Today's "Eclipse" Spoiler Post & A Gorgeous Wallpaper

Today's "Eclipse" Spoiler Post & A Gorgeous Wallpaper

Here's your spoiler post for today. Please keep an comments about "Eclipse" in this post only!

And here's another yummy wallpaper made by the lovely Doris from "Dreams of Robert"

It's resized to fit the screen so just right click and save and it will save to full size.



Unknown said...

When Rob says 'Believe me i want to' Bedroom scene! Love it <3

Dessert First said...

A real shame they didn't include the part of the book when Edward gives in but Bella changes her mind and wants to marry first!

I was screaming at my Eclipse book --- WTF BELLA!! GO FOT IT!!

PrettyBrownEyes said...

YEAH I think on premiere night the whole audience in the theater I was in
screamed when he said that

PrettyBrownEyes said...

I was looking forward to that part too but oh well gotta give them credit for including all that they did in a two hour movie.

HeneciaD said...

@dessert I would be defending my idea at first if I were bella too but I would take a step back as Edward wants to keep one rule unbroken

Spunky's said...

I am really enjoying the short cut!!

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

Believe me, I want to.....oh god, DED!

This movie to me is the closest to the book and is so amazing...

Going for #7 today!!!

vafla89 said...

I watched the movie on Friday but I didn't have to leave a comment until now!

OMG Eclipse is definitely the best one so far!!! At first I was worried about David Slade but he is the man!!

Unfortunately the cinema was full of teenagers who totally ruined the proposal scene 'cause they couldn't shut up and stop laughing while Edward was describing what he would do back in his time.

There are some things I didn't like, though, and I wish MR had stayed true to the book.. The most important for me are:
1) Bella leaving Edward at school
2) Bella keep telling Edward "don't do this" after the first B/J kiss (seriously?!? where is calm Edward and angry Bella here??)
3) Bella's reaction after the second B/J kiss. EPIC FAIL.
4) I didn't feel Bella's 'irrevocable and unconditional' love. And IMO it wasn't Kristen's fault, I believe her acting was way better in this movie.

Anyway, I absolutely loved the movie!!
Oh and the sountrack! All the songs are great and they were perfectly used! I can't stop listening to 'chop and change' (what a powerful beginning!) and to 'jacob's theme'!

Spunky's said...

I am really enjoying the short cut!!

vafla89 said...

*I didn't have time

Nancy said...

Finally saw it today with 3 others. We all LOVED it.

I really loved this movie more than the book. The scenes were embellished so much, the Cullens attitude was, thanks to David Slade, "Don't mess with us!"

There were so many changes but it still kept with the theme of Eclipse, I thought. Melissa and Stephenie did a wonderful collaboration on this one, just like the last one. Like movie better than that book too.

All main points were hit and loved the new take that was implied by the story. Like the Volturi wanting the newborns to kill the Cullens and Bella saving Edward by the "third wife" story by bleeding. Loved that better than Seth faking for the fight scene they had. And Bella not fainting when she met the Volturi. Much stronger tale, I thought.

Rob's acting, impeccable, as always. Did enjoy Bryce, which surprised me, since I enjoyed Rachelle.

Loved all the acting, it was very well done. Very pleased and can't wait to own my DVD version.

Thank you Summit and CAST. Great Job.

Jazz_Girl317 said...

How does JG and her boys kick start celebrating the 4th. With Eclipsey fireworks!!

Every time I see this movie, every part of it that I love just gets better and better. The proposal...the tent scene... the Cullens... all of it.

twmmy said...

thanks DessertFirst for the yesterday's answer. I'll ask somebody to buy me that dvd. may i ask wich issue have you ?

twmmy said...

I'm curious what was the part when Rob said, Edward never do this. Maybe the whinning in the first meadow scene repeating merry me ?

xoRobxo said...

I seen it on Friday night and plan to go again. I enjoyed it, but can't help feeling alittle disapointed as I have with all the movies. I guess it's because I loved the books.. and wanted them to be exactly as the books, even though I do know thats not how adaptations work...

