Worthington, Robert Downey Jr and Amy Adams star."

I'm putting two and two together and coming up with "The Summer House". What else could it be? Anyway I just said I'd give the heads up for those of you that might want it on DVD and a little reminder that it's available on iTunes On Tuesday! I'm SO excited.

You can pre-order the DVD on Amazon UK HERE the release date is August 16th

Thanks To Maria for the heads up


Kimmie said...

Will it be available to get it on iTunes in the US?

Kate said...

Yeap it's available on itunes tuesday for most countries
See here
I'm SO excited

Kimmie said...

Thank you Kate :)

Im excited too!! I been wanting to watch this since I seen all of rob's indie films as you can say.

HeneciaD said...

@kate hope in here too cant wait

Dessert First said...

Thanks Kate, I was WTF all day yesterday thinking I may have been in a coma for six months as I have never heard of a film called Love And Distrust staring Rob!!

iTunes and a DVD of The Summer House -- double Rob bonus :))

maria_Cy86 said...

@dessertFirst i know i felt the same way thats why i thought to twitter kate and ask. I knew she was the right person to ask :P xxx I just dont wanna miss a thing out of Rob (robssesed!!!)

LM said...

Hjelp!!! [ooops, I'm in the US not Norway] This is Tuesday and I can't find The Summer House on iTunes. What am I doing wrong?

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