Things I really loved:
*Cullens and Wolf pack chasing Victoria
*The training for the fight
*The fight and the end, but the newborns looked funny to me..not sure how they should look but the one girl had a beret
*Jasper and his back story.loved
*Rosalie..thought she looked the part this time
*Emmett..looked good
*Tent scene, but wish it was longer

Things I didn't like:
*New Victoria..I really like BDH and but I thought RL was perfect mix of beautiful and scary. Plus its just strange when there is a new actor playing a estabished part. Epic fail on Summits part.
*Not seeing Bree claw at the ground and lust for Bellas blood, while Bella looks at Bree and invisions that being her once she is turned.Seems to me it would have be just as easy to include as to not include it.
*After Bella punched Jacob...should have been like the book. Edwards words calming but menacing. The dialog.."bringing her back in less than perfect condition" "you will be running around on 3 legs mongrel." "Thats about right pup". UGH whats wrong with you Mellisa Rosenbrg??

Random things I thought would have made it better..for me anyways:)

*Explanation from Edward about the heart charm he put on the bracelet.
* Bella not leaving Edward to ride off with
*would have like to hear the space heater comment in the tent scene
*rosalie explaining her wanting a baby..ties in very much with BD
*Bella not cutting herself and Edward being subdued... would have like to see it like the book where edward thought bella was scared of him
*jacob getting a wedding invite
*edward buying a motorcycle and telling bella she looks hot in the helment

And just the general comments about how kristen seemed to have more of connection with jake. I always thought she was all wrong for bella and that has not changed...oh well at least I have books. My SIL's have only seen the movies..they loved them.. I feel like the have no idea until they read the books... I keep telling them to read the books.

xoRobxo said...
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xoRobxo said...
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xoRobxo said...
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xoRobxo said...
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xoRobxo said...
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Spunky's said...

I think Eclipse was far better than New Moon.

I liked
the telling of Rosalie, Quillettes, and Jasper's story
I liked the union with the vampires and werewolves
I liked the fight scene
I loved how Edward kills Victoria
I loved the humor

My dislikes

I got tired of Bella's back and forth between Edward and Jacob. It just didn't play out too well in the movie

I know its the story, but I wanted a less "blinded by love and willing to put up with crap Edward"

I only had problem with one person's acting.

Final Thoughts..
Although I grew tired of the love triangle I do believe Twilight should be viewed as a feminist work of literature. Everyone sees it as a book about being chaste, but I think its appeal is its feminism.

A plain female is able to attract two alpha males. This goes against the usual storyline. The men are more powerful, wealthier, and desirable. It is also the men's looks that are highlighted. The pretty vampire and often topless warewolf.

The men are also catty towards each other, much like women who fight over men. Basically, Stephanie Meyer has managed to write a story where the roles are switched. This view of the book is more significant to me.

Teamsam said...

Dunno if this has already been posted:

It's a 2 hours italian special marathon about the 3 TWI-saga movies.

Enjoy hot Rob in Rome :)

dina said...

Thank God there are ppl that liked the movie. I though that some parts were so much stronger than the book itself and this book is still my favorite.
I really liked the campfire and how the third wife's story was told.
I was tremendously happy that Bella didn't cry a river in Edward's arms which I have always found ridiculous.
One of my best is E/B at her bed, I missed his words from the book but "you will always be my Bella " did fine for me.

Spunky's said...


I agree with much of what you said. I also feel that summit is working hard to downplay Edward and uplift Jacob. I think this is a trend since New Moon.

Jacob just seemed to be portrayed as tougher and Edward as all soft and sensitive. I didn't read him that way. It just felt like Edward had no smart ass comeback to Jacob's often disrespectful "I'm hotter than you"

Dessert First said...

I have the two disc UK version.

Yes overall a good adapatation of the book. So glad they kept the "stop trying to take your clothes off" lines...

dina said...

Have you ever thought that Jake came across more like-able because of Taylor's way of playing him and Edward more sensitive because of Rob's way of playing him. I was thinking about this a lot.Rob's Edward is more sensitive because of Rob and Taylor's Jake is less annoying because of who Taylor is. I don't know if I make any sense.

xoRobxo said...

uhm...ok I posted once and like my comment came up 6 times...whats up with that???

Oh... I forgot to add that I liked Xavior... thought he made a good Riley

~~ROBsessedtotheMAX~~ said...

I agree with what some of you say... i think they are trying to beef up Jacob's role to make more money out of the Rivalry between team Jacob and Team edward so that the team Jacob people feel that he might have a chance when all of us know that there has never been a chance for Jacob to get Bella!

They are exploiting Taylor's body for all the hormonal teenagers and the hormonal cougars that like the fresh meat! lol (I'm neither a teenager nor a cougar and i do enjoy seeing taylor half naked) BUT IM 100% EDWARD :p

LM said...

Excellent point about portrayals by Rob and Taylor. Yes, you made sense.

twmmy said...

DessertFirst thanks agai.
dina, I think Edward is weak because Stephenie and Melissa wanted him weak.I've read SM likes Jacob more than Edward, and it comes down for me in the in the scripts and the films.

HeneciaD said...

happy 4th july to everyone

Nancy said...

Rob and Billy Burke totally stole the movie! But that is my opinion.



dina said...

@Nancy especially the tent scene and the proposal.

Anonymous said...

i loved eclipse much better than New Moon.
In the book i found Jacob annoying and overbearing on Bella who in h book quite obviously kept telling him she wasnt interested especially when he brought her back after the punch her dialogue in the book is bordering agressive to jacob.
Yet in the film they convey a sense of indecision throughout and she ties to stop them from fighting not like in the bookTha was the only part i wasnt sure of. I missed the spaceheater comment too, but i do agree with its how the actors portray the characters as to how we view the film sometimes. I still loved the film and will no doubt watch it a few times at the cinema and over and over like i do Twilight. i do think that theyshould have shown Bree's thirst for Bella and shown JAcob running away as a wolf after recieveing the wedding invite and alice showing her the dress. xxxxxxx

Teamsam said...

Is it true that the final scene with Jacob running away comes after all final credits (sort of what happened in first Fast & Furious movie or first Johnny Depp's Pirates movie ?). Anyone stayed seated until the very end ?

luvnrob said...

Just got back from seeing eclipse for the 2nd time.... Loved it.

I went the 1st time by myself, so I thought I would take my husband today.... He liked the fighting with the newborns..... But when the movie was over he said....
I think she picked the wrong one..
I couldn't believe it. I will never take him again.. LOL He has no clue that I am so Robsessed He thinks I just like the books and movies. He doesn't know that I am on here 3 or 4 times a day......

dina said...

|@teansan Oh I totally missed this part. Was he running away really? Ppl stood up and stared clapping before the credits. Never mind I am watching it tomorrow again.

dina said...

teamsam sorry

Teamsam said...

@Dina let us know if it's true. Thanx. Here in Italy I've heard that in some cinemas they push people out for room cleaning but other people could see it 'cause the stayed stubbornly seated until the very end of the final credits (which may take a few minutes). I tried some search on the web but couldn't find a reliable reply. With Pirates I knew of the final scene from a friend and stayed even if the staff wasn't pleased with it (I paid and felt like I had the right to).

PrettyBrownEyes said...

@Dessert First
yes I actually think it was the best adaptation from book to movie
even though I had many dislikes I still loved it.

dina said...

@cherry I am totally down with you. Best adaptation from book ever.

Janece said...

I am a bit surprised at all the negativity. It was as much like the book as the other two, if not more.

I do not think Summit has a conspiracy to promote more Jacob than Edward. Taylor did fine. He is coming into his own. Rob is amazing. The main reason I see these shows frankly.

Kristin is good. No one is perfect.

Writing was okay. Directing okay.

I enjoyed it and will see it again. I did not expect perfection but I am weary of all the down talking and negativity.

Are we not all here for Rob? Can we not support him and really praise what we loved and not dwell on what we did not?

Its getting to be a downer by coming here lately.

PrettyBrownEyes said...

I think that we all have a right to our opinion we do love Rob
and personally I loved the movie but there were some things I didn't love about it either. That still doesn't mean I dont support Rob or the franchise I've seen the movie four times and going to see it again today so I dont think anyone is trying to be negative were just discussing the things we thought should have been different and there is nothing wrong with that.

acuk said...

i kind of agree with you here - overall i really enjoyed eclipse and thought rob was superb (especially to look at and drool over )
i thought that eclipse was the best out of the three films - better acting from everyone better effects and the story was just better
i'll be going back next saturday and then hoping to see it on imax with husband 'cos he likes the films !!

olejp said...


I said much the same thing yesterday. I don't want to be mean to anyone or overly critical myself, but feel the need to inject alittle reality into the
reviews. It's a movie, no movie can be exactly like the book. I sometimes wonder if we have all read the same books.

I just wrote another long paragraph and then deleted it because I caught myself being negative toward being negative!!


Hope you're all having a great weekend. Love you all. Have a HAPPY!

Anonymous said...

Just saw a special preview of Eclipse and I have only one word: PERFECT.
This is the best one so far. David Slade is a pure genius. He managed to put all the book (which is my favourite one) into a 2 hours' movie. Nothing important is missing and what I loved the most is in it! Loved Jasper's story. Loved the Cullens much better than in New Moon. They look "human". Taylor is a fabulous Jacob. So true, so honest, so himself. Makes me even more Team Jacob. Bella has matured into an independant and strong women. She took important decisions and made her own choices after having all the possible options. Rob is absolutely gorgeous, breathtaking and sexy and hot and blew my "mind" away... LOL... This time we got all the Edward we needed. I don't think that there is more than 4 or 5 sequences without him. He is just great. Chemistry with Kris works just fine. Much better than the one between Kris and Taylor. Bella belongs with Edward, no matter what.
Have to see it again, and again... and again waiting for Breaking Dawn...
Most of all waiting for Rob's new movies.... coze above all and thought I'm Team Jacob (for various reasons)I AM TEAM ROB.

solas said...

I just came back from viewing Eclpse again. The first time, I was not happy wth the way the script seemed to have changed Bella's reason for exstence, for change, etc. It had seemed to me, in the first viewing, that she was saying she was choosing the vampire life becasue it was good for herself and had nothing to do with Edward, which is the opposte of what it said in the book (when Edward was relieved to find out she didn't want him to change her simply because she wanted mmortality and unclumsy running, etc). But I watched and listened more carefully this time, and, although it might be merely wishful thinking, I exited with a different impression: When Bella tells Edward it was not a choice between Himself and Jacob, this time I felt she was saying there was really no choice; he is still and always was the one. And even though Jacob might have made her realize she had love for him as well, it was still always Edward, and now she has made the conscious choice. HOwever, she was making it clear to Edward that CHANGING was also a clear choice; she knows she can be wth him and age and die and never have to change, but she is CHOOSNG the vampire existence--not as proof of love for him, but because of who she realizes she really is; she makes that CHOICE.
And choice was a very important factor in the relatonship of Bella and Edward, because he had made so many bad controlling choices for her (He himself said that in the book when he finally decided to make love wth her right in the meadow). He left her out of her own good, but it was not her choice. He took her away to visit her mother, but it was controlling by not lettng her know what was really going on, etc. He had to stop making choices for her, and she had to consciously make her own choice, and make it known, and she did.

Jane said...

I would like to have seen more of Bella being sorry after kissing Jacob. I don't think she even said, "I'm sorry" and the book had her throwing herself on Edward asking him to make her forget Jacob.

Anonymous said...

What I really loved in this movie compared to the book is the fact that Bella is not that poor little thing that cries every time she makes a decision, whether it be good or bad.
She kissed Jacob! So what? Why should she apologize or cry or regret for taking control of her own life, by making her own decisions without Edward interfering, for once?

Roblove said...

I'm sorry, olejp and janece, but I don't think anyone should be told what to think and what to write. If you don't like the 'negativity', you are free to skip it. There were some things I didn't love about this movie(and it's an euphemism)but my honest opinion means that I care.

dina said...

@Sol That was exactly my thoughts as well and when I read some comments I was like did I miss something?
She had to choose between Edward and Jake and she chose Edward and then she had to choose between lives like being a human with Edward or a vampire with Edward. She chose to be a vampire and that was her life choice. Actually this was the only serious choice she had to make.

Roblove said...

"She kissed Jacob! So what? Why should she apologize or cry or regret for taking control of her own life, by making her own decisions without Edward interfering, for once?"

Yeah, so what, who cares about the love of your life and his/her feelings. pffffffff I would looove my man to make a similar decision :o

acullengirl said...

@Solas ITA, seing it for the third time helped solidify this for me, I felt that way even reading the books, she was not only doing it to be with Edward who is the number one reason, but she wanted to be changed also for herself, Edward left her in New Moon to have a normal life, but Bella would never have a 'Normal' life, she's not Jessica or Angela or Lauren, that is not who she was and she needed Edward to see this even though he can read minds he cant read Bella's and she is not like any other girl he has met ever in his exisitence. I am glad it played out the way it did on the screen. And I amglad she said she is not Normal in her speech, one of the reason I relate to Bella oh and being Clumsy.

acullengirl said...

I totlay forgot that I was going to say Rob is looking all kinds of Yummy in that Picutre his eyes, his lips his scruff did I mention his eyes can't get enough

acullengirl said...

Brain is gone that was suppose to say Totally

Dagny said...


I saw the movie for the third time today and got the same impression as you did your first time.

While I do agree that it finally did boil down to Bella's choice and that that is what gives the story it's strongest feminist bent (enjoyed your post Spunky's) I don't think Bella would choose to become a Vampire without Edward.

In the books she repeatedly states that a world without Edward is not worth living in. I felt that those words in the final scene were a little anticlimactic and the opposite of what the books are all about. I do agree that her choice entailed much more than just being with Edward, things that Bella embraced. The loss of which contributed to her depression in New Moon. She stated there that it was more than the loss of her soul mate, it was the loss of the life she had chosen and envisioned for herself. Personally I felt a little insulted for Edward when she said those things.

On another note, I did stay past the credits all the way until they turned the lights up and the screen changed to "commercials". NOTHING. I had heard that there was a scene after the credits. I wonder if it's just in some showings. I saw it in IMAX, digital and regular. Stayed till the end on the digital. Anyone know for sure? Has anything posted on YouTube?

Carole UK said...

Just this minute got home after seeing Eclipse for the first time. To be honest, it totally blew me away. Eclipse is my favourite book in the saga, and this movie did it proud - I really cannot think of many faults... just maybe tiny ones of no consequence.

Rob was truly magnificant - I just couldn't keep my eyes off Edward. The marriage proposal scene was a bit spoiled for me by some selfish idiots sitting nearby, deciding to have a chat at the crucial moment. But hey, I'll watch it again next weekend.

Great performances by Taylor and Kristen too, and really good to see more of Jasper - he looked really yummy in this one ....

Got to say I was not so keen on BDH playing Victoria - I didn't think she was scary enough.

But overall, totally loved it, can't wait to see it again, and again, and again...

Oh, and the chemistry between Rob and Kristen was just ..... WOW.

solas said...

Dagney--I agree that the 'real' Bella (the Bella character of the books) would not change to be a vampire wthout Edward. But I think the movie was having/showing her draw a conclusion of what she had heard or witnessed about vampire existence (what Rosalie had told her, including about wanting blood above all else, and her seeing the newborns and hearing about them from Jasper), and she wanted Edward -et al- to know that after all of that input, this was her choice anyway; she knew she could have him no matter what, but she wanted that specific life, wth all of its demands, with him.

I understand that a flm based on a book cannot have every scene we want, or every sentence or expresson we want, but I DO resent it when the real message and/or the real characters, are messed with, and I wonder why---is there an agenda here? Does the writer regret some stuff and so decided to have it different in the film (as I wish they would do wth Jacob's imprinting on Renesmee)? Does taylor's agent push for him more than Rob's agent pushes for Rob? Does the film company decide to change things (makng a team Edward vs team Jacob, when readers really all were Team Edward) to stir up fandom and sales?

AP said...

Solas - agree. Bella's speech presages Breaking Dawn. Echoes the cover of the book with Bella moving from pawn to Queen on the chessboard, chosen by Meyer. And, so, of course, Edward always was her destiny, too. Have a great fourth. I'm off.

Dagny said...


I find it fascinating that your mind went there too. That is exactly what I thought! That "SOMEONE" was trying to play down the Jacob let down. What I can't figure out is why, it seems to me, they are trying to soften the strength of Edward and Bella's feeling for each other and strengthen the comparable weakness of Bella's feelings for Jacob in the movies?

I do agree that the movies are never the same as the books and that compromises have to be made. I also feel that I would have been better able to swallow Bella's words in that scene if the scene had gone more like the book where Edward was willing to give her what she wanted "right here, right now". Then, her words would be more in line with her wanting a package deal with Edward being the gift and everything else the wrapping. It seems that the way it played in the movie downplayed Edward and focused on the "lifestyle".

Monique said...

I like her speech too. She told him why and then she tell she want to tie herself to him in every possilbe way. I've seen it couple more time and each time I see it I feel good about.

They couldn't put everything in the moive and some part I am happy that they didn't, I can just about take the visual of the B/J kiss... I didn't want to see their life and I most diffinately DID NOT want to see Bella cries bucket over JB while Edward was with her.

Ana73 said...

just got done seeing it for a third time, this time with my husband and son. my husband really liked it and says best one of them all. he felt it was more of a story with a good flow (he never read any of the books). his fav. part was the tent scene. my 6yr old thought that new moon was better, he likes the wolves. so there was a little girl with her mother behind us, talking comparing the book to the movie the WHOLE time, drove us nuts. i wanted to get up and scream SHUT UP :) so i guess some of the stars have been showing up at the theaters as a guest, i think that's pretty cool, i haven't heard of rob doing yet, probably to busy with WFE.

Vangie said...


Spunky's said...

I don't think that critique is dislike's equivalent. All movies can be critiqued. No movie will ever be as good as a book, because the quality of a book depends upon the quality of an imagination, whereas movies have to do much more work in a shorter amount of time and for the liking of a broader audience.

With that said Twilight the movies will never be as good as Twilight the book series. This does not mean that the movies cannot be better. Its also natural for people to discuss and critique a movie after they've seen it-Good or Bad.

On the side-took a friend to see Eclipse. I had to pay. She has NO INTEREST in Rob, she HAS NO INTEREST in Twilight. A mutual friend of ours likes Twilight and we both convinced her to go. She tried to ditch us for Toy Story. She reluctantly went and after the movie said it was okay. A few hours later she told me she was renting Twilight and New Moon, because she wanted to get the full sense of Eclipse, lol. I didn't rub it in.

Her reason for the interest she loved the story between the vampires and werewolves and actually had no interest in Bella and Edward, lol. It may change after Twilight. Enjoy your 4th of July weekend. I'm going to a night time celebration...will have to miss tonights special. :( ...oh well i have DVR :)

solas said...

Spunky- mostly agree re books vs movies. The Fixer (the one wth Alan Bates) was one of the only films I enjoyed far better than the book, and Last of the Mohicans (the one wth Daniel Day Lewis), as much as I love the Leatherstockng tales, was also better for myself, although it did kind of mush 2 of the books together.

Loved the story of your frend! Keep me/us posted after she watches the first 2; i want to hear if she has become a real fan!

solas said...

Dagney--yes-- a few words added --the words that are in the book that were subtracted from the movie--would not have added much time to the move's time limitations, but would have made a major noticeable difference in the presentation of the characters and their dilemmas and solutions.

Roblove said...

"she loved the story between the vampires and werewolves and actually had no interest in Bella and Edward"

I totally understand, because there was nothing (interesting) between B and E in this movie. Nothing but words. Nothing interesting about Edward either, because they made him less impressive. Hopefully she'll enjoy the first two movies :)

solas said...

And forgve me for adding yet agan, but although the Harry Potter movies do not, could not, include everything from the books, they stay so very true to the characters, arcs, and themes. I loved them all, but I thought the last one was especially brlliantly done.

Spunky's said...


Im out in the middle of a park on this

Most books are better than movie, but there have been some really GREAT movies based on books I hope Twilight can do this..

Honorable Mention:

The Notebook, The Godfather (part II my favorite movie of all time), Shawshank Redemption, Lord of the Rings (I LOVED THESE MOVIES!!! movie made me read the books), Malcolm X, The color purple, The Bourne ultimatum, capote,

I agree about last of mohicans, The scarlet letter was better than the movie (much better).

I don't mind if a movie changes the story a bit. I don't feel that Twilight has to follow the book to perfection. I just want GOOD writing.

lallieb said...

I posted my opinion of Eclipse on the previous spoiler thread, and if you really want to read a brilliant IMO critique of it read Belladonna's on that thread.
I just want to respond to @Spunky. ITA about good writing. Thank you.

solas said...

Hi Evangelne; I hope you are well!

Vangie said...

@yes thankyou for asking,good days,better days,lol! so how did you find eclipse?i walk out the cinema right after bella got on that bike with jake sorry but i was seeing rob,not edward so i guess i will notbe seeing clipse i know it's maybe stupid but i just can't and you know something solas,i think rob put on that shy front but i do not believe he is no push over,i think he plays dead to ketch corbeau alive,sorry that is just alittle of my languane

Vangie said...

@yes thankyou for asking,good days,better days,lol! so how did you find eclipse?i walk out the cinema right after bella got on that bike with jake sorry but i was seeing rob,not edward so i guess i will notbe seeing clipse i know it's maybe stupid but i just can't and you know something solas,i think rob put on that shy front but i do not believe he is no push over,i think he plays dead to ketch corbeau alive,sorry that is just alittle of my languane

solas said...

Evangeline, even though I was concerned about the apparent change of characters even beyond what was necessary to make the book into the flm, I did stll love the movie. suppose, f you walked out after seeng Bella rde off wth Jacob, that Rob was so believable as Edward that you felt badly enough for hm to not want to see hm hurt. But it meant missing some lovely bits for Edward as well, especially when Bella agreed to marry him. I will agree that on the whole, Edward got a raw deal in this movie emotonally, not anywhere like what happened in the book, and I find that sad. The only consolation is that Edward realizes that n a way he deserves this, because of hs one-sded decision to leave Bella (in New Moon); he knows that the whole Jacob thing would not have happened if he had not left, if he had not hurt Bella so terrbly. If you read the book, you will know Edward acknowledged this more than once.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame to see that this place has become a place where it is impossible to have an opinion without being slammed each time by the same person....
Not one of us ladies. A newcomer that seems to ignore what respect and politeness means... Probably some poor young teenager that thinks she knows everything!

Anonymous said...

That man is excruciatingly gorgeous! I need the DVD now. There were some definate moments in the film that just needed a PAUSE button. I so wanted to shout out "rewind, I just need to see that bit again."

Christine said...

I was waiting for Edward to say, "Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every moment forever." For some reason I get the chills when I hear him say that! And when he did I was afraid Bella was gonna interrupt or something. Haha idk. When I saw the trailer it just sounded slower....I'm weird. :P

Besotted said...

@ Emma - "There was nothing (interesting) between B and E in this movie. Nothing but words. Nothing interesting about Edward either, because they made him less impressive."

Completely agree with this.

Vangie said...

hi solas it's now 902 and i now came back here sorry,yes edward did get a raw deal,that is high class shite,and why/i hope with steph there for breaking dawn it will be as the book,now they made storker ignorant jacob look like a superhero,and eaward is a wimp,i hate this

solas said...

Evangeline--I think Edward gets MORE of a raw deal in Breakng Dawn, where his own child loves Jacob more than she loves her father, Edward.

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